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RPG Cudgel of Sacrifice V04 Updated

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3
Single Player RPG
Created by: Damari

This is a long scenario, so sit back, and enjoy!

Cudgel of Sacrifice v04

July 12, 2009

----------Updated: 07.14.09----------
Fixed shop for hero upgrades.

----------Updated: 07.16.09----------
Fixed ctrl hotkey bug.

----------Updated: 07.24.09----------
Fixed Farmers items.
Removed some trees in swamp area.
Fixed teleporters.
Added a warning to save.

----------Updated: 08.15.09----------
Added more to instructions and objectives.
Added more hints.
Added more gold at start up.
Added 1 gold per kill.
Added another outpost in Trem.
Added return to main menu when you won.
Fixed a couple spelling errors.
Lowered amount of gold stolen by thief.
Removed warning to save. (See below)
Fixed some terrain issues with quest items.

As I have learned, saving will remove the upgrades you buy at the shops. This is a problem with AOE3 itself, I have no control over this. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but I will continue to find a way to resolve this issue.

It is said there is an ancient myth that surrounds the Aztec ruins. As legend tells it, the ruins were one, a magnificent Star Palace, which united all the lands with its power, yet with power came corruption. A great warrior had fought and attempted to create peace with the people. Sadly this warrior had died in battle and the Legions were formed. The Star Palace was dismantled and what was left was pillaged leaving pieces scattered across the lands. Until recently Rex Porter, a man who strives for power, the power of the Star Palace, discovered some lost ruins and has since left the lands in chaos once again.

After a long battle, the Legions were able to secure a mysterious map in the city of Trem. This map holds a key to the location of the Star Palace. In order to stop Rex Porter from completing his task, the Legions must find the lost ruins before its too late.

*********Please Read*********

Game Play:
Unit kills = 5hp
Unit kills = 1gold
Building kills = 43 gold
Quests = gold and/or items
15+ AI characters
Many quests
Eye candy
Large map with over 500 triggers

Trainers are available in Trem City shop district.
Shops to purchase upgrades and quest items are available in village.
Healing is available in Trem City shop district, village and completions of quests.

There are 13+ quests and are very important to complete if your hero is to win. Quests will also open areas and activate other quests. One quest in particular cannot be completed depending on which path you activate at the start of Thomas quest.

You may find it more difficult at the beginning, because your hero has no training. But don’t worry, as he grows, it will get easier but keep in mind so does your enemy.

Please read objectives and talk with citizens (stand next to them), as they will give hints and/or quests.

Rex Porter’s bandits will infiltrate Trem city through out the game trying to access the Aztec map. Be aware, they may show up when you least expect it. As the game progresses, larger army’s will come.

There are teleporters, which will be activated consecutively from finding ruins. Only your hero can use them, but depending on quest, you are able to take your partner with you when you find Rex Porter. You can return by using the teleporter. If your hero decides to walk off teleport pad, just return him.

- There are 13+ quests and no particular order to complete. But be warned, quests will open other areas.
- Shops have a 20 second delay, be patient. So if nothing happens in that time, you didn’t complete what was asked.
- Use your hero wisely; you don’t have to kill everything in your path at once because once your hero dies, you lose. So watch your health.
- If you get confused, read the objectives and/or use the page up on your keyboard.
- Don’t spend all your gold at once. You will more than likely need extra gold to purchase quest items.
- Be advised, North West is the enemy’s village. Try to avoid this area.
- You will need at least 200+ attack and 2500+ hp to fight Rex.
- Return to Letroy every once in a while, he might have an update.
- Go back to town periodically to clear out the enemy because they will take out your defences.

Quest walkthrough: The Farm.
Location: East of Trem city.
This is the only quest with no objective and the reason I’ll do a walk through. For most part it is self-explanatory if you read what the farmer asks.

Part1. First Gurd (the farmer) will want something from you, once you get this he will ask you if you want to buy his farm for 90 gold.

Part2. If you accept you must then return within 20 hours (20 minutes) to feed your horses. You will need to repeat this Every 20 minutes. But don’t worry; you can feed them any time within the 20 minutes you will also get a 60 second warning. If you choose not to feed the horses, they will die.

Part3. There are 4 horses available for your use on the farm. Purchase a mercenary from a shop, click on your horse of choice and you will be given a new mercenary. No worries either if your mercenary dies, you still have 3 horses left.
This quest is only for fun, you really don’t need to complete it.

******Quests Spoilers:******

Ruins: Quest giver: Letroy. You will find the ruins as you do quests.

The Package: Quest giver: Guard near bridge. Quest location: Travel westerly.

Thomas: Continued from The Package. Quest location: Travel North. Protect Thomas.

Woe is Me: Quest giver: shop keep in the city. He will need a couple quest items and will lead you to Jaskar.

Jaskar: Continued from Woe is Me. Jaskar will ask for you to find him '21' of something.

Assassination: Quest giver: Stuart the ghost. Quest location: Travel westerly.

Exiled: Small quest. Quest location: Travel westerly. This was one of the harder quests for triggers, because you can re-due this quest if you lose, which I suggest you do.

The Miner: Quest giver: Gruak and the Miner. You will need to find a smithy; the smithy will want a couple items as well as the Miner. You will need a lock pick, but you can only carry one at a time.

Sacrifice: Quest giver: Letroy. Will only activate at a certain part in game.

The Farm: Quest giver: Gurd. Read the walkthrough.

Bounties: For details, there is a sign located in Trem City.

Gates: There are a few gates you will need keys for most will drop from units killed. Remember to pay attention to what the Guard tells you near the bridge and to WHO he is.

Please remember:
Do not use cheats, which will only take the fun away from the game.
Try not to study the map in editor before you play.
Do read objectives.
Do at least 70% of the quests.
DO NOT edit, change, or take this scenario for your own. Contact me if you wish to make any changes.

About the Author:
When AOE3 came out I was first to get buy it. I was so excited to see the new editor, and the only reason I bought it. But when I found out I could not publish my maps I quickly tucked it away. Until recently when my son asked me to play some 1v1 skirmish with him. Reluctantly I said yes, got board and here I am.

This is my first AOE3 scenario. I did help my son with his maps and published a couple for AOE2. Never have I been a big fan of skirmish type games, I do however enjoy making maps, RPG’s and alike. This particular map was difficult mainly because of lack of resources for trigger sequences. So basically I had to re-teach myself. Since I only have vanilla I could not test nor play any of the maps out there. This map is entirely my own. Kjn was so kind to help me with my questions in the forums from Es. And my son (after a couple weeks of begging) finally agreed to test it twice. So please let me know of any problems. I won’t take offence, I only want honest opinions.

I did not hide the objectives after completion because I wanted the player to keep track of what he/she has done. But please let me know if this is problem.

I play tested this map many many times and each time it took me just over 1hour to complete. Remember though, I know exactly what to do, where to go etc.

I used Gaia as your main support for a couple reasons. One was to have more control of the enemy because I didn’t want them to attack too often, yet enough so there was constant movement on the map. Second, to cut down on some triggers.

There is one bug I know of - When you find Caren and ready to teleport to the boss, don't take both your hero and Caren onto the teleport pad at the same time.

Everything noted here will be included with the file.

To Play:
Place the cudgel of sacrifice v04.age3scn into My Documents\My Games\Age Of Empires3\scenario
Start up aoe3, click single player, click custom scenario, choose cudgel of sacrifice.

This is a large map with lots to see and can be laggy around cliffs. So it might be best to set your graphics to low and/or off. I made this map on my Dell laptop and set all to off and it ran fine. I did however test it on my sons computer which he has this fancy graphics card, ram etc. He was able to play with everything at max settings, but did experience lag around cliffs.

Hope you enjoy!

Damari =)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Ok it was DEFINETLY playable like there weren't any problems with the triggers nor were there weird glitches however I did find that the stone wall in trem you can walk through is that supposed to happen? I won't lower your marks for it though because that is very minor detail.

Balance: 5
Well this fulfilled my balance requirements. It wasn't easy and times and it was fun and challenging. Also it takes a long time to complete this scenario unlike some that are too easy and they haven't have been bothered to set up the triggers. This was the opposite pretty much.

Creativity: 5
This is your BEST section because every detail was exact. There wasn't a patch of default grass in sight. Also I liked the way EVERYONE had a custom name example "Sleezy Thief" was good because that was what he looked like you know shirtless and all.

Map Design: 5
Everything was perfect like I said earlier there wasn't a patch of default grass in sight and also I loved the cave and the city.

Story/Instructions: 5
Another excellent section because the story was great I loved how you needed keys and jewellery to complete quests like the Shop Keep. Instructions were great too because it told you where to find stuff and in about a minute I knew what I was looking for and doing first.

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Wow! what a mess. I didn't know instructions could be so convoluted and vague.

I played this map 3 times and the last time I spent 3hours 28minutes on it.

O.K. it wasn't THAT bad. I did skip over Demari's quest walk-through. Now I see what a big mistake that really was. I had wanted to figure it out on my own. Because it should be self-explanatory right? Sadly no.

A HUGE chunk of time I spent looking for those annoying mushroom-ferns.
What was that I said "Ferns?" The only way I found that you get mushrooms from ferns was by trial and error. Never did find them all.(Why didn't that farmer just say mushrooms come from ferns?)

I never ran into that wanted list, though I didn't look.(Why didn't they say where it was?)

Grrr those misleading teleporters. Now I've used teleporters in other AOE3 RPGs the way they work is you walk into a little circle and get telepoted, easy right? Sadly here we walk into a smoking voodoo circle and promptly get WALKED to the destination.

It wasn't until the last 20 minutes that I figured out that you need to walk far in and keep clicking to keep him there for 5 seconds to actually. (I can't be to about this because he does mention it in the explanation but I must've skipped it not wanting to spoil it for myself)

Lastly. The three bugs I hit:

First was getting imovibly stuck un the trees around the swamp temple. (my Bother got stuck in in the trees near the teleporter in the middle of the swamp.) Both made us have to revert to last save.

Second the stats of my musketeer kept roller coasting up and down. For example when my stats upped from a completed quest I would also lose many of the upgrades I bought. Twice this made me revert lower than I was before completing the quest.

Third.The healing. Why is it so hard to heal in the beginning of this game? When you walk up to the priest in The City Trem the field hospital starts healing you (not the priest) and this is only 3 a sec. You can fiddle around there and get the priest to heal you but this is still only 10 a sec (painfully slow).

The healing setup in the the smaller village is little better. You can get 50 a sec from an unseen object. but you must again avoid the field hospital in the vicinity.

I did however find the healing-crosses scattered around and they helped later on.

Balance: 4
The enemy musketeers level will level up as you do if you buy the obvious "Training" upgrades. But if you go and buy the harder-to-find upgrades at another village; they will be lost as soon as your stats are changed from a completed quest.

This and having to constantly leave the conflict and travel to get healed again means the times you feel powerful are few.

Creativity: 5
The non linear approach felt more real than most RPGs. Killing wanted criminals was a cool surprise. The mash-up building at the end, dry dock, tiling train track and other features were very creative.

Map Design: 4
Well done. Things look planned and not just randomly placed. It makes you think he planned it on paper.
I would have given it a 5 if it were easier to get around in, and I hadn't gotten trapped.

Story/Instructions: 4
My only complaints here was that the story didn't have enough duologue, or place to read about anything in-game (As apposed to the backround you can read before hand). A small typo was that he used "Two" instead of "To"

Additional Comments:
This scenario definitely brought new stuff to the table for me.

I really liked the pop-up shop system. Though you could only shop if you had enough for anything they sold.

By the time I finished there were like 250 imperial bandits in that camp. I don't see how anyone could have beaten them.

on a whole I did appreciate this scenario, though I didn't really enjoy it. And don't get me wrong I love playing AOE3 RPGs(Though I they were mostly linear)

[Edited on 07/30/09 @ 03:44 PM]

Teutonic Twit
Map Design4.0
Probably miss some stuff, let me know...
Sorry, this is going to be a long read... To all new down loaders, for a "1st" scenario, Damari has done an outstanding job, just can't say enough...I have played all 3 versions/ updates he released, based on others input, and have to say V3 is way ahead/better than V1. This isn't a "hard-charge" game but it does require a little problem solving and thinking...
(All categories reviewed accordingly to Guidelines-and my understanding)

Originally, some quests were a little "ruff", some still are, but it's much improved.

Playability: 5
I really enjoyed playing this scenario, kinda wish it had kept going and going...I saved reloaded this 10-12 times (found in saving you lost HP, attack, siege, etc. levels, don't know why?). This may contain spoilers and some hints.

You could play this strictly the way it was designed or have fun with it, "doing your own thing/exploring" I choose the latter... by the time I was through I had 7010 HP, 2763 gold, 1107 range, 963 siege and 628 hand attack. I wiped out the Bandit camp (third time/for you that say in can't be done) and was able to explore most of the left canyon. I found out that each replay can generate different enemy groups, including the saloon (playing against bombards was not fun... enemy doesn't hard rush too much, but you have to resolve multiple issues to win... did note there was lag, but it alternated/varied between replays, so I'm not going to deduct for it.

You get the usual "you won message" but you've got to quit to get out. (Minor issue, but a little frustration)

Balance: 4
Balance is based on the way you play, it's pretty balanced but it took multiple reloads for me to win.

You have one musketeer against the "world". You can obtain up to two companions, if you wish/learn. Balance is a question of how much you wanted to take on before healing, and how you applied your companions. You "have" the ability to take on "anything" with upgrades, etc. Upgrade are really needed, I did "discover" one upgrade item in the village gives you more "bang for your buck", and can really boost your various attacks.

Creativity: 5
For a first scenario, this is very creativity. Multiple tasks/quests that you can take on in any order, tasks/quests you have to do in order, all this makes for a good play. Mixing of different kinds of game play made this a fun scenario...Find the right unit to kill to get a "special" item, as well as applying it into game play (thought there was too many "picks" for a gate, but you got to be careful because they can break), get bonuses from kills, building destruction, hunt out hidden "items" You may need to rotate the map to find some stuff. There are some mind screws, but it's still fun.

Map Design: 4
This is a damn good map, definitely not a random map. It falls between a OUTSTANDING MAP and a EXCELLENT MAP. What is the difference between Excellent and outstanding? Just to close to call, going to go with EXCELLENT MAP, because of a couple minor issues and a couple screwed up gates... and I want Damaris to push harder...my bad...

Story/Instructions: 4
Good story, points for that ...Instructions, some issues...
This is the one place I had a problem... (Gunner1, this is for you)
Maybe I'm stupid, but I needed to contact Damari several times to resolve an issue/solution...he was more, much more than just cooperative. Many designers wouldn't be than helpful but he was...(thx Damari)
My problem was...why did I have to ask for direction??? Because something wasn't that clear. You designers know what needs to be done, we don't, you got to give us instructions/hints...not in your post but in your game...help us play your game not skunk us, no fun in that...

Additional Comments:
Damari, you asked for some input, here you go...First, you put together a real good scenario but you may it tougher than it needed to be for the average player...Some quests/hints were easy, some require thinking that a lot of these kids aren't going to want/willing to work through...their looking for fun not mind screws (not to say that's bad).They want to play checkers not chest, understand?

Yea, you could use a "little" more gold in the beginning for upgrades (reason I was staying away from the thief, maybe after his BS)...

Easiest Quest...probably the one you though was the hardest...

Hardest Quest...finding all the item's in the swamp, marsh, etc. (you did improve/explain these items, thx) and destroying the pit (better explanation in game might help ...
also I had a problem figuring out how to get to the island, (finally figured it, ya might what to do a multi-circle trigger (don't know what you call it) to the place you need to go) At this point you're almost done, just do it or give a "big" hint here...games almost done... The horse thing...(I had horses), where in your quest do you feed them, no message/indication/location that the job was done...

Most fun Quest... Done really, they all were...

Most unique Quest...Probably following Thomas into the little clearing, so he doesn't get his butt burnt...

Most boring Quest...Last one...it was just a walk through once you got there...end of your scenario...understood...

What would I do different... well maybe better instuctions in game...beyond that... nothing...just keep designing... if you need someone to test, just ask...

[Edited on 07/27/09 @ 08:56 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Cudgel of Sacrifice has a lot of content to offer and it took me a long time to finish it. I noticed on some occasions when I save it and come back to it next morning I find that the stat multipliers no longer work and my 131 attack gets shot down to 64. I was frustrated at that, but I managed to finish it in one long go with no stop. The battles and missions are interesting and make me more intrigued as I continue to play. This map by all means is a robust RPG chock-full of fun content.

Balance: 4
A good quality of a game focused around a single character is making one realize that you are not some all-powerful god of death. You acknowledge this well considering how enemy musketeers have bested me on more than one occasion even when I am upgraded to full. Some varying factors that catch you out of the blue is for example the forty renegados (50 attack along with a heavy inf multiplier) that sometimes leave their bandit base for an excursion and I just happen to walk into them and I feel that was probably not a very sound thing to come across when you're one guy with a musket.

Creativity: 5
You score quite well in this factor as the map oozed with orignality. The missions and quests are quite varied as so it gives a more interesting perspective of depth. The plot itself was quite simplistic but its execution in this open-world map lends itself a good mark and earns exceptional quality.

Map Design: 4
A varied and well-decorated map that is visually appealing and flows in a manner of which is smooth and fluent. Attention to detail while at the same time incospicuosly blending with the triggers makes the map itself more realistic and beautiful at the same time. The computer I play AOE3 on is garbage so I have to play on pretty poor settings in order to get smooth framerate and despite that I still see this map as appealing. Regardless of my praise for the eye candy, this also makes some missions a little difficult on your first time as quite literally, mission objects like the mushrooms and the package (lol drug reference) blend a little too well into the landscape and make searching a lot more difficult for the unwary player. Either way, you should be proud of your scenario in this category.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is quite simplistic but is stretched out very strongly by the sheer scale of the map, delivering unto itself a well-furbished scenario. In terms of instructions however, some mission dialogue is vague and be potentially confusing if you're not familiar. Personally, it took me some several minutes to figure out a couple missions.

Additional Comments:
Your work is very professional Damari and I give you great praise. I do hope sincerely that I will be able to attempt your other scenarios in the future. Great job mate!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
It's hard to rate this kind of scenario for Playability since Playability is supposed to be gauged on how well you can play the scenario compared to Skirmish games. After about half an hour it got boring but got more interesting when I was able to unlock more areas. There were no major bugs and no severe lag so it ran smoothly. It just wasn't as exciting to me as I hoped it would be.

Balance: 3
Another thing that's hard to rate for this kind of scenario. At times Porter's bandits overwhelmed Trem and I had to sneak in the back way to get back into Trem. Porter's bandits seemed like they could've overtaken Trem if they had an AI. I think The Defender should've been an explorer or more mercenaries should be allowed for hire.

Creativity: 5
The ideas and map were great. I loved how you used set anaimations to make the units come to life. The gates were good but you could've had them not open (as in not raise) until the player got the right key for them by using multiple players.

Your use of Mother Nature as Trem didn't look right. If you had used a player you could've done all the same things and more. Since the Defender was British it would make sense for Trem to be British, then they wouldn't have a pirate flag.

Each game can have 8 players, only one is used for the player which leaves 7. You used 2 for the enemy which leaves 5 for embellishment. One could've been used for Trem would leave 4. Another could be used for the western city which would leave 3. The number of players you have in a game doesn't slow it down unless each one has 150 or more units on the map at a time.

I noticed you hid weapon caches to be used as explosions. An easier method for creating an explosion would be to make a ghost army and then deploy however many weapon caches you need where ever you need them at the time and then run the army kill effect in the same trigger right after the deployment. This way the cache isn't sitting there until it's needed.

Map Design: 4
The amount of cliffs and hills you had was great. I hadn't seen a scenario with such rugged looking cliffs before. I liked the way you used the props.

The only things I dislike about the map were the explained impassable areas and the use of default terrain. Speaking from the Defender's point of view, why can't he pass through this open field? It would make sense if you had put a dense forest there. And for the path to the smithy and Valnar you could've used an SPC damaged prop or underbrush(the ones have a fallen tree) to explain why the path was impassible.

I've never liked default terrain, and though you used it in a good way I think the scenario would've been better with a different terrain in those places.

Story/Instructions: 4
The objectives instructions were kinda vague. It took awhile at first to figure out what they wanted.

The story was good. I would've liked more backstory but that's because I'm into stories. One thing that annoyed me was the abrupt ending. I didn;t like how as soon as you killed Rex the game ended. After playing the scenario for over an hour I had hoped there would be a nice cinematic (such as the camera tracking around the temple or the defender returning to trem with people rejoicing).

Additional Comments:
I played it three times. The first two times I had to quit because I had to do something and the third time I played it for a little over 2 hours.

I didn't like that you used a normal musketeer for the hero, though you did it in a good way. I think an explorer would've fit better.

I think this map and story could be really good if modded units were used but I know they take longer to make and many people don't like using them. Hopefully you can use some in your next scenario.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 1
Lag just makes it unplayable, even on lowest graphics. Switching fog of war off wasnt necessarily a great idea...

Balance: 4
Fair enough, you cant just rambo your way through but youre still stronger than your enemies... its fine

Creativity: 4
Coming up with a half decent story is hard, I know that. The reason I give it a 4 and not a 5 is because coming up with a good story isnt impossible either.

Map Design: 5
Just plain well done, nothing low in this section, the map is variable and, in a way, realistic.

Story/Instructions: 4
Same as in creativity... instructions could be a lot more clearer but as I said I know its hard to come up with anything at all.

Additional Comments:
All in all it couldve been great and enjoyable without the lag, but as the lag is there idk... my PC isnt VERY old but its not exactly new either so maybe others dont have the same problem but this is just my opinion anyway.

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Map Design4.3
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