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Indian Spirit (updated)

Author File Description
tontonnoy The US Army want to remove the MAD DOGS to reservation. They must fight !

- Updated version with more resources.
- 100 gold points + 100 wood points = 2 warriors.
- The Native Archers are faster and strongers.
- Explore the map and find a market.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
Overall things worked but the biggest annoyance for me was that Blackbird guy not moving. I played it a couple times and he wouldn't move. Hard to save someone who won't move.

Balance: 1
Just not enough resources even with auto spawn I thought. The inability to have any unit other than the mounted archer also cuts down on the fire power.

Creativity: 4
I can't say I've seen another map like it. I really like the idea, just think it could use a few tweaks

Map Design: 4
Aweseome design, I wouldn't change anything about it.

Story/Instructions: 3
The scoring guidelings talk about instructionns. Yours were "save your people." Not real in depth. But your opening cinematics played out the story and explained things better. A few better instructions here would have easily made it a 5 to me.

Additional Comments:
Thank you for making this map! I really like it. I got creamed a couple of times simply because big bird walked out and let himself get shot. Other times because I hadn't recovered enough to defend and a fresh force hit me. The desert is a barren place but the enemy shouldn't be that well equipped. I also like the other little surprised you threw in, which I won't spoil for others.
Thanks again!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 1
Far too difficult to keep up with the constant charges but I'm sure that's what the Natives thought as well. 8-) Tone the attacks down for more enjoyment and less frustration and see if the AI will allow you to do something with 'Big Bird.' It would help if your ending of the game were done properly so that the player can see of talley of units created, killed, etc. As your triggers are, now, this is impossible. Playability come be improved if Natives villagers were able to build and not just gather. To limit what they could produce, go to edit heading and find where to disable certain units and techs.

Balance: 1
Simply going on the guidelines here. It should not take massive reloads or cheats in order to make it through the scenario successfully.

Creativity: 4
You're beginning to shine here. YOUR creativity is hampered however by Ensemble Studios' LACK of creativity!

Map Design: 5
Excellent designing! It was very diverse and interesting yet simple so as not to cause confusion with ultra high cliffs and map elevations.

Story/Instructions: 2
You have a nice introduction and the trip into the 'Sacred areas' were good (and unique) however did not go very deeply into what you were talking about. You say, "save your people" when the game is REALLY about saving "Big Bird."

Additional Comments:
Bring the attacks levels and/or requirements for Native reinforcements down to make the game more playable. More realistically BOTH fortifications' walls should be of wood. Very hard to get through stone walls with arrows. 8-)
File Author
Thank you for the interesting and detailed reviews.

It's true : "Indian Spirit" was too hard.
So, I update the scenario.

- More resources.
- 100 gold points + 100 wood points = 2 warriors.
- The Native Archers are faster and strongers.
- Explore the map and find a market.

But I can do nothing about Black Bird : it's a challenge. He must stay and survive !
mrrags1 Very good ideas, I will give it another try soon. Your map designs are fabulous!
mrrags1 Hey Tontonnoy!!
Look at "current news" (dated 22 Jan) and down a little ways they have an announcement about a cinematic competition. Even if your designs don't win, it might be a great source of constructive advice on making your designs even nicer. Check it out... You have nothing to lose! 8-)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
Maybe its because Gettysburg was so good that I was a bit disappointed, but this one was just not as much fun as I would expect from a scenario by this designer.

Balance: 2
It will take a very good player or at least several attempts to beat this one.

Creativity: 4
I don't wish to reveal to much of the scenario, but the auto-spawn and other things show a lot real creativity.

Map Design: 4
This is a really good looking map, with this kind of quality map design it would be nice if the action was a bit more spread out.

Story/Instructions: 4
Absolutely the best instructions I have seen yet and it has a nice little cowboy and indians storyline.

Additional Comments: Some small improvements might have really made the difference. Moving the fort to a more distant location would be interesting or possibly some way to achieve a peace treaty with part of native forces to make them neutral. Although not very creative I believe Blackbird has to be just a little stronger or something similar.

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Map Design4.3
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