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Dogleg Islands PR

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Game Version: TAD
This is a large file download mostly due to the AI file and the size of the extra sounds. This map is very complex and will need some effort to load correctly as well as learn to play.

Dogleg Islands PR is not the type of RMS you are use to. Not only does it have the usual build, defend, and conquer aspects; but it also has the pirates, quest, challenges and opportunities on the smaller islands. It is easy to get overwhelmed and forget what you are doing. I suggest you explore slowly. I feel that it has a large replay value. It is tutorial in nature and you will have to play many games to get the most out of it.

While some aspects of the game, like the main islands shapes, are similar in each game; the location of the smaller bonus islands and the pirates buildings on those islands will vary greatly from game to game giving a lot of replay value: especially when you change the number of players and the play options like nomad and FFA. There are many map types(about 20) randomly selected in each game that include a silk road version. KOTH is enabled but only for an even number of players.

There are 2 players on each dogleg shaped island on this water map; 1 at each end. So a 2 player game would have 1 island, a 4 player game would have 2 islands, etc. See the included readme for details on positioning the players. Makes a good FFA game. Each island has a trade route and a native village.

Works with any number of players, but an odd player(like player 5 in a 5 player game) gets their own smaller island, with no trade route.

With the proper AI, you have to balance: building you colony, being rushed by your island mate, being assaulted by an enemy landing party, sending aid to protect allies and completing quests. A 7 player game with an extra enemy is a real rush.

Players usually start with two fishing boats at their home city water flag and one fishing boat at each ally's water flag; except nomad where you only get one fishing boat but with a caravel/war canoe/fune. The computer players will start to fish and explore at about 20 seconds after the game starts, if you have loaded the AI correctly.

The Nomad start has been modified so that human players get a small landing party(with boats) and computer players only get a covered wagon(no explorer), since the AI can't handle landing parties. The human player has to collect enough wood from trees and treasures for the explorer/villager to build a town center. This works against the computer but I don't do multiplayer so I'm not sure about that. I tried to make the script so it would work with any combination of computer and human players; comments would be appreciated on this. See "Normal Nomad" above to get the regular nomad start(where you get the covered wagon, explorer, etc) that you are probably use to.

The game is easily modified(see readme) and can be made to run with TWC or the vanilla AOE 3, but not as is. If anyone wants me to do the work, let me know and I will upload a modified version.
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RF_Gandalf looking forward to trying this...I know you have been working on it for a very long time!
beachbum13 Excellent!!!! Thank You!!
RF_Gandalf couple observations based on 2 games and another startup to look at things...

The first time I played I got a string of numbers in the message field at the game start, went away after 10-15 sec or so.

I tried using the flag to reveal the pirate ship movement twice, but it revealed the whole map.

How often does the BFG not place, and does it depend on player number? On my 3 starts 1v1 the BFG did not place.

I am not sure the effect of the 'riderless elephant' that is used as a 'Pirate Pet'. I played a game, the base terrain was Himalayas, where all of my units approaching an area on an outlying island just seemed to mysteriously die. Vills and many army units just seemed to crumple, and I could not figure out why, could not see any unit attacking them. I had cleared all visible pirates from the island. It was just next to the factory where I kept sending vills to collect wood etc, but they all died. Finally I tried clicking on each one of a group of a few elephants standing nearby, and was surprised to see one listed as 'riderless elephant'. After I had some ranged units kill that, the mystery deaths stopped. It was really weird, the elephant did not seem to visibly attack that I ever saw.

Anyway, great job on the map.. I find myself trying to do all of the quests each game, take forever though! Plan to keep on trying it out, just hard to find enough time!

File Author

The string of numbers was an error code I was using to determine why a flag bearer did not place. Happens a lot on smaller maps. I forgot to take it out for the upload version.

I used the pirate movement flag as a tool to watch the pirate ships move around the map and make sure they moved the way I intended. Part of this was to reveal the map. Never thought to just revealing the ships.

The BFG places only when there is enough room; like on larger maps with several players. I rarely play 1v1 so was never annoyed with its absence. I did just load 3 1v1 maps and got a BFG each time so it is probably just a matter of luck. Less players means less smaller islands also. I will revisit this for 1v1, maybe check to see if it placed and if not try again with different parameters. At least I count the quest as complete when it is not there. You are welcome.

The riderless elephant is weird. The whole "pirate pet" thing was an experiment to use extra units that didn't really work out well but I left it in anyway. I was disappointed that the elephant just stands there when it is doing its damage. Fortunately, the elephant doesn't usually show up, and when it does it often can be avoided if not destroyed easily.

I am sure there are lots of other things that you will notice. I still have the painted desert coast line that you don't like. Part of why it took so long to get to a presentable form was making it at least mostly user friendly. Thank you for the comments. I am looking forward to more from you and anyone else reading this.
beachbum13 The more I play these maps the more I like them! Thank You!!!

[Edited on 10/07/08 @ 08:33 AM]

beachbum13 Nevermind....

[Edited on 10/08/08 @ 03:43 PM]

Kawodar where shall I install it to make it work?
File Author

I explain where to install the various files in the readme file that comes with the download. It sounds like you are not familiar with downloading random maps, in which case this is probably not a good map to start with as installing it is a little more complicated than most.
Catabre Thanks Jugit! I've always enjoyed your Dogleg Islands map, can't wait to try out your new version. :)
File Author

Thanks for the comment. My latest version should be ready soon. Still finding small errors each time I play. Cannot believe it has been six months. Trying to decide how to upload. I only added one quest but it changes the character of the game, so I'm not thinking a simple update; but I didn't want to make you download all the files again as it is quite large.
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