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The Great Colosseum

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5


You may use any civ to play this map, the houses, stable, market, etc. will convert into the correct cultures. Computer players will also know how to play, however their power in late game seems to decrease dramatically (this will be fixed in the next patch hopefully), therefore I do not recommend using comps for p1-4 unless you have to. To win the game either control all of the territories or destroy all of the enemies' "Tower of Victory" in order to bring them defeat.

Control Teal spots to gain cannon spawns, castles for iron troops, monasteries for attack increase, and the fort for income and a mercenary spawn. In addition to this there are four healing spots near the fort. Control all four of the territories of either the castles, teal spots or monasteries to gain a special spawn along with the usual spawn/bonus.

P1-4 are human/computer players, p5 is a comp, Post Imperial Age, FFA, Civs do matter.

By KevTheGreat

P.S please do not edit, or claim this map as your own.

My Website

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9/26/08. 10/9/08

-Ai are mildly more "intelligent"
-Asian civs now get castles instead of towers
-Buildings have more health
-Cinematic skipping has been fixed
-Cuirs costs have been increased by 1/3 (now 200 food and 200 gold)
-Decks that had useless cards (such as including a 100% bonus vs vills) were fixed
-Dutch gets banks instead of houses
-Houses provide income rather than population
-Kills provide 70 of each resource rather than 80
-Japanese Dyaimyos can no longer train artillery units or shinobies
-Levels from kills, they include bonuses such as shipments or health increasing, even some that affect all players drastically such as an earthquake, acid rain, etc.
-Ottomans can now train abus guns
-Stealth units have either made made weaker, more expensive, or both

-The Blockhouse, factory, and corral now gain +7000 hip increase like all other military buildings
-Russian orprichnik training is now allowed (up to 30 of them on the map at one time), but they have 50 less hip
-Native civs no longer gain an outpost wagon at lvl 5 and a fort wagon at lvl 6, they gain a fort wagon at lvl 5, and 25 vills & ability to make a fire pit at lvl 6.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
It was very good organized you couldnt get stuck. (Although 1 of my lancer did, I thought but moved on later) It wasn't laggy too. So I dont really have any complaints in this sector...

Balance: 4
Well it was balanced you could get bonnuses but you could lose them too. 1 thing that you will need to improve is this: Gettin more hp on the vital military building's. (The cuirasiers just burned them too fast...

Creativity: 5
Well at first I thought this is another one of those standard colluseums. But in fact this one had an entire new gameplay. That's why I admire it and give it a 5!

Map Design: 4
You putted the map quitte full, which is good... Only the large empty spots that remain are kinda not nice in my opinion. So here's a 4. For the rest you made it quitte nice, especially the units standing on the wall's! (Hill's)

Story/Instructions: 4
Not a real story, but instruction's explained it perfectly! I do mind that there isn't a story. Oh well pity...

Additional Comments:You hooked me up with a extremely nice scenario. And im glad to have played it. (and win!) But if so you should enable a teepee for the Native's civ's. (for their upgrade's) Like counter infantry rifling... And to anybody who read's this im gonna try and revieuw some more scenario's and put my next real (cool) scenario on this site.
Have fun playing the scenario's people and recommend them will your at it. :)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

Ok this game is very easy to play, there are no glitches. This Scenario is very playable.

Balance: 5

Balance is very good, there are civs that are unbalenced (aztecs) but overall has been changed very well in the patch

Creativity: 5

Very Creative the units on walls as well as the sounds together make the scenario all the more creative, it introduces building takes and you gain special benifits unlike other scenarios where you gain the units that can be built.

Map Design: 4

The map doesnt look all that good but for a colloseum map the design doesnt have effect but it does look boring, but is made up with the map outline and organization.

Story/Instructions: 5

Clearly written my first time playing I was not confused at all with playing the scenario along with many others that have also been able to do this scenario.

Additional Comments:
Overall very fun scenario and not too time consuming.

As of patch, if you could i would make like 10 creativity makes the map alot more fun:P, the only negative thing about this map is the eyecandy stuff, but whocares when there are so many triggers:P

[Edited on 09/27/08 @ 03:03 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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