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Ravens Full Realism Mod(Complete)

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Game Version: TWC
This mod basically is what someone could do at their own home but I put it up here for those people who don't want to spend about an hour doing it. I basically changed all the units hp to 1-12 so they die easily. This is my first thing even close to a mod so please don't spam messages saying it sucks.

*NOTE* Yes I know some units such as pistelero's and pirates have the average amount of health. This is because they cost alot of gold and you can only make a certain amount of them. Most ranged units can take care of them.
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ivanelterrible the problem its that just because if a unit dies with 1 shot it isnt full-game realism, and it gives a great balance problem, also, its just for TWC and not TAD, so you will get a low number of downloads.
I am srry of this kinda offended your mod.

[Edited on 09/17/08 @ 06:24 PM]

xfactornos Wow that sounds really bad. It would make the game play very unfair. One cannon blast and you would kill an entire army.
File Author
The thing is that if you think about it, one cannon blast would pretty much kill alot of units. If you keep your units in the normal formation then you will lose about 5 or 6 every cannon shot but if you put them in stagger mode, you will lose about 2 or 3 and if you think back to when a cannon hits the ground you lose alot of men. Also units dying in one hit is mostly true. If you got shot would you still be fighting?

*EDIT* Also I forgot to mention some things I realized. The Native's explorers only have very little health because they can't upgrade the health of their explorers.*

*EDIT* I suggest using cheats to increase all you're resources and using cheats like "Speed always wins" to make the game more fun cus then you can make a massive amount of units to give a much more realistic feel.

[Edited on 09/08/08 @ 09:33 PM]

ivanelterrible nope, but, you dont always die with 1 shot:
It doesnt always goes always to a part of the body that can make you die instantly, for example a finger.
The weapons were very imprecise, and it was very hard to kill someone with 1 show even if its just a few meters in front of you, also, since some units are cheaper than other but any of them still can kill any unit with 1 shot or die from 1, it brings great balance issues...
TwentyLemon The thing about this game is that it doesn't need to be real.

Real armies have thousands upon thousands of artillery and infantry. We have a 200 pop limit. Where for some ungodly reason some "warriors" cost more population than others.

The game shouldn't be realistic... and it isn't as such.

Sorry for harshness... I'm just commenting.
gaias_minion gameplay > realism

there are games out there that are based on realism. not this one. but it is a good idea.
wakalapi There are so many factors in warfare. Special forces units need extra training. Units in action get more pay than units sitting at a base back home doing menial chores. New wrenches cost thousands of dollars (for the first prototype of a custom design). These variations are fairly well represented in the game economy. In action, bullets and bombs miss, not everyone is a sharpshooter. Guns jam. The extra hitpoints account for missed shots. Instant death "no matter what" would mean every bullet hits its mark to pinpoint accuracy. Sounds like a fun mod whenever I'm in the mood to see mass carnage, though. Good effort in any case.
vonbrune What you could do is change the prices of each unit and make them be created faster. It would be like a 1000vs1000 death mayham. Decrease the reload speed of some of the more powerful units like cannons. I tried doing something like this but failed :( you might be able to do something like this though!
sul_iman_fit_ri I know how to decrease or increase the reload time
or ROF (Rate of Fire). If you want my help, contact me at sulaimanfitri@yahoo.com

Plus, I have an idea to make this mod more realistic. just reduce the units' fire accuracy or
add 'dodge' ability to each units
Ulfnarr well, I'm not good enough at aoe3 to try this mod and have fun at the same time, but the idea of keeping it brutally real meets my taste and I'll download it...for the future!
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