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Indian Conquest v1.6

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
Update! Version 1.6
  • You can now choose a difficulty level (moderate or hard) at the beginning.
  • The scenario title is now displayed at the beginning.

    Changed in version 1.5f:
  • Bugs fixed
  • More objectives
  • Mini quests that can be completed immediately (once found) and don't show up in the objectives
  • If you defeat one enemy, another enemy gets a boost (extra units and buildings).

    IMPORTANT: If you want to talk to a person or a person in a house, click on the unit/building you want to talk to (while it's in your LOS) and wait a second.

    What kind of scenario is this? Will I like it?

    Genre: Build & Destroy
    You and your enemies start at age 1, just like in a normal skirmish map. The map appearance (terrain) is similar to the official painted desert map, but it has a trade route in the middle of the map. The natives are also different: You can ally with the Lakota, Sioux, Cheyenne, Apache and Jesuits.
    The Jesuits are located at the middle of the map and are most important, because they'll let you use their European buildings for as long as you're allied with them. Keeping and defending these buildings is the path to victory.
    This scenario plays somewhat like a skirmish map. If you don't like skirmish maps, don't play it.

    Difficulty: Hard/Moderate, 3 opponents, player gets bonuses
    There are three CPU enemies, but the player has some additional bonuses. You can choose a difficulty level: Either hard or moderate. That means, if two CPU opponents on hard/moderate provide a fair challenge for you, you will most likely enjoy this scenario.

    Secondary Objectives and mini quests
    There are some optional quests you need to complete in order to win, because their rewards are extremely good. The most important quests are: "Train Urumi", "Ally with the Jesuits".
    There are five secondary/optional objectives.
    There are two mini quests that don't show up in the objectives, because they can be completed immediately.

    Story and features
    On the evening of October 12, 1492 Columbus sighted land and believed to have found a new trading route to Asia. A few years later some of the most powerful countries, namely Spain, Portugal and Great Britain, sent their armies to conquer what appeared to be a new world.

    But someone was already there... India! Well, who would have thought that?!

    Spain, Portugal and Great Britain quickly decided to join forces against India. But India was not alone. They had mighty urumi, elephants and... YOU, to tell them what to do!

    India has several advantages in this single player scenario:
  • Urumi can use their secret martial arts techniques and become even faster, but only at night.
  • Krishna is with you. You just need to please her. How? Well, she likes cows...
  • Some of your villagers are Muslims. How will this help? Well, just find a mosque or something for them, and they'll tell you how to train imams.
  • Your scientists will search the ruins of the European camps for military secrets: Defeat an opponent to get a bonus.
  • You can get some European buildings if you're nice to the Jesuits. But you're not the only nice guy around...

    How to install:
    1. Extract the zip-archive
    2. Copy "Indian_Conquest_1-6.age3Yscn" to "My Documents/My Games/Age of Empires 3/Scenario"
    3. Copy "homecity_india.xml" to "Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/Campaign"
    4. Start TAD. (TWC needs to be installed, too)
    5. Click single player -> custom scenario -> Indian_Conquest_1-6.age3Yscn.

    You know that all the files are in the right folder if you have a homecity with three decks when playing the scenario.

    Known bugs: If you save a game and reload it, sometimes triggers will be deactivated: Some units can't be trained anymore (imam, native villagers). This is only a minor problem and only occurs sometimes. You will still be able to complete the scenario without problems.

    This is my first scenario. Feel free to post any suggestions or to point out any mistakes and bugs (even spelling errors and grammatical mistakes).

    Hints (SPOILER!)
    If you like this scenario but can't win no matter how much you try, you can read the following hints.
    Please don't read them if you want to find out everything by yourself. If you really want to read the hints, highlight the text with your cursor to make it visible.

    Q: How should I start? (general advice)
    -Never stop training villagers until you have at least (!) 50.
    -First HC card: Trading post rickshaw. Send it to the Jesuit TP immediately to claim the factory. I would let the factory produce gold, because gold is needed for two quests and to advance to age 3.
    -There is a very high change that you can get another factory (age 4) and a fort (age 3) from the Russians at your embassy. Be sure to ship the export card from your HC beforehand.
    -Heal your units. You can heal them with your monks, imams and also with native medicine men later, if you complete the native village quests.

    Q: I can't get enough XP to ship all those Urumi! What should I do?
    You need more cows! Complete the cow quest, find the kidnapped cows and train as many cows as possible! You can also improve the cow's XP gathering by sending the Age 1 HC card.
    Let the trade route generate XP, if this still isn't enough.

    Q: Which units should I train?
    -First of all: You'll need plenty, because you have three enemies - that means you need to train native warriors. I think the Cheyenne are the most useful because they're heavy cavalry with a bonus against heavy cavalry. But the more natives you ally with, the better.
    -To counter infantry, use Urumi. They get a speed bonus at night.
    -To counter cavalry (age 2-4), use the native warriors or your own cavalry. Your own cavalry will be stronger as normal, because they benefit from the native technologies and the arsenal technologies.
    -To counter cavalry (age 5 + researched martial arts), you can also use rajput, because they now also get a speed and HP bonus.
    -To counter artillery: No unit gets an additional bonus against artillery in this scenario. Use the units you would use normally: elephant cannons, heavy cannons or heavy cavalry. I think elephant cannons are best, but that's just a matter of opinion.

    Q: Where is the Cheyenne TP?
    It isn't there from the start. You need to be friendly to the Cheyenne village (northwest) and complete a quest for them later (age 2).

    Q: I can't find the 8 cows required for the cow quest!
    -You can rescue 5 cows at the southernmost end of the map. They will always be there, because the enemies can't rescue them. They're heavily guarded by thugs, though. (This is the native village mini quest)
    -Three more cows and two villagers are held captive at the easternmost part of the map. They're extremely well guarded and also near the Portuguese base. Only approach them with an army.

    Q: Are the prices at the lottery any good?
    Yes, there are some very good prices. But you can also lose, or win a price that isn't worth the 500 gold. There are 9 prices altogether. At least two are always worth the 500 gold, and some are only worth it in some situations. It's completely random which price you get. Saving & Reloading doesn't work, because which price you get is defined at the start of the scenario.
    BTW, to play the lottery click the lottery building, wait a second and a dialogue window will pop up.

    Q: I found the native village (Cheyenne). What should I do?
    Just be nice to get a few hints and a mini quest.

    Q: Ok. I was friendly to the native village and now they've sent me a messenger and I got a quest. But I can't figure out what to do!
    Did you find the neutral European town at the northernmost part of the map? Go near the food store in that town (must be in your line of sight). Now click the food store and wait a second. A dialogue will pop up, asking if you want to buy food. Buy it, and bring it to the native chief. Quest completed.
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design4.0
    Playability: 5
    This scenario now has no problems that I know of. Which probably means there are no problems ;). According to your friend the review guidelines that deserves a 5.

    Balance: 5
    Just as balanced as in my last review.

    Creativity: 4
    I love all the new features in this version of the map. However imo I do not believe that there was quite enough unique content to get you a 5. A 4 is still a really good review.

    Map Design: 4
    Just as good of a map as in my last review.

    Story/Instructions: 4
    I realise that in my last review I made a mistake. There was an actual reason as to why the peope are fighting each other. Which means you have a story. So you deserve a 4 not a 3.

    Additional Comments:
    Good job on the update. That lottery system must have taken some time to do considering wheather you win or loose is completely random. I have no idea as to how you did that but good job. If you want to review one of my scenarios I would do the battle of the red jungle. My other scenario is just a demo of campaign that I will likely never finish. Haven't worked on that thing since the summer of 2008.
    Mister SCP
    Map Design4.0
    Playability: 4

    Everything worked fine, no lag, the only thing i was not able to find out (your spoiler hint it) was the using of the lottery system. Also u gave the player good decks so not that good india player like me could beat the game. The thing why u get a three is he point that the enemies never attacked my base. I walled it and the enemies walked along the wall and then they gone away.

    Balance: 5

    Good difficult and the chance to beat the game with your special bonuses even if you have 3 enemies was possible. It took me also two times to beat. the only thing I disliked was that you need to kill every single house and every single unit to defeat an enemy. (I dont like to take spies, but there there were a must-be)

    Creativity: 5

    This was the part that make this game special from all B&D Games. Your quests and your advantages from the tp, your lottery system, your day-night-circle which effect on urumis...The things i disliked was the thing when a master-urumi :D is fallen and every minute come such a message-it`s just annoying (also after i defeat all enemies and red get mercs I liked to beat them but every 30 secs come a message DX ). Ur timer for the day-night-circle wasn`t really needed but ur descision (I see when when there is night)

    Map Design: 4
    I take just hunterduck`s rating because I have a graphic issue

    Story/Instructions: 4
    I think everything was good explained expect how to use the lottery :P. But here u get one point less because your story was never seen IN the scenario. Just wished to get a short clip. Objectives were really clear and the gameplay was like in every B&D game.

    Additional Comments:
    Good work look forward to see more :P
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 5

    It was very nice playing the scenario (especially compared with the official scenarios). There were many oportunities and surprises. I liked it a lot!

    Balance: 5

    I played at moderate difficulty and it was balanced well. Actually it wouldn' t be possible for me to defeat 3 opponents, but using the given bonusses wisely there it turned out to be a nice challenge. Not too hard, not to easy - just the right balance.

    Creativity: 5

    There were very many nice ideas, for example the lottery (I won the free house and population bonus :D). Also the things you could do for the natives were nice and innovative (especially bringing pizza to the natives).
    That day/night-thing about the Urumi and Rajput was also a very good idea, many oportunities :) - 5 points for that.

    Map Design: 5

    I didn't see many selfmade scenarios yet, but compared with the official ones, this one is very rich in detail: Eg. the funny monkey on the hill, at first I thought he was throwing stones :D, also I liked the lovely riversides, and all of the scenery...

    Story/Instructions: 5

    The story itself appeared to be a little short, but the instructions were super: Both the instructions and messages in the scenario were funny (eg. the lottery or the man on the lake :-))) and also correct, detailed, clear, accurate and well thought out - I always knew what I should and could do...
    Because of this I want to give 5 points nonetheless.

    [Edited on 06/14/09 @ 03:20 PM]

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