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Returning Home

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
You are Spanish explorer Cabeza De Vaca returning from a 10 year journey only to find your town in ruins, you have to make an army to fend off russian attacks and then destroy their base, there are 2 slightly different paths you can take but i won't reveal them.

I would have included a picture however the best image I can make in 50kb in the minimap but that would be slight spoilers

Please rate and comment and report any problems or bugs

I have updated this scenario a second time, it includes a new objective, fixes some balance issues (Hopefully) and adds some small things (messages and removes the wall piece)
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File Author
Thankyou for your review once again Teutonic Twit, The two slightly different paths I was talking about was


when you choose to either make a fixed gun with the artillery wagon or sell it, if you sell it it makes the base assault harder but the final attack easier and vice versa

but the easiest way to beat it is too make the fixed gun, drop off cavalry at the rear of the enemy's base and sent them to take out the musketeers guarding the fixed guns, then use the fixed guns to destroy the gate and start bringing in lancers and cannons to kill the troops and fort/town centre.

and just before you destroy the fort built an army of lancers and send them behind your base to defend from the attack.


I would have added more islands but the only place I could have put them was on the other side of the walkway so you would have to go behind the enemy base, but thinking about that now maybe I should add another island.
Teutonic Twit AdamKinnell,
As I said, good scenario; just played it a third time, with a friend watching... had a ball with it...
I guess I missed the "second way to play", but preferred my way...pretty much easier my way, once you figured out how to stop/destroy the massive forces you sent in the first few waves.
Cannons, mortars, skirmishers and some Calvary took out the enemy stronghold. third time, was prepared for the final attack and handled it easily.

As far as additional islands, you had the whole West out of fixed gun range. You could have put in a beach area to the west of your area, to build a dock, to explore additional items...and you could have done more with objectives on the island you do have...just some input from from an old fart...use it as you may...good designing...
Darthcast I played this scenario and I'd like to give a short feedback:

I really liked the start of the scenario, returning home, finding the town and then defending it. The balance at the beginning (defending) was also good.

Some small things I would have changed are:
-It would have been nicer if the dead bodies etc. wouldn't stay in the town forever and instead vanished after a short while.
-I would have used a broken cannon or something for the cannon you can build instead of a wall.
-It would have been nice to see what you get for selling the cannon.

I didn't like the second part of the scenario because you really have to go to the base with ships. I would have liked it more if it would have been possible to attack the fort normally (even if it would have been more difficult).
File Author
Darthcast, It is possible to attack the enemy base through the front,

I couldn't use a broken cannon instead of the wall because you can't select it during gameplay.

How would I make the dead bodies and cannons disappear, I'm quite sure that you can't select the bodies to use them in a trigger.

What do you mean by

"It would have been nice to see what you get for selling the cannon"

If you sell the cannon you get 5000 gold and the enemy gets a fixed gun around the back of their base which makes attacking from the rear near impossible.
Darthcast First of all, those things I mentioned were only small things, nothing too important... Just wanted to give a feedback. ;)
Also, I didn't mean that the second part of the scenario was bad or anything, it just wasn't to my liking I guess...

=================AdamKinell wrote=================
I couldn't use a broken cannon instead of the wall
because you can't select it during gameplay.
You could use a normal cannon owned by a neutral player, and then convert the cannon to Player 1.

=================AdamKinell wrote=================
How would I make the dead bodies and cannons
disappear, I'm quite sure that you can't select
the bodies to use them in a trigger.
IIRC, there are some dead bodies you can select and some that you can't select. SPCCasualties and ypPropsJapaneseCasualties should be selectable, for instance.

=================AdamKinell wrote=================
What do you mean by
"It would have been nice to see what you get for
selling the cannon"
I didn't know what I would get if I sell the cannon. You could state that when you find the wagon.
Teutonic Twit AdamKinnell,

Just finished playing you revised version of "Returning Home". I was prepared to edit my review accordingly.

What I found is it is better than the first version in creativity and map design for the additional tasks,land extension/island. But on the other hand, I found it to be easier in balance from the 1st version.

Because of this I'll maintain my previous review (change a 4/4 to a 5/3, why?).

I think now you can too easily defeat the Russian base, with the pirate's sale and the native's involvement, (it's too much for too little involvement). Their great creative additions, but maybe just too much for a small investment. Would have liked to see you require something more from the player to obtain theses benefits.

Maybe require the main player to find some object, treasure for pirate/natives hidden somewhere on islands, main base area, or even liberated areas of the Russian base.

As far as your concerns, here's my input...leave them out or build structures over them (they disappear then)...
The fence section, not the best, not the worse solution...maybe a tower instead, I don't know what could be use instead...no big issue in the overall (I know you're lookiing at the "polished" part of it...
As far as selling the cannon, I agree that there should have been some input to explain the options available...

[Edited on 08/03/09 @ 10:21 PM]

File Author
Thankyou for your review Shireling

One thing I don't understand in your review is that you said:

"The one problem with the scenario as a whole is that it expects you to play is as though it were one of the scenarios Blood Ice and Steel (which had many constraints to force you into a more on-your-toes play-style)"

but then you said:

"But the fact is that it doesn't have constraints."

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