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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » The Wilderness Road - Scenario with Randomizer, Balance & Fun changes, plus Dynamic Weather

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The Wilderness Road - Scenario with Randomizer, Balance & Fun changes, plus Dynamic Weather

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
After a long wait, I finally have constructed a good scenario. Based on my original Wilderness Road chassis, combined with the high caliber of triggers, this scenario was made to win the scenario design contest. Unfortunately, I did not have time to send it in, due to lack of time and lack of final testing. This is the beta version in the FP 1.1. That is what it will be used for. I have another version that is FFA, so I must warn you, this is a 2v2 TVB scenario. Play it this way to make sure all triggers work properly. Computers work if you put them on LAN games or Online games. Either Humans or Computers can inhabit slots without interfering with one another; you can play this like a regular skirmish.

Balance Changes and Fun changes will sound off in-game. On the map, there is an almost indispensable supply of wood, a good amount of hunts, and many coin supplies. At each chokepoint in the map (or just a major point), there is a "super gold mine," which contains three Gold mines (5000 coin each) mixed on each other. Whoever holds the chokepoints holds an advantage. Play it a little bit like King of the Hill. The Trade Route is outstanding, at a dazzling 339 or so XP. There are 6 Trading posts on the Trade Route, 1 near each player's base. There are 4 Native Posts, one which randomizes between Iroquois/Cree/Huron (Top one), Two Middle ones which randomize between Cherokee and Seminole, and a bottom one which randomizes between Cheyenne and Comanche.

A river dominates down the middle to the bottom, taking about 2/3 parts of the map down. There is an "island" at the bottom, and many shallows are onto that island and on the river. On the top 1/3 of the map, it is like Northwest Territory and open land. In fact, The map should be played like Northwest Territory. Fish inhabit the river, and a cliff guards players bases around the trade routes. But, it must be taken note that there are a few gaps in the cliffs, where a player is expected to get a trading post at the trade routes. Here should be an image of the map on a minimap:

It's a little bit cut off, but it should give players a decent sense of what they are doing. It is a 264x by 264x pixel picture. It should be O.K. for standards on this website.

Dynamic Weather: There is a 24-minute cycle for Day and Night cycle, to match the 24 hour cycle. In addition, in the scenario, there is randomized Snow, Rain, and "Sunshine" (which is neither rain nor snow; it is normal) every 8 minutes, with every minute changing the velocity of the rain/snow/sunshine.

Most importantly, there is a randomizer which makes players differ from location to location. You can start in any of the four locations, with your ally above you or below you. This Randomizer, as previously stated, randomizes trading post locations a bit, and randomizes native trading post types. There are a few random treasures as well, nearby the top of the river.

All balance changes have been made sure to work correctly, as well as European Church Tech boosts, Tower Unit Boosts, Healer Unit Boosts, Shogun Nerf, Elephant balances, and several unit boosts. All Balance changes will sound off in game, showing most of the detail of the balances. The rest is left for you to figure out (some exact changes).

Note on Church Techs:

British --> Imperial Rogers Rangers Skirmishers, trainable in Imperial once Rogers Rangers is researched

Dutch --> Imperial Stadhouter Musketeers, trainable in Imperial once Rogers Rangers is researched.

French --> Imperial Garde Grenadiers Trainable in Imperial once Garde III upgrade is researched

Germany --> Imperial Polish Winged Hussars, from Baskirs tech at church, trainable in Imperial once Baskirs is reseached.

Ottoman --> Church Techs grant Janissaries and Great Bombards hitpoint and speed boosts, plus, once Ottoman hits Imperial, he/she will receive a shipment of 3 Spahi every 60 seconds, as long as he/she has less than 16 Spahi and less than 200 population.

Portuguese --> Can obtain falconets through Garde upgrades at the church. 1 falconet in age III for 500 food, 3 falconets for 1000 food in age 3, and 4 falconets + field guns tech + Imperial field guns set Obtainable for 2000 food in age IV. Trainable in Imperial once Garde III tech has been researched. Also, Besteiros ships 30 Crossbows instead of 22.

Russia --> Imperial Baskir Hussars, trainable in Imperial once Baskirs tech has been researched. Kulmucks has no bonus enabling dragoons, for those who wondered. I didn't do this because they don't have audio.

Spanish --> Grenadiers enabled in age III (with veteran, guard, Imperial, and incendiary grenades upgrades set obtainable). Missionaries have only 200 HP, have only 7 in build limit, but start with Unction. Priests are enabled.

Generalized changes: Surgeons enabled from Church and field hospital. Surgeon cost reduced from 300 to 200 coin, and also Priests & Imams cost reduced from 200 coin to 100 coin. Priest and Imam Hitpoints reduced from 360 to 240. Spy cost reduced from 125 to 100, and population count reduced from 2 to 1.

Explore and Enjoy!


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