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Port Royale TSI 2

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pirate hunter
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Game Version: TWC
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Mister SCP
Map Design3.0
Okay with Tad it works

Playability: 4
It was good playable. I found no mainly bugs,... But i miss really the access to hc (and good cards too^^). Also i recommend using an AI mod since you play only vs AI, and the normal Computer Players are stupid. And it was annoying that u cant even build tc with your explorers, therefore you should make some settlers to native settlers , they look like british ones but still can build tc. Use the "Unit Work" to let the villies at the start work and not let them idle.Also the timer in episode 2 (30 min) was too high and should be set to 7-10 min. Also some more optional objectives+ give the player not ep/xp if they havent got access to use hc, use a trigger that gain ressources instead.
And last is, that you should fire trigger with winning (and other importants :) )conditions immerdial since i was not sure what i ve done wrong, when nothing appear (i found out it come 3-10 secs later)

Balance: 5
Cause it`s the first CUSTOM single player map i ve ever played idk so much about a good balance.1st ur objectives give player to much ep/xp. In episode 2 it was really easy to capture the fixed gun on the right side, and bomb the town down (no guardians, nothing what could be a problem). The frigates shouldnt have that much hp. I recommend use an SPC Frigate (idk how it called) as the blackpearl since player couldnt train them at the dock (or bough tad and take a pirate ship^^). And i agree the general washington was invernurseable but 1st-easy to fix 2nd my army pwned the enemy army anyway

Creativity: 3
Objectives contains most times build and kill, sometimes capture the town ..., I was pretty proud of you if i saw the new flag at the ship (override civ`s I think, but then i miss the ablity for using hc :( ), also obectives like in episode 3, find out how to bring trade route to work where great not to forget the trade routes that working with shipes between. U may add sth like tech status ->"statge coach" or veteran musks, longbow tech (more range+ ablity to get industrial and imperial improvement). And also add some optional objectives. Your creativity was too less

Map Design: 3
The map for episode 1 and 2 looked not that good, underwater terrain for the "land" are in my eyes a no-no. Also if u would focusing on a smaller area (and not all of the carribbean) players have more room to build, you could do more "eyecandy" and the map would generally looks better. The map for episode 3 looks allready okay (i found some main charakters in the water by pressing the search explorer key (for myself "#") and could load em on a frigate *rofl*). Also KevTheGreat gave some tips to improve :).

Story/Instructions: 4
Nice storyline, good to follow and sometimes funny. Let the lazy charakters do work\move and set more animations. I myself think you should give jack the role of nathaniel (swap names and create a new jack^^)and morgan the other one. Also use portraits together with subtitles. Also u should change some sekundary/optional objectives to main objectives (like episode 1- take the trade route socket) cause if u dont fill optional conditions u shoul able to win, normally only the main objectives need to be completed and this isnt the case in your scenario.

Sound (unofficial):4

Nice soundtracks, it isnt annoying if they repeat sometimes. U should also add some interesting music MS included in the game. You !can! cut the first 2 secs of pirates.mp3 then it would sound better (my opinion). in "Begin", where the pirates are feasting you should create a trigger with an effect "block all ambiants sounds" and do a 2nd music track :).

Additional Comments:

Nice scenarios/campaign with good potential, well job

Edit: Because we had some reviews that doesnt meet the guidelines and so the fianl sore increase

[Edited on 03/05/09 @ 08:39 AM]

Yuttho This is what I call, a good review.
sawyer So, Mister SPC, I'm guessing you're gonna be a reviewer in the contest, too?
Mister SCP
thx for the compliment (get it two times now xD )

but anyway pirate can romove since i am in contest :(
Mister SCP
idk if i continue reviewing for contest or not, since i am a multiplayer designer/(reviewer) but anyway i think also that this review was good work ^^
Teutonic Twit
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Scenario one: (3) Okay, decent B&D scenario not too challenging. Several ways to approach the enemy, so it did have some replay potential. Unfortunately after a couple of times playing you learn how to just walk through it. (I’m not giving out any spoilers…).
Scenario two: (weak 4) Fun B&D scenario, required a bit little more effort/involvement then the 1st one. Once you complete the first objectives, you need to be already prepared. The time clock and attacks weren’t a problem if you are offensive (which I tend to be)…
Scenario three: (strong 4) Very good B&D, the pirates keep you off guard. Collecting enough resources for an army at first is challenging. The enemy on the opposite shore does build up a decent military group.

Balance: 3
Scenario one: (2) Way too easy, once you built up a force it was a cake walk, needed more of a challenge, you way out-powered the enemy…
Scenario two: (3) If you are a hard charger, you may have problems…if you play offensively, you most likely will win.
Scenario three: (strong 3) The pirate’s attacks keep you on your toes…good balance here. Once you start attacking New Orleans, the enemy is reasonable strong, and prepared.

I think the balance of the frigates was unrealistic, and additional ones should have been deactivated in the dock…but on the other hand, war ships don’t count against your pop count, so it would have been just a matter of time to keep building ships to take out the enemy…no point’s deducted.

The enemy just needs to spank a little harder to make it a little more challenging.

Creativity: 4
Very creative scenarios…The cinematics are very good, and sprinkled with humor. The objectives are clever and flow with the story line. The starting points are far from random map beginnings, well laid out and allow for the building of additional structures. The under water trade route and access to it is pretty creative. ). I didn’t follow the rescuing of the native camp, which resulted in zip (Something might have been expanded here, but no points off). The miners showing up to help was creativity as well, but there was a bug … if you mine the gold at the tunnel before the miners show up, they don’t participate-not a major issue.

Map Design: 4
They are not random maps. Although the first two scenarios were played on a map carried forward from the first Port Royale TSI, they were incorporated in a much different way (adds to creativity). The third map was all new, and well designed.

I’d like to give this a 5 but I won’t, I took off a point (my bad-“a learning point” for the creator) because the lack of use of the rest of a great map is a shame. Here you have a visible map that takes in parts of North, Central and South America and don’t use it.
I explored it with Hussars and it has a lot of potential. Add some side quests/ challenges in this area to accomplish, while the player is building up resources/troops to take on the rest of the scenario. (Just trying to be constructive, to make a better/greater scenario)

Story/Instructions: 4
Most objectives were clear and understandable .I found ”following” the Objectives to be very helpful and the cinematics to be informative. . If you circumvent them you might not have as much fun (like why attack the Southern Island, it wasn’t in the objectives).

Additional Comments:
This is a good, solid series. It’s fun and enjoyable to play. It has potential to evolve into even a greater series with good input from players. I think some development with the rest of the map and the natives could put this into a solid 4+.

[Edited on 02/22/09 @ 01:08 AM]

pirate hunter
File Author
Thank you for your insight and review. I need to learn a better way to make ai players stronger. I had planned to use the rest of the large Caribbean map in future scenarios as Jack expands his trade monopoly and kicks out the East India Trading Co. I used the large map to give a feeling of continuity between scenario releases. The objective of rescuing the Indians was to put a stop to the Spanish controling the shipping port and the channel between Florida and Cuba, so that you could own the trading post and your trading ship could then travel without being destroyed. The objective in 2 was to build monitor ships which have a long range attack to destroy the enemy ships. I did not even occur to me that a player would build frigates and gain an enormous advantage. Like you and others suggested I need to forbid frigates. I'm not sure what happened with you and the miners. They are put there from the beginning and they are the only ones who can build the tunnel and open up the trade route??? I guess I need to somehow forbid villagers from mining the gold at that particular spot. I would appreciate (from anyone) any suggestions as to future scenarios and objectives in this storyline to make some continuity and also some new "challenges" that would make it enjoyable.
Thanks again!

[Edited on 12/28/08 @ 12:26 PM]

sawyer Like I said, I haven;t played the whole thing yet, since I haven't had the time recently (xmas and all that), but I don't think you should forbid frigates altogether. I think you should set the build limit to 1, and keep the same hitpoints but make it cost a lot more.
Teutonic Twit Pirate Hunter,
After rescuing the Indians, maybe you could make them playable...it would make more sense instead of them just standing around...

The first time I played scenario #3, the miners started mining right away. They did offer me the option of either them mining (for a fee) or doing it myself (villagers). So you can open up the route yourself (via villagers-which I did 2nd and 3rd time). But the last two times they were quite late in showing up.) When I used the villagers to collect the first gold mine (third time), the miners just stood around and couldn't be engaged.
If you request, I'll modify my review to incorporate these comments.

Scenario #1- Have the enemy attack your base in greater numbers, more often.

Scenario #2- Have the musketeers/cannons attack your base, not just stand around. If you didn't have troops at the area they appear, they don't do anything. You either have troops in the area to engage them, or build counters and attack them while they are standing around.

Pirate Hunter/sawyer,
You start with a frigate w/52000 HP and and Ironclad w/82000 HP, those alone will do the job. Getting one or even two more frigates w/52000 HP (doesn't matter about cost as you can build up any resources cost before finally building the TP) is just unrealistic and one sided. Either disable frigates from the dock, or return them to 2000 HP.

Pirate Hunter,
It appears you are trying to make this a balanced scenario, but you are overpowering the human player. Frigates w/52000 HP, Ironclads w/82000 HP, big guns protecting your base from ground forces, non-attacking forces, no real challenge.

As stated in the review guidelines, "a perfectly balanced scenario should provide a challenge for a veteran player." Make them work for it, don't give it to them. Keep them thinking, strategy, strategy, strategy... you have an excellent start for big things... hope this helps a little, probably should have included in my review. If you request, I can edit my review to include this input.

[Edited on 12/29/08 @ 12:06 AM]

Mister SCP
if i were you i would take the SPC Frigate as the blackpearl (10 k hp or lower) and let the human train normal 2k hp frigates from the dock...
(i forgot for what the iron ship stand ) :(

[Edited on 12/29/08 @ 05:48 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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