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Caatinga, Chaco, Kamchatka and Vera Cruz RMS's

Author File Description
Arcanjo Zero
File Details
Game Version: TAD
1. Installation
2. Maps description
3. Screenshots



* You'll need TWC and TAD to play this maps.
* Put the files into your folder C:\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM3
* In the screen where you choose the number of opponents and map, check the button "custom maps" and select the one you wanna play.
* Have fun!



A modifyed Painted Desert map. The Caatinga is the predominant vegetation of the Northeast Brazil. It survives in an arid region, somewhat the map you'll find here. The players start along the East side of it, near a trade route that already has trading posts built. These posts are controlled by the terrible Cangaceiros, (actually, Fusilier units) a terrible kind of outlaws. Eventually you will also cross the way of one of them if you adventure into the West area and if you're lucky you'll find their lair, fullfilled with stolen gold and food. These resources will provide a good help, since the terrain don't have that much to offer. That's also why you'll start with extra resources. A single Tupi village is placed right in the center of the map and lost cows will be along all the territory too.

2.2. CHACO
A modifyed Bayou map. This map was inspired on the Great Chaco map from the War of The Triple Alliance mod. The Chaco is an area at the footsteps of the Andes in South America. Can be semi-arid, but also has very low and wet territories. In the map it has several islands, most of them connected. The resources can be random placed and you may find some cows if you explore the surrounding areas. You can find Tupis, Jesuits or Inca settlements that will be very helpfull during the game. Sailing and fishing make part of the game and you can receive naval shipments.

Based upon a Yucatan map. Kamchatka is a penninsula in the far East of Russia. This cold land has many challenges to the braves that want to settler here. Fishing will be necessary, since the huntables are very low and the single trade route may have just two sockets to place a post. You shall to make all your activities under a constant snow. In this map you'll start with a random number of extra villagers, but you won't find natives.

A modifyed Carolina map. Vera Cruz was one of the first names that nowadays Brazil was called by. Thus, the map represents a rich land, with many gold mines all around. Huntables and wood won't be problem and the sea also provides much food, but has almost no whales. The trade route comes from inland in direction to the beach, rush to control it. Tupis will always be present and Jesuits may also be on beach. You'll start with a Barracks, a Dock rickshaw and an Outpost.




3.2. CHACO



Feedback is apreciated.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
wannas Thank You
AjaxMinoan Hey, a new mapmaker!
From the screenshots, they look very good. I like artful maps.

This is off topic, but I just seen on one of your Ad bars that there is something called Age of Empires Mythologies.
It's not Age of Mythology!
I've been awaiting AOM 2 for a long time. I'm very excited now.
AjaxMinoan Umm, that game is for the Nintendo DS. I'm a doorknob.

I plan on playing one of these new maps with my brother when he gets out of the shower.
As_Saffah Hi, it's me again... A few comments on this map pak.

Caatinga: Splendid map with captureable trading posts and tons of India-friendly cows. Only one comment about the trading posts. If you run by the trading post, it becomes yours. You don't have to kill the Fusilier guarding it. If this was intentional, that's not really a problem. If you want to make the Fusilier behave like a real guardian, I think there's a trigger that must go into the code.
This is probably the most innovative map with the desert area at the north side, the cows, and the Mongolia-style distribution of starting teams.

Chaco: I had the most strategic problems with this map, but it's the one I secretly love the most. It appears similar to Bayou, but there's one major difference. You can't cross the water anywhere. There were a couple exceptions in the four or so times I played on the map. Wherever land masses were so close the water became 1 map unit wide, you could cross. But elsewhere, it behaved like any other type of seawater. So until I figured out that this was essentially an island map, I wasted time.
Once I got a dock up and started spamming warships, it became a splendid island hopper map with awesome hidden treasures and scattered native posts.
My one recommended change to Chaco would be to grant every player a starting dock wagon so they KNOW they will need to built a transport ship. Otherwise they will assume the map plays like Bayou-where you run in the shallows.

Kamchatka: Beautiful adaptation of Yucatan to cold weather. No problems whatsoever, and more than enough whaling to keep even the Germans happy.

Vera Cruz: As a rule I like maps with a little of everything: trade route, natives, fishing, and land wars. This one delivers. Whaling is sparse, but there's enough treasure gold on land to make up for it.
The major problem with Vera Cruz was the ruin-walls. Sometimes a trading post site would be blocked by ruin-walls so I couldn't build on it. Or a ruin wall would cut across some hunts so my villagers would get stuck in the wall. I don't know why this happens but it's frustrating.

In short, four more beautiful and innovative maps to play with online. A couple of very minor tweaks could make these maps perfect.
Arcanjo Zero
File Author
Thanks again, Saffah.

In an eventual update I'll fix the ruin walls (maybe taking them out) of Vera Cruz.
The Caatinga trade posts shall be like they are. The "Cangaceiro" is there, but not really a guardian like in the Silk Road.
You even may "convert" the TP and let the Fusilier there to make mess with other players that will take the TP.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Detail/Accuracy: 4
(Insert Detail/Accuracy analysis here)

Additional Comments:
The maze-like quality of the modified bayous created a unique experiene and interesting challenges.
costelloe I'm a singles player and I'm having a strange problem with the Caatinga map. First off, this is an excellent map for single player: a standard sized map with the contestants starting close together, and a dramatic shortage of wood that makes the latter ages strategically interesting. Very challenging. But here's the rub: once I get to age 5, any game files I save cannot be reopened. I've never had this problem, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen anything similar. Anyone out there who can open a saved file created after reaching age 5?
qazxswedcvfr please help me,I'm trying to get soldiers into stockades but not :( :(

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Map Design5.0
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