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Portuguese Example

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Yukon
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Total Game Time: 19:43
Player 1's Name: Ueadian
Player 2's Name: MRitch06
Ok so this is a perfect example of strs and weakness's of port. This is FAR from my best game, in fact I was insanely distracted this game by MSN instant messenger music and TV, I figured it would be an easy game because I just barely started this civ and figured it would be a borring noob bash until I got my city level up. But I'm not going to rant about the quickmatch system or how ESO is setup because plenty of people do. Anyways, to the game. I made a lot of mistakes on this game because I completely underestimated my oponent. First off during the quickmatch process it said he was French, well I found out quickly and to my suprise he was german.. That didnt go so well. I had planned for simpley harassing his economy with weak units while I boomed so that I could whipe him out quickly (which is my basic startegy for dealing with french, harass them enough that they cant hit fotress before you so you can whipe them out in colonial, since french is weak in colonial.) So my villagers got raided at first, and then again I underestimated him because I thought he was a newb, and throughout the game he killed 29 of my villagers, and that is pretty big blow to my economy. But this is where Port.'s biggest strength comes in. Freeeeeeeeeeeeee Town Centers. If I hadn't had 2 TC's pumping out villagers almost constantly I would have been completely ruined by his constant raiding of my economy, instead, it was just an annoyance. With port. startup strat is everything. Always always always start with at least 12 on food, and use the 300 food cart for more food, the reason for this is simple, if you were british you would have a lot on wood for free villagers with houses, same strat goes with port. you want to hit colonial ASAP for that free TC, and once you have that free TC you want enough extra food to start pumping out 2 villagers at a time. Without the free TC's port. would be utterly useless, it is the only saving grace of this civ. Shipments are absolutely vital to port. without them they are horribly underpowered. I use my first card in colonial for the 8 xbow men in order to harass the other players economy, and then depending if he raids or not I'll use the 6 musketeer card to protect my villagers, or get the 700 gold or 600 food crates depending on what I need. Without those crates port. economy just isnt strong enough even with 2 TC's. Ok on to actual strategy. I'll break this down into the 3 main strategies other players use. For french and Russia I will do individual strategies since I know them very well after playing them past 45 levels. Ottoman Rush - This one is definately the hardest one to stop if the person is any good at it. The reason being port. units are cheap and they have a strong econ but not in early colonial. I just always assume Ottoman is going to rush, so if I'm playing against them I edit my start-up strat. I really wish all quickmatch games were recorded, because I played a level 60 ottoman who was trying to noob bash with a level 1 ottoman remake city, and stopped his rush dead in its tracks, we both had over 65% wins so it was a really tough game. Anyways, starting in colonial do like I said 12 - 13 on wood before you age to colonial you should hit it at the same time he does or maybe slightly before. Throw you second TC down next to the gold as quick as humanly possible, the quicker you get it down the quicker you can produce villagers. While you are in the process of aging to Colonial throw 4 of your 12-13 workers that are on food to wood as soon as you click the age up button. Build a Market as soon as you get the wood for it, and get the wood and gold and hunting upgrades (depending on map, if just berries dont worry about food upgrade) Now it's important to get a house down before you start upgrading because wood will be very tough to come by, I always get the wood upgrade first, then I build the house, then grab the Gold upgrade, then depending on map I'll get the hunting upgrade. Throw both of your TC's on gold at start 2-3 guys on gold, then throw one TC on food for 2-3 more food workers, use the gold you just mined to purchase wood, build a barracks ASAP, grab the xbow's and musketeer cards, by this time he should literaly be in your base if he is experienced at the rush with 9 or 10 janissaries. Use xbowmen to kite him, meaning shoot one of his units and run out of range, then shoot another run out or range etc., etc. kind of like skrimish kiting. Use the musketeers are meat sheilds. Once your barracks is up build 5 musketeers. If all yoru men die for some reason before he's dead, use one of port. saving grace - Minute Men. If one group of them doesnt do it use your other TC's minute men. Keep quering musketeers and focus on getting fortress. With your left over forces yes even the minute men, run to his base and harass him as much as possible killing villagers then running do NOT face his janisarries no matter how many units you have, just harass. Now age up to fortress using the 7 cassador's card. Bring back your harassment army and use them as meat sheilds for your cassador's. This is a general strategy from here on out for every civ. Build lots and lots of Cassadors. They are INSANELY weak alone, they have a whole whopping 85 HP as veterans, thats two times less then musketeers. So use your musketeers as meat sheilds, if you dont, they will just get utterly ripped the shreds in less then a second. Use this army to kill any forces he has and keep spamming cassadors and musketeer men, I usually do 10 cassadors to every 5 musketeers. This will whipe out any colonial or even fortress age army they have. Just harass harass harass. Cassadors are insanely good at killing villagers, so use them for that. The game should be over, you should be fortress and have 3 TC's and 60-80 settlers and 40+ musketteers and cassadors by now and if you have harassed them skillfuly they should resign or you should not have to worry about them. If they refuse to die use the 3 organ gun card and hit their base directly. This should all be done before the 20 minute mark, most of my games with port last less then 16 mins. Cassadors are cheap cheap cheap and very very powerful if used w/ musketeers. That is all for now, if I get another recorded game I'll post other strats but my hands are tired from typing. Good luck, have fun. Note: I consider Portuguese to be a intermediate if not expert civilization, they require a lot more micromanaging then any other civ and just barely more then Russia, so don't expect this civ to be easy and over powered like ottoman and france. They take a lot of skill and a lot of attention and a lot of micromanaging skills to play effectively.
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raaman Whats the point of posting a rec if you just tell it to us?
File Author
It's meant to be a sort of a tutorial example for portuguese. You can sumize from watching the recorded game the strategies I lay out, but it's more helpful in my opinion if you not only get to see it in action, but also get it explained step by step. Port. is the least played civ and I thought I'd do my part in showing that it isnt that way because its weak, but becaues its underestimated.
NrS_KiLLer I think your "summary" could actually turn off ahorny guy from sex.

[Edited on 01/19/06 @ 09:46 PM]

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