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British West Indies

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Game Version: AoE3
The British West Indies V2 Scenario
for Age of Empires III
By Redclaw
October 2008


You and what is left of your crew have been shipwrecked on an island in the West Indies. You have salvaged a lone cannon and setup a settlement. Carib scouts have told you that there are Inca and Pirate raiders on the island as well as a French Garrison. Your mission is to establish yourself on the island and complete your 6 objectives to obtain the scenario victory. This scenario is highly developed and
responds to your actions. Each of the six objectives is very challenging to say the least. The scenario map is very detailed a 100% original creation. Make sure to save your game often as you will need to try different strategies to complete some of your objectives.


Copy the following files to C:Documents and SettingsUSER NAMEMy DocumentsMy GamesAge of Empires 3Scenario

British West Indies V2.age3scn
British West Indies V2.bak


* Game Cinematics
* 6 challenging Objectives
* Nasty Pirates
* Adaptive Gameplay
* A rich well developed map
* Many fun areas to explore

About me

I have been making game maps for AVP2, Half-Life 2, and CounterStrike: Source for the last 4+ years. You can find most of my
maps at this website: http://www.fpsbanana.com/members/maps/350367

Please feel free to give me feedback on this scenario

My website: http://home.comcast.net/~redclaws/

My email: tachyonrays@hotmail.com
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
KevTheGreat i see u finally put it on hg :P
KevTheGreat btw you don;t need the .bak file, just the .age3scen
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
This map was a very hard map to play, after several times I still could not win, the enemies were op, way op, this is one of my experiences in my 2nd time playing: I attacked to the Incan settlement spamming weak natives which I took down within 4min, I gained a "Spanish" cannon and had my settlers, houses, and two outposts raped by Incan for "revenge" and then when my army finally arrived I suffered massive casualties even through massive micro (my cannon, priests, leader, and several infantry units left). Then the pirates landed and killed most of the rest with their massive 600hip pirates, after that blue sent an army of dragoons, cannons, blow gunners, longbow men, jaegers, and other units that murdered me. My other trials were similar to this end. I recommend lowering the strength of the enemies, mainly blue.

Balance: 2
As in above, the three enemies are op, 600 hip pirates, massive natives after u destroy their base, and then blue with a huge base with a huge army. Massive fixing is needed here.

Creativity: 4
Other than starting military units, this was basically a sup map, fighting and defeating the enemy. Not much else to say here.

Map Design: 5
A luscious map with several pieces of eye candy, nothing to complain about here.

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions were easy to understand, however the story was not, we crash landed onto a foreign island and our goal is to take it over and kill the people on it? Why?

Additional Comments:
Overall a scenario with balance issues

[Edited on 10/17/08 @ 06:49 PM]

File Author
Hey Kev,

Thanks for taking the time to play the scenario and review it. It was greatly appreciated!

This scenario is without a doubt, a very tough map to play by design. I got my arse kicked many many times and I made the map! LOL But what I really enjoyed is that this map pushed me to try different approaches and stratagies.

Many AOE III maps I have played (including the original game scenarios) I could blow through in no time at all and I didn't like that. I wanted a real challenge that forced me to really think and change how I played the game. Sometimes I had to be really defensive and bide my time and other times I was able to go for it.

I know that this map will be very frustrating to some people (including me) but it felt really good when I finally was able to achieve all 6 of the objectives and win the scenario. I did have a more temperate version of the map (and still do) but decided not to release it as I felt this was more of the map I was really looking for, one that would most likely not be winnable the first couple of go arounds.

Again Kev, thank you for the feedback and all your help in the AOE III forums!


KevTheGreat I also agree that the aoe3 scenarios were to easy, if u have played aoe2 try and make it as hard as that, in my opinion they were the perfect lvl. I would recomend making the pirates weaker, less spamed incan, and perhaps make the french less united somehow. And np XD
Spunky R3Born "Failed to load" any ideas ??

File Author
I am not sure why it would not load for you. I developed the scenario using just AOE III without and mods or additions like War Chiefs or Asian Dynasties. I have been told that sometimes those add-ons can cause problems. Maybe try to re-download the file. Perhaps it was corrupted. You are welcome to send me the file to see if it runs on my system. tachyonrays@hotmail.com. Then I will know that it must be something in your setup.


Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
I found no problems with triggers nor bugs. Things were working well, persistent and encompassing.

Balance: 3
It was pretty difficult but still beatable. You had to work yourself up in this survival situation using the land's resources.

Creativity: 3
Well... this was nothing but a skirmish scenario with cinematics and some other stuff that stands out. But it's not enough to keep the player awake to the situation and objectives. I mean you had to add some more tweaks besides randomized patterns of Native American raiding parties or pirates. In correlation to the story, its good. It just didn't feel as suspenseful when your stranded and building barracks and other buildings...

Map Design: 2
It looked like something from the original campaign. The texture and landscaping was simple but it didn't really look like an island. It was just plopped on the map with some eye candy aspects in some areas but you have to remember that you have to add some more animal habitats (I doubt the Indians or the French or the pirates ate them all enough where they became virtually invisible) and some caves at least or a volcano since its an island. Make the geography of the island as if you were the volcano. Sorry, I'm really big on eye candy and realism.

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions were straight-forward and understandable. Simple but not as much as I expected to keep up with the attacks and creativity or balance. Put some more dialogs such as soldiers yelling of another attack (people do have eyes...) But the stranded idea was good but you had to add more things to it besides a storm like why did the British ship even get near a French occupied island--enough for a storm to wash them up on that island shipwrecked. Or even some guys bickering over the situation.

Additional Comments:
Great scenario--hope to see more from you!

[Edited on 12/10/08 @ 02:20 AM]

File Author

Thanks for the review. However, this map was a 100% orginal creation of mine so a 2.0 for the "map design" rating is a bit unfair as I did not look at any other maps when creating my own. Nor did I copy anything from another map. Also, I did NOT use the map generator. I made this one from scratch. Sorry you did not seem to like this scenario.

Also, the reason that they ended up on the island in the first place is that that storm had ship wrecked them there. I thought that was mentioned in the opening Cinematic.

Again, thanks for the review but I am sorry you did not like the Scenario.

Well I am off to continue my mapping for Half Life 2 and CounterStrike:Source


[Edited on 12/01/08 @ 08:20 AM]

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