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Fortitude Retired

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3
If your experiencing difficulties loading this campaign, there are helpful tips at the end of this write up.

Having committed his beloved mother Aliza to the earth, and his father Hayben unaccounted for in battle, Fendle came down off Scrimshaw Mt. to set his wrath upon the deserving. With his third cousin Curade De Coop, and his faithful hound Breuart, they make there way into a world unbeknownst to them. Could fame and fortune be the only salvation for this young man consumed by shadow? Control characters though the first four chapter of this saga, making decision depicting Fendle as you see him. From the Mountains of Northern New England, to the Southern Shores of Chatueka, Fendles adventure has just begun, and is in your hands.

Check out my scenario design forom post here

These files are set in the custom campaign file and are ordered as:

Chapter1:Hard Land, Wild Sky.

Chapter2:Fire on the Mountain.

Chapter3:Opportunity Knocks.


Chapter4:Hallowed Ground



INSTILLATION is described in the attached READ ME, and moves all files in just a few easy clicks sending all files to their destination folders. UNINSTALL is also listed there and is very simple.

GAME PLAY is triggered from the Campaign menu and will replace the default Blood Ice Steel Campaign by Ensemble studios. READ ME will instruct how to maintain this campaign for later use.

These files were tested with a Dell Dimensions pc and a NVIDIA 6800 graphics card. There was some lag in Chapter three game play but always seem to snap back, so good luck.

These scenario were built and tested by myself and may not be perfect. If you see something that seems out of place, or if you would like some instruction on scenario design, please contact me at (sziggi@hotmail.com) and I will try to address your comment in a timely fashion.

This campaign is targeted for completion in March spring of 2006, yet you can anticipate this date to move with the work.

A special thanks to Tommy Boy form Tsunami Studios and can be found at the Age of Empires III Heaven’s forum. Thanks for posts on modding, and help with the Proto file.
***********Install fix*******************
The data Proto being write protected could be a thing so the path is

C: drive local\
Ageof EmpiresIII\

So right click the Proto-go to properties and unclick “WriteOnly” and apply or ok. That is done now to back up for later do this. Now right click again and copy and paste it somewhere you can find it again later, when done with Fortitude. Now Install Fortitude, have fun.

Still check with read me for further back up of two more files. very quick and easy

Thanks and Enjoy
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Shaw DA MAN wow, 424 downloads and no reviews, thats discouraging. :) I would play it but i cracked my aoe3 disc. ;(
Reinfire I will play this and make a good review
Ingo van Thiel I'd really like to play this, because your screenshots at the forum look fantastic. However, I found the installing requirements of this particular scenario to be not easy at all - actually, I gave up. Maybe that's just my limited AoE3 installing experience, but I did not have this problem with other downloads from this site. I may be the only one with that problem. If I'm not, that might explain some of the silence here in the player comments.
File Author
Hi thanks for the heads up. I'll run another test and see if my direction for the WinZip are correct. You won't be able to play with out nearly everything included. But please do load the proto file it has many objects not included in the original release by ES and is pretty cool. Thanks again, sziggi.
File Author
howdy folks, there seems to be a situation with camp loading if your game is not insalled to the default folder. I will try the suggested fix and update soon, thankyou.

edit:hi again seems I will be working on a self extracter, this will take some time. Made changes to chapter 1. It should now run alot smoother, and look more realistic.

If you've enjoyed this camp make a post, I'd like to hear from you. szig.

hi were up to version 1.3

[Edited on 02/27/06 @ 07:54 AM]

File Author
Don't believe I'll be building the second half of this any time soon. Thanks for down loading.

[Edited on 03/10/06 @ 01:18 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This was the only area I found weakness in and I chalk it up to a guy trying to fulfill a rather ambitious artistic vision while using an engine and game that's not quite got all the bugs worked out. Given the enormous amount of map detail my 800 Pro video card and 500 Megs of RAM really strained to achieved descent frame rates. Sziggi is a very good designer and once he balances his ambitious artistic demands to the limitations of today's RTS engines, he will become a truly great designer. Or course you people out there with really slick systems will encounter no problems.

Balance: 5
At times the game seemed hard but it was more due to my lack of RPG playing experience rather than a flaw in the game. Of course some of the goals weren't easy and the enemies were tough, but what's the fun of breezing through a level without any challenge? Makes victory all that more sweet.

Creativity: 5
As always Sziggi shines here. He's overwritten the vanilla campaign file and structured Fortitude along a campaign format. This was very original and I've not seen this done before in this game. His story elements and game play are very original and extend beyond the doldrums of ordinary Age game play. Anyone wanting to reaffirm their love of RPG in this otherwise ordinary B&D style game will be very pleased indeed.

Map Design: 5
All of Sziggi's maps are an amazing study in the art of eye-candy and I spent the better part of a day just looking at the maps in the editor. The environments are beautifully crafted with an amazing mix of light, textures and colours that create a rich environment dripping with beauty. A variable feast for the eyes. There is a lot to discover in his maps and always something original that keeps you wondering how he did it.

Story/Instructions: 5
Anyone familiar with Sziggi's maps have come to expect only rudimentary instructions, with the onus on the player to explore and discover their way in these amazing little worlds. I think RPG fans would balk at overtly plain and simple objectives anyway and Sziggi is no doubt aware of this. There are enough instructions to keep the story moving forward, while enough is left out to make the player want to keep exploring and discovering more.

Additional Comments:
I have been a fan of Sziggi's stuff for a while now and I couldn't wait to try this project. I would have tried it sooner but my game was so modded up with my own project that I had to wait. And the wait was worth it. Yes at times the map lags and Sziggi needs to work a bit more effectively within the constraints of these engines. But given the amazing units he has modded, and all the wonderful little gimmicks, tricks and mods, to me, this project is still worth a DL and play, if not just for the amazing units in the proto and the maps which are on their own examples of great eye-candy work.

And a final word; the install notes could be written more clearly to insure new people have a chance to try this amazing project.

Keep up the great work!!!

[Edited on 03/27/06 @ 06:39 PM]

File Author
Thankyou Tomy for the very good review. I know you have a lot on your plate with "The Trials" coming out soon. Comment on the frame rate is fustrating for I was still building below the size of AoM maps. I am aware of the bulking complexity of these new maps. Looks like folks are still finding "Foritude" even on this back page. Please enjoy and Tomy thankyou for your praise It means alot to me.
RiderOfEternity Very nice review! It's only really just hit me that the project has been released... where have I been?! I am going to have a little play when I get the chance; I have been quite excited to see the map in real-time and to see what the gameplay and story holds :)
Kubbard I thank-you for attempting such an ambitious project. I did actually get it installed correctly although I have yet to figure out how to play it.

The first chapter, I wandered around the map seeking a way to the objective in the lower right hand corner to no avail and almost always got killed by the french warship and my dog being killed by the natives in the upper left corner of the map.

Chapter 2 I was chased by a bear until it finally succeeded in killing me and the dog.

Chapter 3 The mother is dead and it kicked me back out to the main menu.

Chapter 4 I'm still playing with and so far have discovered that the hero is invincible -- he can walk up to any unit and kill him without them shooting back. So I have him take out the cannons and then send in my own troops to mop up.

I will say this ... while the maps are extremely well done, having the main character's color as white is extremely frustrating. If not for the hero status in Chapter 4 I'd never find him without the hotkey.

All for now, keep up the good fight and hope you really consider taking on the 2nd part.

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