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Trade War

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
This is a scenario where you have to extract a Wagon to a load site and then drop it off back to the base for it to be shipped.

This scenario is about the British in need for help. The British is having a war with the French and the British can not hold out any longer. So the British ask the U.S to send a supply of resources. The French ask the Native Americans to get rid of the Cargo Wagon. So the U.S have to keep an eye out for Iroquois.

This is my first time posting a scenario and i also remembered their could be some trigger mistakes in the scenario.

Message before downloading the File so u ppl won't get mad over the one mistake.

There is a Bug in the scenario if u want to fix it go to the scenario editor. Sometime the scenario will work.To make it work delete the copyright message trigger. Then it should function properly.

I wouldn't really want to send out an update of the Scenario b/c i just want to move on,but next time in my future scenarios i promise there will be no disruption when u play. But for u who just want to play with out bugs in the scenario I have fixed it.

So copy the file Protect the Wagon age3yscn to
Documents/My Games/Age of empires 3/Scenarios.

This is for the old file.

Copy the file Final Convoy.age3yscn to...
My Documents/My Games/Age of empires 3/Scenario
Copy the Wav.Files to...
Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of empires 3/Sound.

The actual cause of the bug is the wagon u can replace the unit with another wagon if u would like to.

If you have any comments on the scenario let me know if I need to improve more or anything.
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Darthcast LOL ROFL WTF? This is your first scenario?!?

You must be kidding me.

PS, what happens if I don't stay on the road?
File Author
Lol if u don't stay on the road nothing happens. Just for a fair scn i didn't feel like covering the whole map with path Blocks I also said this was my first time posting i created a lot of scenarios. Oh and what did u think of the loading the wagon objective? =/

[Edited on 06/16/09 @ 08:29 PM]

Darthcast Okay, I finally beat the scenario - actually I wasn't able to win because there was no "you win" message... but I arrived at the base.
Then I didn't want to start again, because I already had to restart five times, mainly because the unit you used for the (loaded) wagon always converted to the ally.
This happened four times, the first time I played the wagon was destroyed near the wall where the jaegers wanted to hide - but I'm pretty sure it wasn't hit by gunfire or anything but collapsed on its own. Maybe this was a bug.
If those bugs hadn't occured, this would be a GREAT scenario. I wonder why you didn't upload scenarios before?

Some suggestions:
-Use a different unit for the loaded wagon. It is almost impossible to arrive at the goal without the wagon being converted.

-You used a TC wagon for the empty wagon. However there was still an icon to build a TC. Did you forbid building towncenters?

-The opening cinematic was really nice, however the villagers never stopped extinguishing fire. When I was back at the camp, they still did that.

-I would disable the HC, because you can't send shipments anyway.

-Somewhere in the objectives was a hint to train soldiers at the barracks. However there were no baracks you could train units at.

-It seems that you can only win if you let the musketeers join. I did not do that because I feared the wagon would convert again, and didn't win even though I arrived at the base. You should state somewhere that you must let the musketeers join or don't make this a prerequisite at all.

-It was too easy. I arrived with all 20 jaegers at the base, and I didn't even heal them or recruit those musketeers. Also it would have been better if the player had different unit types and not only jaegers. Still, considered that you only control jaegers it's a lot of fun. I would give at least 4 points for playability (if there were no bugs) and at least 3 for balance.

-The difficulty level is a little weird. On the one hand you have those extremely strong jaegers who are almost invincible, on the other hand the wagon starts with only 10 HP - if it is destroyed, you lose. Therefore the scenario difficulty is "moderate" if you don't save, but if you do save the game, the difficulty level is "very easy".

Nonetheless, this scenario is a lot of fun (or would have been, if not for the bugs). But I think it's obvious how good this scenario is, I restarted/loaded a savegame five times. :D

Please upload some of your other scenarios!
BTW, why don't you participate in our scenario competition? It's still not too late to sign in.
Here's the URL: http://aoe3.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=12,36972,,10

-------------------------WaRh3aD wrote-------------------------
Oh and what did u think of the loading the wagon objective? =/
Do you mean how many units attack while the wagon is loading, and that you have to flee through a secret path? I think this was a good and creative idea.

BTW, I also created a scenario based on a similar idea (didn't release it yet), and even planned some more... :D

[Edited on 06/16/09 @ 09:54 PM]

File Author
Yea that is what i meant about all the units attacking. By the way I knew their was a bug in it i just couldn't figure out how which of my triggers made the wagon convert or caused the win message no to show up, but i will release another scenario soon.This time without bugs.

But if sometimes it didn't convert that would be good,but if it did try to go in scenario editor and figure out which of the triggers caused it.

I also tried to forbid the TC but i couldn't for some reason.

I thought the Iroquois would kill most of the jaegers.

I know u didn't mention this but if u didn't get the Get Behind the Ruins hint the ruins cause 50hp dmg to the enemies around the ruins.
If you notice I changed the lighting while any of u ppl were playing. I couldn't get the night lighting to work so I stuck with the early morning light and daylight.

And thx for the comments.

[Edited on 06/16/09 @ 11:01 PM]

Darthcast -------------------------WaRh3aD wrote-------------------------
i just couldn't figure out how which of my triggers made the wagon convert
I don't think that triggers did that. I think you used SPCWagonFood for the loaded wagon. This unit is like a sheep. That means it converts to whatever player units are near it. And if it is your ally who is near, you cannot get it back no matter what you do.
I suggest you use either SPCXPWagonFood (make sure it's spcXP and not spc) or BankWagon for the loaded wagon, they don't convert to other players.

-------------------------WaRh3aD wrote-------------------------
i just couldn't figure out how which of my triggers [...] caused the win message no to show up
The only thing I didn't do the last time I played, was to let the musketeers (at the small us camp) join. I checked in the editor and the trigger(s) which convert the musketeers really fire the trigger that lets you win. So you should either state in the objectives that the player must let the musketeers join; or just fire the win trigger when the large iroqouis armies attack. Or you could just enable the win trigger from the start, of course.

-------------------------WaRh3aD wrote-------------------------
If you notice I changed the lighting while any of u ppl were playing. I couldn't get the night lighting to work so I stuck with the early morning light and daylight.
I noticed it, it looked nice.
If you still don't know how to create a working day/night cycle, you can check it out here: http://wiki.heavengames.com/age/Day/Night_Cycle_Guide
I did it in a scenario like it is described here, it works just fine.

-------------------------WaRh3aD wrote-------------------------
i will release another scenario soon.
Great. I will check it out then. :)
File Author
Although i could do that but it deleting the Copyright file trigger does make it function properly. Either way is good

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