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SH Heroes v2

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4 + 2 comps
In this game you choose one of the 11 heroes. You start at the ally's Fort. The computer in your team sends every 40 seconds units. Every 5 minutes the type of theese units change. The objective is to destroy the enemy's Fort. Kill the units in the three ways of the computer in the enemy's team to level up. Each level gives you some gold and your hero will be upgraded. In the ,shop you can buy Irregulars better healing, a surgeon, more hitpoints for the units of the computer and more damage for the units of the computer. The irregulars will be upgraded each level of the hero, too. If your hero dies you lose 250 gold. For extra gold the computer in your ally has to capture one of the two houses in the three ways. If you lose a house in your base the units won't spawn in this way.

It's 2 vs 2 and one computer in each team.

-Irregulars are balanced
-changed some heroes
-fixed bugs

Host this version, please.

Uploaded a bugged one, sry I fixed it.

You can review now.

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Mister SCP
dl #1

I had once a simular idea but i think you did a better job cause i did it in my noob times^^
Mister SCP
shall i review it?
File Author
Don't review now pls. I'm working on a more balanced and a version with no bugs. But one thing doesn#'t work I'll update it in a few days.
Mister SCP
Okay i wait :(. A balance change is really need and the bug drive me crazy
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
This is a simple but engaging map that plays quickly. The best players learn to use their comp minions to best effect to screen their enemy out and provide an opening to attack. I played earlier versions of this scenario and found them dull, so quit. But the new balance changes have made things more interesting, and worth playing.

Balance: 4
At first the units were unbalanced, as your computer starts with some infantry and anyone who starts with a good ranged unit will overpower them. Now the units are somewhat better balanced both against each other, and against the computer minions. Starting with ranged cav is still somewhat OP.

Creativity: 4
This map looks like Fort Wars, but plays like a fixed force RPG in a way. It is a novel idea to have a computer ally and its supporting units be an integral part of a player-vs-player free for all. One thing that would make this map slightly better is the chance to choose different hero units. An all-infantry version, or an all-cav or all-ice cream truck version might be nice. Adjust the computer ally units and buildings accordingly.

Map Design: 4
The map is very simple and uncluttered. Care is taken to place buildings so their LOS/range does plenty of damage when it's supposed to, but not so much that it's impossible to make a suicide rush. One thing that would make this map a bit better is if the path to your base were a bit longer in both directions. It makes the game a bit longer and more interesting.

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions are simple and posted in the Objectives. Not much storyline, but then the nature of the map is a simple push-pull free-for-all.

Additional Comments: Perhaps this map can be done as a RMS so the layout, the computer units, and heroes might be a bit different every time. The pathways between players might change a bit too, so you never know who is your neighbor, or how many neighbors you are directly connected to. There is probably a mathematical optimum number of "neighbors" and connections for defensive or offensive play, and you could play around with this and come up with some challenging and hilarious variations on this map type.

[Edited on 03/19/09 @ 10:41 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review but maybe you could wait 1 hour more xD
I don't know how to make RMS and I'm not the best in designing so I make my scenarios with little design but it works then ;)
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
Straight to the point, easy to figure out, and fast-paced to play. The gameplay itself is pretty robust, however, the map was tiny and made it feel short and insignifigant for a long period of time. I know you absorbed the idea from Warcraft 3's Defense of the Ancients game and it seems to work on AOE3 quite well!

Balance: 3
Now using anything ranged was just plain mean as the units were easy meat early on for sniping, but the towers prevent any early attempts to barrel for the fort. I tried the first time with the yojimbo and I won the game pretty fast (first test was without anyone, second was with some friends). Other than that, the AI battles are fair enough and the setup is fairly congruent.

Creativity: 4
Living AI on the field doesn't make it feel so goddamn lonely in this unitfest and the concept itself is cut clean. There is no blame on the fact that its from Dota, rather, its pretty good on how well it was setup and how varied the units are (despite their utter range between average and overpowered).

Map Design: 3
(kept your playability a 5, but note that this issue does make the game a lot shorter than it needs to be) SH Heroes' map is just too small, turning the game into a very short-term scenario rather than a full-on scenario. The map was very formal and congruent, contributing to the balance of the game, but the black voids around them could've been made nicely instead of being some ugly space triangles. Just get a lot of pathblocks and a forest of trees where the voids are, it's not that hard sir.

Story/Instructions: 5
Honestly, for games of this format, its hard to make this portion of the review lengthy, so in a simple sense, you gave the instructions, you told us what to do, it has been addressed clearly, now go play the freaking game. That is how you get a 5.
Additional Comments:
Kind of like in an essay, this map would probably still be in the edited stage and needs some formal polishing to make SH Heroes stand out as a brilliant game, but overall the concept and the gameplay itself are probably its shining points. Still, good job Hans!

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Map Design3.5
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