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Consti's Triggerpack V6.0 (last update 6.4.2012)

Author File Description
Mister SCP
File Details
Game Version: TAD
Mister SCP proudly present his custom Triggers to the Community. I had help from Invent00r, Mythic_Freak, Hail_To_The_Oboe, lostrozzacavalli

and finally Musketter925.

-Typeloader a)got version number b)functions like sharing ressources
-new Effects: Change Player Control by Hotkey, Modify Unit Type, Forbid Unit Type, QV Store Closest Protounit, Disable Loop Tools, QV Store Armies's Unit ID,...
-new Conditions: like fixed MS Timers (normal,qv,array) , Unit Is Type fixed and improved
-fixed broken things like : Diplomacy Player Range
-the term *SP* has been added to Singleplayer only triggers, Heal MP added
-finally over 200 effects and 40 conditions

REMOVE THE OLD SCP 5.0/5.1 file (you could also back up it and store it somewhere else).
-minor fixes
-first Conditional Effect (Units in Area DONT FORGET THE CONDITIONAL END)
-some new triggers (most were invented for SC-P Survivor)
-Typeloader get more functions and variables

About Typeloader:

Your Scenario will break if you havent used Typeloader BEFORE any of the Effects

with *TL* at the end which means they require Typeloader. Typeloader loads custom functions in the

fame which make it easier to have an overview about the triggers as well as they save time and make a smaller

file size. In case you want to launch a Trigger with *TL* at the ending make sure Typelaoder was launched before

Consti's Trigpack
Conditions (26):

Army Selected Single Player
Array: Check Numbers
Array: Check Strings
Current HP
Deck Level
Distance to Unit (Vector)
Is Not FFA
Player Deleted Units
Player Is in Age
Player Is Name
QV Check HP
QV Player Deleted Units
Unit Action Type ID
Units Being Attacked
Units Being Attacked by Protounit
Units Not Owned
Visible Location to Player Proactive
XS - Action Type ID
XS - Is Not Type
XS - Is Type
XS - Player All Unit Count
XS - Player Unit Count
XS - Units Not Owned
XS - Units Owned

Effects (140):

Typeloader (TL)
Typeloader Tester Start (TL) (create your own sequences)
Typeloader Tester End (TL) (use this to end your own sequence)


Change Units In Area (Center Unit) *TL*
Convert units in area *TL*
Damage Units around Protounit *TL*
Damage Units in Area Player Range
Destroy units in area *TL
Flash units in area *TL*
Protounits work on Unit *TL*
Protounits work on Units *TL*
Teleport Units in Area (simple) *TL*
Teleport Units in Area Player Range *TL*
Unit Create at closest Unit *TL*
Unit Create At Protounit


Array: Create
Array: Set Int Value
Array: Set Float Value
Array: Set String Value
Array: Set String Player Name
Array: Echo
Array: Echo2
Array: Modify Numbers
Inventory: Array Create
Inventory: Array Set Item *TL*
Inventory: QV Get Item Position *TL*
Inventory: Kill Item
Inventory: Echo Item
Inventory: Echo All Items
Inventory: Modify Item Number *TL*
Tech: Array Create
Set Tech Status SP *TL*
Set Tech Status For Lost Techs
Army Deploy and Save IDs


AS Object Counter *TL* (Anti-Steal)
AS Resource Counter (Anti-Steal)
Change Name(Res)
Change Name (with Player Name)
Send Chat with Player Name to Player
Send Chat with Player Name
QV Set Resource Count (Anti-Steal)
QV Specific Unit Count *TL*
QV Colored Text *TL*
Show Res on Board for 1 P
Show Res amount on Board
Show QV SPC Note*TL*


Diplomacy Player Range *TL*
Diplomacy Reset *TL*
Diplomacy To One Player *TL*
Team Won (2 Teams) *TL*

Player Rande

Unforbid Unit Player Range
Forbid Unit Player Range
Set Tech Status Player Range
Mod. Protounit Player Range
Modify All Protounits Player Range
Modify All Protounits

Game Related

XS - SC Starter (create right explorer and TC)
SC Starter (create right explorer and TC)
Player Set Postimperial
Player: Refresh Deck (Units) *TL*


Heal Unit *TL*
Heal Unit2 (slightly different params)
Heal Units in Area *TL*
QV Set Max HP
Set Max HP for Unit
Set Current HP *TL*
Set Current HP2 (slightly different params)

QV Stuff

Quest Var xModify
QV Count All Units
QV Count Units in Area *TL
QV Damage Units in Area*
QV Factor Unit Kill/loss
QV Number Units attack Unit
QV Randomize 4 amounts
QV Round *TL*
QV Set Civilization
QV Set Number Tech Active *TL*
QV Set Unit's Target OBJECT ID
QV Unit Create Multi
XS - QV Exponent (ab^x) *TL*

Strings and Vectors

Army Deploy at Vector and Save IDs"
Army Deploy in front of unit *TL*
Typewriter lowercase *TL* (hard to use since there is no instruction)
Typewriter uppercase *TL* (hard to use since there is no instruction)
(incompatible with Random22's vectors (they didnt worked)!!!
Vector Set
Vector: Echo Distance
Vector Modify
Vector: Army Deploy
Vector: Flare Minimap
Vector: Unit Move To Point
Vector: Army Move To Point

UI (Unit+Lighting Effects)

Cancel Repair Unit
Camera Cut Protounit Proactive
Repair Unit
Set Tactic Artillery
Set Tactic NOT Artillery
Stealth Mode ON
UI Delete Selected Unit

Load Lighting Set
Save Lighting Set
Set Bumb Scale
Set Terrain Bumb Scale
Set Hemilight #1
Set Hemilight #2
Set Planar Fog
Set Scene Lightning
Set Sun Color
Set Sun inclination and rotation
Set Shadow Darkness
Set Tone Map Params
Sun-River Lightning
Set Terrain Ambient


(M) Show Tech ID
Army Deploy everywhere on the map
Army Deploy random unit everywhere on the map
Army Move to Random Location
Disable Trigger2
Fire Event Multi
Easy Defeat Trigger (Key Unit)*TL*
EL Unit Heading Into QV (looped please)
Forbid Age Asian Civs *TL*
Forbid and Disable all Buildings for Players
Get Total Time (overlay Text) *TL*
Hotkey Trigger (fires a trigger if you press a defined key)
Mod. Protounit(2) P1-4 (if tech status is true)
Power Panel by Consti *TL* (can enable some abilities)
QV to Time Converter *TL*
Seperate Digits *TL* (up to 4 digits)
Set All Techsb
Set Costs for Unit
Unit Move Relative to Self
Variable Echo
Wait MS Fixed
XS User Code
XS User Code 6

In case a trigger doesnt work please report it.

Also if you have any Trigger requests then post. it also reviews are wished :P
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mister SCP
File Author
I'm pretty sure it is, just for one Scenerio. Check out that Havana level after the hurricane in Act 1 of Blood Ice Steel. There's a civ there called "Native tribe".
It is done in Singleplayer with "Player Data" but in Multiplayer it ignores these entries and takes instead player (human/computer) names.

British to US is just possible with the tech as i allready told you. You might be able to configure the civ as you want with triggers (e.g. allow aging,train settlers,forbid/limit hc shipments,...). So I am sorry for you that it is not possible as intended.
If you ve further trigger request you might post it in the Trigger Request Thread/Scenario Design Library.

Regards Mr. SCP

[Edited on 05/09/10 @ 03:41 PM]

TeucerZ Whoa, hang on there. It's not the PLAYER NAME that's called Native tribe, it's the civ name. And there's no civ called Native tribe in the Editor. I know. I use it every day.
Mister SCP
File Author
well i have anyalyst the german version of the campaign. there is no different between displayed civ names in game and in player data. also the source code of the triggers doesnt contain a hint. if you want me to analyst your english version, you can send it to my email mister.scp@googlemail.com . in case you dont know which file to send :1st copy scenarios from install folder/campaign in your mygames scenario folder 2. search the right file and send it to me
TeucerZ Alright, I sent you the file. Good luck!
Mister SCP
File Author
@all who are interested: This was not done by triggers. It was done by fake players (can be seen on the fact that player data just define 4 players with the colors red, blue and yellow(2x). With fake player data we can create new nation names and other colors as defined. But e can control these units just by triggers not with the AI settings.
TeucerZ Just curious... How do you "analyze" a level? It'd help me a lot to see how the campaign levels function.
Mister SCP
File Author
go to ýour install location: (mine)C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Campaign. Then copy and paste your folder |Blood Ice Steel| to your scenario folder (Mine) C:\Users\MYNAME\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario
->open the AOE3 editor
->load file (select folder) e.g. age306.age3scn (Pirate's Help file)

with analyze i meant looking at all triggers
TeucerZ Ah, okay, thank you.
Lord of Spiel Awesome trigger set specially the typeleader it seave a lot of time when u scrpt a trigger and nearly all triggers in this trigger pack are really really usefull.
So all in all one of the best files at aoe3 heavengames and a must heave for all scenario makers and trigger scripters ;P

Edit: oh f*uck i wanted to rate this pack :DDDD
i'll add a rating now lol

[Edited on 12/17/11 @ 05:41 PM]

Mister SCP
File Author
Thank you very much for your review and your comment :P
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