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The Race 2

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 6


This scenario is yes a race just like "The Race", however, this is much longer and many, many new features!. There are six runners, they are trying to reach the white flag first in order to win the race and a prize :). However, you will need to get kills along the way to level up which increase your health, your speed, you attack, and changed your unit type.


Level 1 - Pikeman

Level 2 - Crossbowman

Level 3 - Cassador

Level 4 - Cossack

Level 5 - Mameluke

Level 6 - Black Rider

Level 7 - Elemeti

Level 8 - Howdah

Level 9 - Learicron

Level 10 - ???????? (super unit!)


*White spots - Touching them will cause your unit to slow down and eventually reach 0 speed causing you to lose the race

*Events - Multiple events that will affect the race, some are super speed, earthquake, and pillars.

*Levels - Level up by killing the many obstacles (the enemy units)

*Many more

P1-6 are human players, p7 is a comp, Discovery Age, FFA, Civs do matter.

The opening cinematic for this scen is also included in the download file, however the music is a bit off of the actual cinematic since i had to manually put them in.

This scenario is in the [Scenario Design Competition 2008-2009 Winter] contest, so please grade well :)

By KevTheGreat

P.S please do not edit, or claim this map as your own.

My Website

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AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
No bugs as far as I can tell from my point of view, very fun map. Five other racers against you and all of us trying to be ahead of each other, however not too far ahead or you may die or get injured badly. One part I like is that you can kill others when you get half way down the path. Also a good thing about race maps is that it doesn't drag on and on, you can finish and get a rematch XD. No lag at all, witch I like =)

Balance: 5
Completely balanced, everyone has a fair chance, the people on the side start out ahead just like in a real race :). No decks or civ bonuses to interfere with game play. Nice pick of units as some games put random units that don’t go with the game at all.

Creativity: 5
Very few race maps (only three that I know of and two are yours :P), the features in the map bring out creativity. You got to dodge white spots that slow your unit down and or make your unit stop, hard enemies that take more than one hit to kill for XP to upgrade your unit to be come better and have more hit points, and then try to run through at the end and not get killed. Nice adding earthquakes, super speed and pillars Also funny ending :P.

Map Design: 5
Race map looks well done, symmetrical, several pieces of eye candy. Glad it was not plain as some maps that I played before.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was good but kind of sort. What do you expect from a race game? The Instructions were easy to read and told you what to do from the start. It’s easier when you play the 1st race.

Additional Comments:
Very fun map, recommend it to everyone who is sick of sup or just want a game to play for fun.. Good job Kev. Lots of time must have been spent on this.


[Edited on 02/09/09 @ 08:32 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
No bugs of any sort as of so far. The overall setup of the race makes it a very solid and balanced experience. Five pikemen, one flag, lots of crazy shit happening. You rush too far, you get your ass handed back to you (you remember that game we had Kev), too slow or if you're stuck in the white, you simply suck. The pace of the map doesn't throw a mess of stuff at you but keeps a consistent flow that makes the whole process entertaining.
Balance: 5
Like I kind of said above, its very consistent. Abuse the speed up power when it comes and you will get your ass handed to you, stay behind and you're gonna suffer and lose. Every bit of the map was pretty much balanced and fair. This is what makes a race game solid.

Creativity: 5
Like MrMario said, there are very few race games and the features of this game give it creativity. The white spots, the pillars, and the holycrapwhatdidKevjustthrowatme powerups. I'm still gonna bag on you about the intro of the map.
"KevtheGreat: I'll be watching."
He's watching you...
Map Design: 5
Very colorful and consistent, nothing lacks in the race and enough eye candy is taken out to prevent lag of any sort. The top half was pretty cool to look at since you should cherish the look before your uber unit crashes through the whole frikkin area like Rambo on steroids and a bad mood.

Story/Instructions: 4
Your creepy in-game avatar representation gives the instructions and the setting clearly. The objective is clear, the obstacles are clear, there's not much more to it.

Additional Comments:
"KevTheGreat: I'll be watching..."
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
To Author: No glitchs bugs or anything of any sort was completely playable through the whole scenario. A little bit glitchy at opening cinematic, may want to fix that a bit but its not worth docking points for because you can skip it and the lag is berly any.
To Downloader: This map is completely playable, no glitchs or bugs and the game is straight forward and doesn't take pro-skill to play.

Balance: 5
To Author: Completly balanced your all in the same position, you all of the same stats and levels.
To Downloader: In this scenario you have no excuses of losing other then you got beat by a smarter human then you. Its completely balanced not something to worry about at all!

Creativity: 5
To Author: Races are rare to find in AOE so its very creative in this aspect, the map is laid out nice, I would encourage the ships and fires in other scenarios. One thing and this is my opinion is I think you should make it a maze instead of a straight forward race just a little advice.
To Downloader: Its really fun and creative, the triggers being the main part which other scenarios dont usually have, like earthquakes, uber-speed, getting stuck in whatever it is and players turning on you.

Map Design: 4
To Author: The map terrian wasn't too intresting the only thing ill dock you for here. The unit/building set up was excellent it played well into the triggers making a good combonation. In patchs I would make the scenario's terrian design a little more, maybe its because im just to visual. -1
To Downloader: Excellent fun map, the terrian needs a little bit, but its a race so you dont really care, the unit setup is great and they will make your job hard to get to.

Story/Instructions: 4
To Author: There was lots of instructions, no need for story in a race. The only problem is there were a couple of things that weren't explained well and part of the fault is the person isn't paying attention. But things would happen like they would get stuck and they would be like what the crap happened and get frustrated, i would put more effort into explaining this, imo just take the white squares away lol. -1
To Downloader: You shouldn't have a problem with the instructions, unless you are lousy to pay attention because you'll have to pay attention when they popup. No story because its a race, it doesn't need a story the goal is to beat everyone else.

Score overview/Summary:
To Author: Not really any suggestions this map was great, the only thing is create a maze or something like that, instead of the straight down the map race, like a mentioned before. Good Job and it looks like your scenarios are getting better and better as we go.
To Downloader: Fun and competitive, expect a quick game that lasts about 5-10 minutes. The author is famous for his work and this is no exception. There isn't any tips other then kill fast and run fast. 6 player game makes it fun with friends or enemies or anyone, whats nice about this scenario is you can play with 2 - 6 people there isnt a need for a certain
amount. Its worth the time i would recommend it. A work :p.

[Edited on 02/14/09 @ 09:08 PM]

Mister SCP
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Doesnt notice any bug. Anyway I dislike the point where the players get stuck in the white boxes. U either should inform the people with a speed of 0 that they can resign or you prevent that from happening with a QV System. e.g. Speed of pike=4 ...-0,25 per second when he stuck in a field until his speed is smaller as 0,5. So his minimum speed is 0,25.
If you get a new unit u just need to add The difference between the current unit and the unit u had before.
At least players are often confused and dissapointed if they dont know why there runner stuck.

Balance: 5

The balance is really good. Not just the units of the racers become stronger, the units of the computer also becomes stronger. So you get everytime a nice challenge and can`t even run from start to end without using kill bonuses

Creativity: 4

I would say it`s a solid 3. Your scenario contains features like white spots that decrease speed, a killing System and at least events. It`s a bit sad that u dont fire the events randomly, since this would make it more suspensefull. Also u could do some events which not affect everytime on all runners, just at 1-2 runners. The point wherefore i give you a 4 is the funny unit at lvl 10 :)

Map Design: 4

Map design was overall symetrical with no eyecandy and just a few terrains. It also was not even a full area. It is just a small strip where the race take place. Everyone knows that this could be better but since this is a race- noone cares aboout the map dsign

Story/Instructions: 5

The instructions where for me absolutly clear also you add a little story. So your score is 5. If I were you I would make another system of using instruction or skip it since people often either dont get it, have a failed to load or there is a comp in which cant kill the flagbearer :(. I think u should make a system where people must go to a point(unit) to make clear that they need an instruction.Also when u left near the finish an enemy unit and u finish the scenario there sometimes my unit go to the enemy unit and u dont see him anymore in the end cinematic.

Sound (unofficial):3

Sound Settings were okay I just noticed that u have 3 songs in your instruction part rofl^^. Maybe include a custom song to get a better atmosphere

Additional Comments:
Was a nice scenario.Even playable if you have less time. I recommend playing it.

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Map Design4.5
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Size:9.98 MB