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Warrior Defence V

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4

Warrior Defence

buy units of your choice to defend against over 30 different waves of enemys. to play in single player read the readme, which is copied in this thread.

this is Warrior Defence V, Warrior Defence IV is on heaven games and I and II have already been released online and this is the latest version.


Just incase you are wondering about III, it was made and featured a complicated loan system in which players could borrow money but had to pay it back with interest. Different amounts could be borrowed and the player had a credit rating. I decieded this was to complicated so never released III as it would have a negative inpact on fun so I skipped from II to IV (and since my computer has since crashed the file has gone).

You may notice in the editor that melee units are avaiable and triggered for but not enabled to be bought. I did this as after creating all the slots I played the original again and noticed that melee units were not available to buy. I wanted to stick to the original so disabled them, meaning only pikemen are available as a kind of "meatshield". There are details at the bottom of this page of how to enable melee. I wouldn't be suprised if someone has released and edited version with this feature.

The first time I did a BETA test (of version I) to my horror it lagged horribly, nearly all my other scenarios upto this point had this problem so I was very worried, luckily doubling the spawn time solved this problem.

No anti-edit devices were used as I believe that people editing the scenario would improve its longevity.

The shop triggers used are from the SIMSTools Trigger set. Made for Age of Mythology, but like most AOM triggers can be used for AOE3

In the original:

The tracks were shallows and some attack waves were ships.

Each player had a hero which upgraded with each kill it got

Due to differences between the aok and aoe3 editors, unit upgrades in the aok version only applied to units on the field giving the player a massive incentive to keep them alive.

I didn't know what to do the first time I played the original which is why I included the start cinematic.

README (attached to file)

Warrior Defence

I reccomend these minimum specs if you intend to play until after level 8. As it gets very laggy then
So turn your graphics settings as low as they can go!!!
128MB graphics card
2Mb internet connection for online play

I. installation instrucions
II. info
III. how to play
IV. help



copy the whole folder 'Warrior Defence IV v3.age3Yscn' to
(directory):\documents and settings\my documents\age of empires III\scenario

or your default directory



unzip the file you downloaded
right click the file 'Warrior Defence IV v3.age3Yscn'
click cut
click start
click 'my documents'
click the folder 'my games'
click the folder 'age of empires III'
click the folder 'scenario'
right click in the empty space
select 'paste'



this sceanrio was created by sandstorm/gunner1 but is based upon the popular age of empires 2 scenario of the same name.
in it your goal is to keep units from crossing the back line, using bought troops to defend. athough this scenario is
multiplayer it is possible to play in single player if you boot all the comp players. currently the scenario ends after
level 10.


How to play

Multiplayer setup:

Players 1-4: team 1, human
Player 5: team 2, AI
Discovery age, but can be played post imp for noobs =)

at the start instructions are shown in cinematic, further instructions for the host can be enabled by moving your flag
bearer to the alcoved tile, at the top of the shop. if you need even more help read the objectives. i will now go over
some basic instrucions.

moving your flag bearer to a tile with only a unit on will buy that unit. its price is its name.
tiles with falg bearers on are upgrade tiles these are signalled in two ways.

if the tile has units on.
the name of the flag bearer will be something like this '15 combat'
15 = the percantage increase
combat = unit attack and hp

this will effect the unit on the tile with the flag bearer

the second are flag bearer only tiles, these will be something like this; '15 all infantry combat'
15 = the percantage increase
combat = unit attack and hp
all infantry = it effects all infantry.

single player mode

on the right hand side on the map there are tents. to play single player look for 3 tents together, named player 2-4
delete these tents to play in single player mode.


you will notice in the top right corner a unit named sandstorm. each time a unit passes the backline sandstorm loses
1 hp, if he dies you lose


between the shop and the spawn point you should spot a drummer and other drummers with names like 'easy' & 'hard' move
your drummer to the one you want to change the dificulty. this can only be done before the first wave comes.



Q. the enemys don't come.
A. there are tents that the host can delete, or any player if the host has resigned, that help for movement problems
just look at the name of the drummer near to find out what they do, or enable host instructions.

Q. it lags
A. turn down your settings or there is a tent that may reduce help to reduce lag when deleted.

Q. how do you get gold
A. kills, the rate on medium is 85 per 5 kills

Q. what order are the waves in
before level 5

melee inf
melee cav
ranged light inf
ranged cav

level 5 and after

melee inf
melee cav
ranged light inf
ranged cav
ranged heavy inf


in this game, in early levels it is important that you first have units in front that counter the wave coming towards you,
so move the unit that counters the wave to the front. even moe important is makesure you have a unit that counters the wave

included in this file is also a pic of me defending in some of the later levels. formation is the most important factor.
pick one that directly makes sure you can get all your fire power in, while protecting your troops and letting no enemys
pass. keeping units on stand ground is a must

when you face bosses, hit and run, if you can't then make weaker units face up against it and get killed as they have one
shot kills, so the cheaper the unit the better.

moving units further back to defend means you will face less enemys, but get less gold. so if yo don't think you can stand
a wave then move back for it and get gold on the next.

It is ESSENTIAL to invest in econmic units if you plan on getting to level 10. If you don't you will find enemies in later
levels just to hard to kill.


by sandstorm [ESO] /gunner1 [HG]

report bugs in the thread at heaven games

note to those who look at this map in the editor; you may notice there are additional melee troops available to buy. these were disabled but they can be re-enabled, [though they are unbalanced and untested], by making sure all triggers in the 'shop' group are active. then disabling the trigger 'start deleter'. if you do this please do not play it online!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Fairly straightforward, takes a few plays to get the feel of it but no complaints.

Balance: 4
No major problems, upgrade costs are fair and effective.

Creativity: 4
What can I say; re-make of a classic but works well.

Map Design: 5
Efficient and Effective.

Story/Instructions: 5
Again, straightforward once you have seen the game a few times.

Additional Comments:
Fun to play, easy to set up and get into; Definitely recommended especially with a few people to play with.
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