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Earth- World Maps

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
These three large map containing all of the major land masses on the planet. I also posted up maps of the New World and the old world which are more detailed. If you guys modify it in any cool way(s), please, do tell and post if posible. :) All comments will be welcomed and appreciated due to the fact that i am an amature at this. I can also do requests if anyone wonts a spacific scenario design in mind.
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scenariosonly ok dude here's a deal....

play my map PLEASE!!!! it's called Island Battle v 1.12 and please comment!!!

i will play your map right now!!! so yeah ill give you a comment
scenariosonly ok ok seriously can anyone answer this question?

I am able to play maps with a .age3scn at the end but I can NEVER EVER play a map with .age3Yscn at the end..

I have tried editing it and changing it to a .age3scn it is then visible in the Custom Scenario tab in Age Of Empires III but then it says with a little pop up "Failed to load custom scenario"....

When I first downloaded this map here is what I did.

Step One: Put file in Age Of Empires III folder in the Scenarios folder
Step Two: Open up Age Of Empires III
Step Three: I open custom scenario but then it isn't in the list, and no I checked the WHOLE LIST!!!

So please tell me is there an installation step I am missing or is it just my wonky computer!?

Regards An Annoyed Member of Age Of Empires III Heaven....

Yuttho you don't have TAD expansion. age "Y" scn is a file from The Asian Dynasties. X is War Chiefs
scenariosonly ooh thank you so much dude!!!!

no wonder.. but this guy says it works with AOEIII TAD and TWC?????

what the hell....
Yuttho np,

he says u need AoE3+TWC+TAD meaning he has features from both of the expansion sets.
As_Saffah Hey Edgar,

Just a few comments about your maps.

All Maps: Good things

-Nice terrain transitions between regions/climates. You also did a wonderful job with the shorelines so they are smooth and natural looking, not abrupt or having land terrains running off into the water.

-Nice work on rivers, especially Amazon and Nile in the New World and Old World maps respectively.

-I like the transcontinental and intercontinental Trade Routes, like the one that goes under the Atlantic in the world map. They have tons of trading posts, so you get a boatload of XP.

-LOL at the treasure ships in the West Indies. Nice touch.

Things I had a question about:

-Interesting start for player 1 on the Old World map. Rescue your explorer using your fleet, go build a TC somewhere. It is clearly only for single player use, because this would be a distinct disadvantage for multiplayer. You may want to change it if you decide to release a multiplayer online version of this map.

-On New World and World Map, there's some glitched Water Treasures on land. You can avoid this problem by setting a World>Map Types>choose a regional type, THEN placing your Gaia Treasure objects. By picking a map type, the "flavour" of the treasures will follow suit and will conform to land or water. (Water treasures may be placed ONLY for Map Types: Honshu, Indochina, Borneo, Ceylon).

- World Map: Herds are few and clumped together, and resources are not distributed equally in all areas. Maybe this is deliberate for accuracy's sake, or to encourage exploration. If you do make a multiplayer map of this one, you should take care that all major continents have a fair density of resources.

-Fixed start positions for players means there is less exploring and more build & destroy. This is another good reason for resources to be evened out, because you don't get to choose where to settle. This is why multiplayer online versions often have your starting explorer and TC wagon in a skiff and YOU choose where to settle.

-No fish or whales anywhere. I suppose with huge starting stockpiles you don't need to fish. It also cuts down on lag if your CPU can't handle fish or boats. But you still need boats to get to attack other players across the ocean, so might as well put some fish and whales in good places.

-World Map: There's a weird glitch in Brazil and along the Andes. Instead of mountains, you get puddles. Not sure what happened here, but Brazil is not actually a big pond. The Nile is also glitched, it goes all the way down to South Africa and seems to have run off the end of the continent, leaving a part of East Africa that's not big enough to put buildings on.

-Old World, New World: I don't know what to make of the Diplomacy-style fenced areas and large starting armies. Only players 1-3 get armies. The other players get no army, sometimes no wall, and their TCs are often close to one another. These may be interesting for single player death match. But if you play starting from age 1 or play online, you will get creamed.

-Map size and general contours: Very good work with the coastlines and contours. One can tell by looking at the land forms that you used a spherical projection of some sort. That said, you still have a few large open areas of water, and some almost impassable land bits that could be opened up. A trick the makers of previous Earth maps have used to cram more land area and action into a standard sized map, is to distort the landmass shapes so they are a bit more elongated, filling more of the map area; and to exaggerate the size of peninsulas and islands as you've done, so they are buildable and you have some room.

Changes I'd like to see:

-Make multiplayer versions of each and give all players an equal start, either in a unique portion of the map, or in a skiff offshore with a few seconds to find a landing.
-On maps with Diplomacy-style walled areas, each player should get roughly the same area (use the Terrain Grid to estimate area) and resources inside their walls. TC placement should leave a large buffer of area between the TC and the wall so attacks from any side don't ruin a colony. Leave a bit of space between one wall and the next so marauding armies can pass through. Lastly put a few gates in the walls to start with so villagers and explorers can get in and out as needed.
-Since you do a pretty good job with contours, maybe you can make some smaller scale maps, like a 300 x 300 map of just the Philippines, or a 200 x 400 long map of the Hawaiian islands or just Finland or somesuch.

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