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Dogleg Islands PR

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Game Version: TAD
This is a large file download mostly due to the AI file and the size of the extra sounds. This map is very complex and will need some effort to load correctly as well as learn to play.

Dogleg Islands PR is not the type of RMS you are use to. Not only does it have the usual build, defend, and conquer aspects; but it also has the pirates, quest, challenges and opportunities on the smaller islands. It is easy to get overwhelmed and forget what you are doing. I suggest you explore slowly. I feel that it has a large replay value. It is tutorial in nature and you will have to play many games to get the most out of it.

While some aspects of the game, like the main islands shapes, are similar in each game; the location of the smaller bonus islands and the pirates buildings on those islands will vary greatly from game to game giving a lot of replay value: especially when you change the number of players and the play options like nomad and FFA. There are many map types(about 20) randomly selected in each game that include a silk road version. KOTH is enabled but only for an even number of players.

There are 2 players on each dogleg shaped island on this water map; 1 at each end. So a 2 player game would have 1 island, a 4 player game would have 2 islands, etc. See the included readme for details on positioning the players. Makes a good FFA game. Each island has a trade route and a native village.

Works with any number of players, but an odd player(like player 5 in a 5 player game) gets their own smaller island, with no trade route.

With the proper AI, you have to balance: building you colony, being rushed by your island mate, being assaulted by an enemy landing party, sending aid to protect allies and completing quests. A 7 player game with an extra enemy is a real rush.

Players usually start with two fishing boats at their home city water flag and one fishing boat at each ally's water flag; except nomad where you only get one fishing boat but with a caravel/war canoe/fune. The computer players will start to fish and explore at about 20 seconds after the game starts, if you have loaded the AI correctly.

The Nomad start has been modified so that human players get a small landing party(with boats) and computer players only get a covered wagon(no explorer), since the AI can't handle landing parties. The human player has to collect enough wood from trees and treasures for the explorer/villager to build a town center. This works against the computer but I don't do multiplayer so I'm not sure about that. I tried to make the script so it would work with any combination of computer and human players; comments would be appreciated on this. See "Normal Nomad" above to get the regular nomad start(where you get the covered wagon, explorer, etc) that you are probably use to.

The game is easily modified(see readme) and can be made to run with TWC or the vanilla AOE 3, but not as is. If anyone wants me to do the work, let me know and I will upload a modified version.
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File Author

Thanks for the comment. My latest version should be ready soon. Still finding small errors each time I play. Cannot believe it has been six months. Trying to decide how to upload. I only added one quest but it changes the character of the game, so I'm not thinking a simple update; but I didn't want to make you download all the files again as it is quite large.
RF_Gandalf Jugit, it has been a while since I looked at the AI for the water maps. If your AI for this map is used for other maps, does it work adequately and does the AI routinely build a dock and warships and fishing ships? A player was asking about an alternative AI on the thread for my Team Archipelago map and I cannot recall how your AI for this map works.
File Author
RF_Gandalf, aiMain.xs that comes with the game looks at the rms map name to determine if it is a water map. For instance: caribbean. All I did for my AI was to add Dogleg Islands to the list of water map names in aiMain.xs. To use my AI for other maps, you would either have to add the name of that map to the list as dogleg islands was added or rename the new map to dogleg islands. Otherwise it won't build docks and make warships or fishing ships. I tried to explain a lot of that in the dogleg islands readme but I am sure it gets confusing quickly. I basically built dogleg islands around what the AI will do reasonably well. It will sends troops to another island to attack but it will not send villagers to another islands to collect resources or to build trade sites. I added Team Archipelago and the AI built docks, warhips and fishing ships but otherwise ignored the islands with no enemy players. In my latest version of dogleg islands(not uploaded yet) I added a thirteenth quest that places a gaia town center on a remote island that converts to the first player to find it. I give each player 2 fishing ships and the AI uses one to explore. If the AI player finds it they will build on any trade site on that island but they won't collect resources unless told to do so with a trigger and even then they usually quit because I think they are told by the AI to collect resources on their home island and they cannot get there. This is probably more info than you wanted but I hope it helps.

[Edited on 04/21/09 @ 09:27 PM]

alphonze Are you still taking questions about this map? I just downloaded your Dogleg Islands PR map. I played it to become familiar with the action. Now I am back at your readme file and I want to complete the full ai saves as you suggested in option 4. I am stuck in the instructions. My question is -- would you provide email answers to a few questions or lead me to a better understanding of the instructions for the ai install as you suggested? If not okay but your map so far is great -U know that.

my email is phlp413@aol.com Alphonze
File Author
Alphonze contacted. Still around if any else has any interest or questions.
Ashtray001 Nice job, man!

It seems i'll never get sick of this map at all!
File Author

If you are serious, truly interested and are ready for more; I will upload my latest version(a good years worth of work) which has more quests and surprizes. I have been off doing other things and kind of lost interest. The upload is kind of a big deal. Altogether, I think if is over 12 MB zipped. In addition to the regular files and readme(which is complicated), there is the updated AI file, the sound folder, the groups folder and the aiStandardLoader file. But at least, thanks for your appreciation. Looking forward to hearing back from you and anyone esle interested.

[Edited on 09/14/10 @ 07:15 PM]

chilinmichael I am interested in the new version as well, love this map!
File Author
Okay. I uploaded the new version. You will find it on the first page of Random Map Scripts as: Dogleg Islands Extreme.

[Edited on 09/16/10 @ 10:32 AM]

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