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(TAD) Japan < Russians

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# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ozarks
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Player 1's Name: Wuddup
Player 2's Name: tha_jb
Game Version: TAD
My first TAD post so please watch and comment. Long game I had upper hand the whole time but lost. Please explain why. Thanks
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mentork Where to start?

You did aright early, (obviously you could have used better cards, but that's not your fault really)

As a general rule, don't start taking out buildings until all the units around are dead (your yumis where attacking the blockhouse while everything under the sun shot at them)

Portuguese allies an a map with no water?

Allot of your problems where based on slow production, ally with yourself at the consulate and Japan can make 10 units at a time... But just about anyone would be better then port allies on land.

In the middle of the game, all you did was react to him, and you let your resources build up to much, you had over 5000 food and at least 3k gold and I don't even remember the wood. you need to spend resources on your own, not just as a reaction to something he does. You could have aged to industrial long before he did, or built up and attacked before he got to industrial.

Also, no hunts to build your shrines around is [b]no[/b] excuse to hit population cap.

The end game was, off coarse the decider, Russia is very dangerous arguably the most powerful nation in the imperial age. I don't know if he had rebuild able forts or not (you never took one down), also they have Oprichnik, by the way you did a very good job at defending against them.

But, what lost you this game, was your failure to manage resources. At the end of the game, you had 20 k food and about 500 gold, with 47 settlers on food and less then 20 on coin, if I remember right.

You have to learn to watch your resources and make sure you are gathering the one you need. you had enough wood to make 5 rax at least and not even feel it, if only you had 10k gold and 10k food you could have gone Ashigaru / Samurai (a great counter to mass halberds)

I hope that's enough commenting for now ^_^

[Edited on 04/01/09 @ 03:12 AM]

File Author
Ok thanks.

Since I just got TAD I really don't know a whole lot about consulate stuff so I'll have to keep my eyes open to that.

Can you explain that statement about the pop cap though cuz I didn't understand it?

Thanks again for the comments

mentork After you ran out of animals you stopped building shrines and hit population cap. It's true that they gather more resources near hunt able animals, but you can't let that shrink your population.

And i just remembered that low-level Asian civilisations only get two options at the consulate, so try to level up some and get better choices. (not that Portugal allies are bad at water, the wood saved and free boats are a great deal when you are expanding your territory at sea)

[Edited on 04/01/09 @ 01:09 PM]

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