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Port Royale TSI 2

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pirate hunter
File Details
Game Version: TWC
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sawyer Looks interesting. If I get a chance in the near future I'll play it and maybe rate.
Yuttho Aw darn, The Rational Reviewer doesn't have expansion packs. So I can't play this... OH WELL.
sawyer Hey pirate hunter, good map so far. I've only played the first episode but so far it's looking good...
However I have noticed a few things. Please note that most of these are basically just nitpicky things (for if you decide to update the map), so don't take it to mean that your scenario is bad. Once I've played the whole thing I'll delete this post and give you a proper review.
-comment has been deleted

Other than that it's an awesome scenario so far. From what I've seen so far I recommend the download! I think the balance was spot on. For me it was a little easy but that's fine (I play at the expert level [in skirmish maps] anyway)
Let me know when you read this so that I can delete this post, so as to not reveal any spoilers.

[Edited on 12/19/08 @ 12:13 PM]

JPSoft I've played three episodes. This is a very good scenario and quality work. Thanks!
pirate hunter
File Author
Thanks to all for sharing your comments. Making cinamatics with walking characters is difficult. The AI controling their paths is not always consistant. I'm sure with more time and triggers one could get around this issue. I realize there was a pathing issue with trying to move a massive army across the land bridge to Havana, leaving this alone also helped to reduce a massive invasion from your enemy. There is an easier way to move your troops quickly, but I don't want to give any spoilers at this time. Thanks for downloading, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the scenarios.
sawyer You can use the a "unit move to point" (or "move to unit" if you're using cinematic block or something) trigger for each unit. Make each "point" next right next to each other, but not too close. It usually works out for me :).
Oh, and you might want to consider using the "modify protounit(house)" to allow the houses to be able to hold more people (at least in the first episode so far; I don't have the pop mod and I only had to build a couple of houses anyway).

Please don't take all these "negative" comments of mine to mean I don't like it. It's a awesome scenario! It's just advice from one designer to another.

Anyway, I'll continue to play it and tell you what I think :).

[Edited on 12/19/08 @ 04:47 PM]

Teutonic Twit I played it all, enjoyed it.
A little easy, but very much enjoyable. Didn't come at you, overpowering you in the first two minutes (third episode sorta did), still all was playable, and 3+ score easily.

Only problem I ran into was in the selecting of the start, etc. based on the the way you labeled them.
You call one "Begin" and another "intro 2". Intro vs. begin which is first? I guessed intro before begin (wrong!) In so doing I missed the first episode...

If it were me, I'd label the starting one intro or start and the second one Intro 2 or start 2, so there is no confusion.

[Edited on 12/20/08 @ 04:15 AM]

sawyer Yeah. Not that I'm the one to talk.... On my Blackcreek IV campaign I think I did the same thing :).
Teutonic Twit Yea sawyer, there was some confusion there also..

[Edited on 12/20/08 @ 04:18 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
In the beginning of the game it was pretty fun, however it got very boring very soon, all you do is build, kill, and continue on. There were also several notable glitches, one was that in episode two I attacked their base then took the trade route, in the process I unleashed an invincible George Washington that owned the entire enemy army, another one is in episode 1 where I got three frigates which were pretty much invincible. I also recommend using effect "Unit Work" so that people don't have to set them to work in the beginning for every game. There were no game freezes due to triggers, nor were there any errors with the cinematic so here is a 3 (average)

Balance: 4
Due to several glitches (super strong frigates you can build, invincible george washington, etc.) that give the player a major advantage, i can't give this a solid 5, so a 4 will have to do.

Creativity: 3
Build, kill, build, kill, that's pretty much the process you go through the entire game. I recommend adding different kinds of objectives rather than just kill this, kill that, defend this, etc. Some other obj you could add is to capture treasure, capture a village, assasinate someone with stealth, etc.

Map Design: 3
Eye candy wasn't that great, just land, trees, and some buildings, nothing really stood out here. A caribbean island setting does not limit your amount of eyecandy, in fact it should improve it, maybe some treasures, crashed ships, caves with gold, etc. Some random rain and a day cycle could have helped alot.

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions were fine, however the story had several loop holes and places that things did not make sense, you also only use 2 music songs which got old very, very fast. You should have used the other music files in the game, there are hundreds of them, a majority of them are in the cinematic section.

Additional Comments:
Not one of the best, but not the worst. There were some good aspects in this map, however many things can be added/fixed to improve the scenario

I also recommend using the following trigger

Units in area (place anything invisible to from a border you do not want people to cross, select them all and set as source unit, then set p1 units, also set this condition as OR)
Move units in area (Source unit the invisble object, p1 units, then move them away from the border so then they can't cross it)

Use this if you want o prevent certain units to cross somewhere

[Edited on 01/03/09 @ 12:31 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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