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french revolution scenerio

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
well, this is my first scenerio, so please give some allowance for mistakes.
You start as major cooper, who kills a french official, then declaring a revolution against the then corrupted french government. Help him rally surport among other people. and right at the end, take over a huge fort.
Map description.:
i created a map from scratch so do forgive me if it is not too nice. it is a large map, with a river flowing through a lake in the center. there are no crossings, so you'll have to ferry your men across by boats. There are quite little gold mines near your town center, about 3. but there is alot of gold at the bottom of the map. however, you must first make an army to defeat the bears and native tomohawks there, in order to mine the gold. i thought this was an interesting touch, hope you enjoy it.Another interesting thing is the dual walls of the fort. When you near the fort, you'll see two rows of walls, between them are alots of outposts, so you'll have to destory the walls with outposts shooting at you.
ALWAYS read the objectives, and try to make some sense out of it. DO NOT revolt, as you'll not be able to raise a army later. Also, if there are not enough turkey, moose, or giant salamanders to hunt, build a farm, likewise, if your army is too small for you to retrive the gold, build a plantation. Asfar as i know, this works on AOE+TWC+TAD. Lastly, when cooper is near the fort, a music will play, this music is quite soft. So turn the ambience volume down and the music volume up, and if you still hear nothing with your speakers at the loudest, too bad, the music is a great effect.
please rate, and be kind, this is my first scenerio. but i would like some honest feedback to improve it.
oh, PS cooper moves extremely fast.
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Teutonic Twit kesh56,
Played your scenario, not going to rate in now, cause it needs work. It's not bad but it needs some modifications in my opinion.

First, Cooper moving as fast as he does is a positive/negative. He can explore the area in moments, but it takes away from playability (you can explore all areas quickly and know where all enemies are).

Next, you speak of rebels to the south...after you take them out, nothing changes/no instructions/ no notification unless you click on the objectives to find out you need to attack the opposing shore.

You did have a massive force of enemy troops, but they can be easily side-stepped by simply taking out the Fort with a monitor or two, from the water. The Fort is to close to the water. Reposition more in-land,... this could be a fun scenario.

Plus you need to put more pressure on the Town Center location, attacks, etc.

You have a good start here, work on it a bit...

[Edited on 06/11/09 @ 03:27 PM]

Darthcast I agree with Teutonic Twit, this is very nice for a first scenario. However there are some things that should be improved.

Also some things are implausible:
-Cooper moves to fast. I mean he runs faster than jesus himself and he doesn't even have a horse. If you want a fast hero who can explore well, you should use the Sioux Warchief and give him the stealth ability. If you think it is unrealistic that a Sioux Warchiefs leads the French, you could use the native american hero from the Warchiefs campaign (don't know his name) and give him a horse later (=change his protounit to sioux warchief).

-Why do you need to kill jaguars to convert the town? You should rather place some normal french soldiers as guards there that should be killed in order to let the town convert. This would be a more realistic "revolution".

-Replace the pirate and highlander leaders with normal units, not heroes. That way the player can sneak and assassinate them without having to kill almost all of the troops.

-the revolution starts when cooper kills stuart. I think it would be better if a real (small) battle starts the revolution. Eg. the french could have stuart and 10 Musketeers, the revolutioners could have the hero and 5 skirmisher or something like that.

-at the southernmost end of the map are a lot of gold mines, iroqouis warriors and bears are guarding them. If you would remove only the iroquis warriors, the french villagers could defeat the bears by themselves (give them the hc card upgrades to make them stronger). You could also only allow villagers in this area, that way it would be a nice new mini quest.

More things that should be improved:
-Forbid monitor ships. (Teutonic Twit already said why)

-only let the player win after he killed most of the enemy's units.

-enable music

-remove the birds, they're not flying anyway.

-enable the natives in the native manager, so that the player can build a trading post there.

But I'll also tell you what I like about your scenario. ;)
-The idea to have a fast moving hero that can explore well is good. It's just that he moves to fast without a horse, this is implausible.

-I also like the idea to start a revolution and then look for allies.

PS: If you need help with your scenario, just post at the scenario design forum. I (and the others) will help you then. :)

[Edited on 06/13/09 @ 10:40 AM]

File Author
thanks. i'll try to improve, thanks for your valuable comments
Official Reviewer

Thank you Teutonic Twit and Darthcast for your great feedback.

Your approach and feedback is a great way to encourage and motivate new designer to become better and improve their scenarios. :)

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