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Downloads Home » Random Map Scripts » Africa, De la Plata and El Dorado random script maps

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Africa, De la Plata and El Dorado random script maps

Author File Description
Arcanjo Zero
File Details
Game Version: TAD
1. Installation
2. Maps description
3. Screenshots



* You'll need TWC and TAD to play this maps.
* Put the files into your folder C:\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM3
* In the screen where you choose the number of opponents and map, check the button "custom maps" and select the one you wanna play.
* Have fun!



A modifyed Deccan map. The misteries of Africa always intrigued the European explorers. Try to conquer this region of dense forests, no trade routes nor natives. While you explore the map, beware with the dangerous lions that will attack anyone that ventures in this land. You start with an extra elephant that have explorer purposes. Hidden in the mighty jungle you'll find plenty of food, wood and gold, along with many challenges. Sometimes a single river will appear, sometimes not.

A modifyed Indochina map. The Basin of the La Plata river is the fifth biggest one in the world. It was historically the chockpoint of many battles during the conquest of South America, such like Portuguese and Spanish, natives, jesuits and conquerors, or later by the nations that emerged in the region, such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay. The map has many cows and resources spread around. No treasures in land, but many in sea (I had to configure the map to fit as an Asian one to it work properly), a single short trade route that crosses the river in the Northwest, with one or two sockets, just one shallow connection, at least two natives (Jesuit or Tupi) and all players start walled in.

A modifyed Deccan map. The mythic city of Eldorado was finally found and lies right in front of you. As well as in front of your opponent. Many gold mines and crates are in the central plateau, along with huntables and bushes. You'll need these riches to keep your colony running, but they're guarded by some hostile natives that will not give up easily. Two native settlements (can be Incas, Zapotec or Mayas) will always be there to help you in the quest.






Feedback is apreciated.
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
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Balance: 5
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Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Detail/Accuracy: 5
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Additional Comments:

MeoHat These maps are great! Thanks for making them. My only problem with them is that they are kind of small. Could you possibly make the next round of maps bigger? Thanks!
StevieG Incredible. These maps are the most beautiful I ever seen, you're the best of the best, please keep on the good work.

ps: the only "problem" is that they are a little bit small.
As_Saffah Some comments on your maps, and a few questions before I submit a true review.

I had a bit of a problem with the Gaia units on Africa and El Dorado. First of all, it is very frustrating to have to stop gathering from hunts, shoot the lion, then go back to hunts. Secondly, whenever you attack a lion, and a treasure is nearby, the Gaia treasure guardians will start attacking you back. This doesn't matter whether you attack with the explorer, or villagers or military units. It seems unfair to lose 2 villagers and your scout because a lion attacked you close to some treasure with 6 guardians.

A minor issue was the amount of trees near my starting TC. I had to go out a ways to build houses. It's a very India-friendly map so your choppers don't get raided - it's virtually impossible to raid because of the density of hunts and wood close to tc.

As for El Dorado, the skull knights are too powerful for your explorer in Discovery, you don't even have a chance if you accidentally wander into the center. So it's like a ring map that has a large dead space in the middle. It's interesting but detracts from the strategic value of the map. I tried luring the enemy army into the center, but just got killed too many times.

La Plata was nice. I miss getting early treasures to boost my rush. But if you play a water deck, you can have virtually all the treasures. I also liked how the trade route went across the river. It did so in a way that still let you wall off most of the crossing.

Overall the new maps are beautifully done, with attention to detail and something different in each map that makes them new and exciting to play. There's a few frustrating things that could be improved. I do like maps that force players to use new strategies. Perhaps the Skull knight-Gold crate groupings should be spaced out a little more, so I have to fight only one of them at a time. And the lions should be in areas where treasures are not.
Arcanjo Zero
File Author
Thanks for your comments, guys.

just some explanations...
I really tried to solve this Lion problem in Africa before the release, but I couldn't... so I thought after all: "well, the lions are there for create problems to the players, so let them go!"
But if I eventually will make an update I'll try to improve this.

I really wasn't thinking about India when I programed the starting trees. Also, in a possible further update I'll try to balance it better.

Thanks again.
Roland_der_Riese The De la Plata map has an occasional bug when playing 2 vs 2 players (i.e. 4 players). I played it several times, and 3 out 4 times the southeast civ is missing the surrounding wall (too close to the water?)
No_nickname The mist/fog on El Dorado is way to thick. I could not see animals and treasure guardians, and nearly not my own units! The only way to get rid of the fog was to turn down my graphic settings. Have you tried El Dorado with Very High shader and shadows?

Except for that the map was very good.
Arcanjo Zero
File Author
No, I really hadn't tried at that resolution, 'cause my computer has very low one.

About the problem with 3 players... It really surprises me, I tried it out sometimes and I hadn't problem with that.

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Map Design5.0
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