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Port Royale TSI 2

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pirate hunter
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Game Version: TWC
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I found this scenario to be very playable. It was easy to play, as the initial concept was very similar to a simple build and destroy map. This would've gotten boring after a while, but there were different unique objectives to keep it interesting, and I found the story was good enough to motivate finishing the scenario. I had a few problems with the map, though. In the 3rd episode, I had my guys walking around the miners for a while before I could get them as part of my own. I found that 30 minutes was much to long of a time to defend the base in episode 2. My trading post was never attacked, and I was pretty safe on the water with my fleet of 3 su perpowered frigates. I eventually got spies and found that there was a huge army of musketters just below where my TP was, but they never auctually attacked me. Overall, I enjoyed playing this scenario and found it to be very playable.

Balance: 2
This is the low point of the campaign. The frigates alone made it extremly easy to take over the water and defeat other ships. Even if frigates were disabled, the ironclald and blakc pearl were strong enough to kill basically everything. What I found was even worse were the invincible heroes. Every time a hero died he would then come back to life with 8000 hp. I was able to beat almost the entire 3rd Episode with only my heroes. The only time I built other units at all was for some siege at the end. The campaign was much too easy with these heroes, and need to be changed.

Creativity: 4
A fairly creative scenario. The build and kill patteren is not very new, but I found the plot and cinimatics very interesting and a uique thing to do in a scenario to make up for this. The idea of being Jack Sparrow himself was a neat idea and many of the missions, such as taking over someone elses gold, were good ideas.

Map Design: 5
The map design in this game was phenonomal. The terrain mixing and map layout looked great for a carribean, but it was the little things that brought this up from a 4 to a 5. I really liked things such as the docks on the coasts and the boat that traveled from one trading post to the next. The assorted islands in the water were also a great addition, even if they served no other purpose than to make the map look better.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions were clear, and I enjoied the story. The dialogue was humorous at times, and always interesting. Some things that they said were a little out of character (would Elizabeth really want french fries that badly?) but this made it even funnier. Though there were a few points without animations, the animations were well put and helped keep the cinimatics interesting. The main problem I had was that there were no portraits, which made it harder to tell who was talking at the time. The story of this campaign was probably my favorite aspect of it. I don't want to say too much here as I don't want to spoil too much of the story.

Additional Comments:
A very well made scenario. It could be much better had it been tested a little more and the balance fixed, but I still liked it a lot. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes pirates, or even anyone who is looking for a fun campaign.
demo007 how do u place the download in ur aoe senario folder? i never done b4 and its confusing
Marcus Varro
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

This scenario (or rather chain of scenarios did have some issues, but it played very smoothly for the most part. The biggest issue would be that enemy troops spawn in huge blobs, and I've taken out upwards of 6 with a single cannonball (from a Horse Artillery Unit).

Also, there were problems with enemy units not moving where they were supposed to (IE, stopping in front of the water gate and not attacking it, not moving to attack the trading post)

Also, it would come in handy to use Unit Work effects so that the player does not need to go around and order all of his settlers to work.

Balance: 3

This game's balance has some issues. Mostly, it revolves around those invincible Frigates. I mirror most everyone else when I say that you should use the SPC Frigate for the Black Pearl. Also, I feel the need to ask about what the Ironclad is doing there?

Other than the ship, opposing troops spawn in great numbers (which is good) unfortunatly they are tightly packed and you can easily kill them all with cannon before they get too many shots off. .Also, there were problems with enemy units not moving where they were supposed to (IE, stopping in front of the water gate and not attack, not moving to attack the trading post

Creativity: 5

You created the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" scenarios for AoEIII that I have played thus far. That and some other things, like the water trade route and the fact that you can capture towns rather than destroy them.

Map Design: 4

The maps were designed rather well, expecialy the one for the first two scenarios. I like how you had those areas that were not used, it makes me wonder what the next batch of TSI will do with the empty space. Some areas became rather repetitive though (mainly the Pirate Base in part3, with all the treasure ships lined up).

Some of your cities left a bit to be desired in terms of layout and aesthetics as well.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story itself was actually rather interesting.

We have Jack the Pirate turned Tycoon attempting to create a large trade business in the Caribbean. However, the East India company takes over control of Port Royal, and revokes Jack's letter of Marque, even though he is no longer a Pirate. You spend the rest of the scenario attempting to establish trade routes while under constant attack by the East India Company.

That's what I gathered from it anyway. There were also funny parts to it, mostly concerning food and rum(go figure). The Music was interesting, and not as repetitive as others seemed to think.

As far as instructions go, these left a little to be desired. Mostly, during the "Capture" objectives, I was not sure what I could destroy, what (if anything) I would get, and how to "capture" the town. That is generally done by establishing a Trading Post I soon learned.


A few other things I noticed:

1. During the first two scenarios you have control of a piece of Flotsam by your main base, and it moves too!

2. The water trade route was amazing, however it seemed that upgrading to Iron Horse disrupted it, I recommended disabling that technology, for that reason, and that it doesn't fit the timeline.

3. While the music you had was perfectly fine, a few more tracks couldn't hurt. And neither could some more lines from the movies!

Alright, that is my review. It is one of my first so go easy on me lol

MrMario Playability: 2
Basically build and kill scenario that was very easy to win. The game was interesting in the beginning, however it got soo boring later, it was very repetitive... the similair music and tactics... There were also several bugs as earlier people have pointed out, invicible guy, super ships, etc.

Balance: 3
As said above, was very easy to win, and several noticeable glitches that heavily gave an advantages to the player. All I mainly did was train frigates and revolted to get ironclads which I then bombared the enemy and used a small army to wipe out the survivors. I recommend fixing the glitches and making the AI a lot harder to defeat.

Creativity: 3
Build and kill scenario, no exciting features. The objectives were very plain and simple. The only thing different from other build and kill scenarios is the pirate theme.

Map Design: 3
Most parts of the map were either water or just green land with some trees, also in scenario 1 & 2, the western part was empty execpt for a trade route... the rest were just green land. I recommend adding several side objectives in the empty land.

Story/Instructions: 3
Objectives were easy to follow however the story had some weird stuff in it, for example, jack was suppose to become a merchant, so then he goes and raids people like a pirate? The plot was also pretty easy to figure out, no twist, surprises, etc.

Additional Comments:
Bland and distasteful, i recommend spending a lot more time redoing most parts of the scenario


[Edited on 03/03/09 @ 04:55 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
-It is completely playable, i didn't run into anything that prevents playing, which is good.
-Um the only negative thing that appeared alot is that the objectives stay on the screen for like 15 seconds as well as the cinematics would stop at the end for like 30 seconds, with no talking or action. -1

Balance: 2
-The scenario was very easy, because there was no AI behind the units, so they would just sit there and wait, which made it easy for the player. -2
-I didn't see edited stats and stuff besides hero units, the hero units were really incredibly good which again made it easy for the player. -1

Creativity: 2
-The trade routes coming from sea was creative, and were the ships doing trade.
-The overall objectives and story was boring and wasn't creative which really took a toll in your scenarios as far as I see it, very major spot to work on if you plan to remake/edit it. -3

Map Design: 4
-The map is well designed and very good looking, the cinematics also look really nice other then the bad acting but thats ok :P.
-The map looked like the caribean and you basically were incontrol of the whole carribean which didn't make since, defeating 2 empire's is unrealistic also, I would make the maps on a specific area (like episode 3). -1

Story/Instructions: 3
-I had no problems downloading or installing this and your readme was perfect, the objectives were straight through, i didnt have any problems with it.
-Story, made since but was really weak and there was no good plot in this, not to be overwelmingly negative, not docking you here for non-creativity but for realistic and boringness. -2

-I would say that you did very good job alot better then most people can do but i dont think you are at pro level, but I 100% encourage you to keep on going and to keep contributing to age of empires scenario arsenal.

[Edited on 02/08/09 @ 07:24 PM]

Teutonic Twit MrMario and Commanderbly,

Jeezzzz, come on you guys, both of your ratings are out of line with the "Review Guidelines". I'd say you're both off by a minimum of about 4/10ths on your reviews.


You gave it a 3.You based this rate mainly on "it's just a build and kill". You stated other than pirates this is just another B&D. B&D scenarios are a commonly made play style, and in many cases have obtained 4+ ratings.

The "Guide" says "Every aspect of a scenario factors into creativity. Creativity is found in all aspects of a scenario, from trigger tricks, to map design, to the story, to what units a player is given, to the objectives, to sounds used, to cinematics and cutscenes, etc...."
As this scenario has most of those items included, and at an above average application, I think you missed the boat.

Map Design:
You gave it a 3. The "Guide" says "a random map scores a 3, a rating of 4 is given for maps that are much better than a random". You have to admit the two maps in this series are much more than a random map.

You gave it a 3.You said "the story had some weird stuff in it" And your point is?

The "Guide" says "If there are instructions but no story, the max score is a 3. If there is any story at all, the rating goes up to a 4".

Additionally it says "Also, since objectives can change in the middle of a scenario, the quality of the instructions must be judged throughout the playing of the scenario. The rating should not be effected based on whether the story is fictional or historical."


You gave it a 2. You said "there was no AI behind the units". Not true, there was an AI, for the first two acts it was weak. The third act was better, and should be considered in your rating.

The "Guide" says "You also need to take the author's original intent into account, giving the author some benefit of the doubt. If the author never intended the player to face a struggle to survive, then there's no reason to knock down the balance score"

You gave it a 2.
AS stated above, the "Guide" says "Every aspect of a scenario factors into creativity. Creativity is found in all aspects of a scenario, from trigger tricks, to map design, to the story, to what units a player is given, to the objectives, to sounds used, to cinematics and cutscenes, etc...."
As this scenario as most of those items included, and at an above average application, I think you missed the mark also.

You gave it a 3. I don't even understand what you inputed here. The "Guide" says "If there are instructions but no story, the max score is a 3. If there is any story at all, the rating goes up to a 4".

That's my input to your guy's evaluation, do, say what you will.


[Edited on 02/12/09 @ 01:56 PM]

MrMario Its been removed so why do you care sooooo much?

[Edited on 02/20/09 @ 06:36 PM]

Mister SCP
because he write it before pirate removed the scenario. Anyway Teutonic is totally correct.
I think the scenario contest take a big influence of reviewer

[Edited on 02/21/09 @ 02:14 AM]

Teutonic Twit Big thanks Mister SCP
for your insight here...perhaps if MrMario and Commanderbly had been a little more diligent in reviewing Pirate Hunter's scenario, he may not have pulled it (sorry he felt compelled to do so). I wished he would have challenged both the reviews, but he chose not to, too bad.

AS you state, Mister SCP, I wrote my comments to them both, prior to the scenario being pulled. Had they stepped up and revised their blatantly inappropriate, off the standards reviews, maybe the scenario wouldn't have been pulled. Didn't happen.

So MrMario, the reason I care is inappropriate and incorrect evaluations of scenarios, as yours, are driving, young, new builders away.
I hope you feel quite proud of your accomplishment.

[Edited on 02/22/09 @ 01:01 AM]

Teutonic Twit You know, after thinking about this, the failing of some reviewers to following the standards and correct blatant inaccuracies, I'm going to go back and re-edit my review, let's see what happens...
Mister SCP may I suggest you do the same... no rewrite, just revise the final score of each category ...

[Edited on 02/22/09 @ 01:12 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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