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nazi zombie beta 4

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
for host to set up----- leave the top 4 slots open for humans (team 1). the bottom 4 put any computers AI in (team 2). it must be on discovery age for it to work. hard or expert doesn't matter. if you want to use the spyglass pick the civ portugess.

VERY IMPORTANT- it has to be played with 4 people and if someone quits/dropped it is worth rehosting, with 1 explorer down not doing anything it just sucks.

how to play----- protect your explorer he can buy units and move blockers by standing on the power. you must make your way though the levels and fighting of the neverending waves of a mixed of units starting easy and getting harder from there, and if all 4 explorers die you lose, which if you want you can post a status on here. what level, what time, and the players names that you played with.
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the Slayer King I made it to Level 3 the farm house. We got in than we were attacked by the swamp zombies from behind, than attacked from the front by flamethrowers. It was me Ownausage12 Frank117 and Felex2k Really hard and really Fun.
File Author
i got to level 4, work in progress, 54 minutes, and i can't remember their names right now that was 3 days ago.
i find it easier if 2 players stay at level 1, and 2 people go up to level 3, and then everyone go where the cannons are, if you know where that is.

i am making level 5, it has a good fort with cliff for better defence. and has imperial cannon, the big one you get in factories, many other units that cost 100-500 coin. and well each player gets 2 banks as well.

[Edited on 06/03/09 @ 04:20 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(pretty cool game, easy to play, u know what to do)

Balance: 4
(really hard, not impossible)

Creativity: 4
(a lot of thought was put into game)

Map Design: 5
(cool map)

Story/Instructions: 3
(u kill the "zombies")

Additional Comments:
it was an ok game
r2dx i got to 47 with three people, and then 50 with 2 after broken down lol

Thought itd be dumb, because it seemed like you were trying to copy from COD but it was actually pretty good.

Heres my plan:

Level One:
-Have all the explorers stay around the strelets
-Hold them off until you get around 30 strelets
-Someone buy the door when you have enough money
(The second and third can be done whenever)
-Move together to the door and then open

Level Two:
-Everyone move into the swamps
-ALL but one move around the buyable units and hold there
-The last player will put his strelets (Hold stance works best, under advanced formations)
-Buy units whenever you can and keep sending reinforcements
-Do whatever you want, make sure to cover the spots where the arrow knights come from (30 range)
-At 100 pop, at least 50 jans or muskets, split the gold for the door to one player who will then move up to buy it
-Before you buy it, one player will have to hold off all the zombies so the other players can move
-When everyone is regrouped then buy the door and start moving in
-The suicide squad in the back MUST MOVE TOO, but not as much. Meaning dont stay on top just hold them off and keep advancing as well

Level Three:
-After you buy the door move all the units in AND TRY TO DO IT ONE AT A TIME, lol..
-Keep moving but stay left
-You will reach a fenced area with buyable jaeger and ninjas
-Buy whatever you want but there is still more
-Fight and push your way back until you are almost to where you started near the crossbow men
-Hold there and split it up with two players holding each side
-Two at the fenced area if your buying those units
-If not hold on the hill and in between the cliffs
-Buy whatever you want
-When you think your good buy the 1000g door
-There is good units in there I PREFER the middle one, w/e its called

-Play until you all leave or die lol, have fun!

[Edited on 06/07/09 @ 01:47 AM]


-Sometimes your settler can get stuck in the buyable unit fence.

-(Sometimes I dont know if all the time) someones explorer is weaker than other.

-A lot of the time you dont get gold for kills, I suggest making the triggers faster if you can


-Faster unit spawning b/c of lag (If it occurs)
-Higher level zombies give more gold
-At higher levels, zombies give more than 10gold (after lvl 4 maybe)

Good game, thanks!

[Edited on 06/07/09 @ 01:50 AM]

r2dx haha my new time is: unbeatable

Meaning we all had enough people to cover the major spawns and keep reinforcing easily

I think the game ends when the host leaves or it just stopped lol
scooter0126 i made it to the end and we made it for about an hour and a half it was me (scooter0126), McSuperAwesome, Desert_Warrior, and Lockon7 the top player (scooter0126) had 7706 kills and had 785 strelets (until they died) and all together we had over 20,000 kills and if anyone can beat us on that level i want to know and i will bow to them.
scooter0126 the on i played was called nazi zombie final beta 4 but i couldnt find it so i posted it on this one

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Map Design5.0
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