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Returning Home

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
You are Spanish explorer Cabeza De Vaca returning from a 10 year journey only to find your town in ruins, you have to make an army to fend off russian attacks and then destroy their base, there are 2 slightly different paths you can take but i won't reveal them.

I would have included a picture however the best image I can make in 50kb in the minimap but that would be slight spoilers

Please rate and comment and report any problems or bugs

I have updated this scenario a second time, it includes a new objective, fixes some balance issues (Hopefully) and adds some small things (messages and removes the wall piece)
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Teutonic Twit
Map Design4.0
(All categories reviewed are according to Guidelines,and my interpretation of them)

Playability: 4
This is a fun little scenario, it starts out slow, but comes at you pretty fast and if you don't have strategy you are "hamburger"... AdamKinnell gives you "hints" in the beginning as well as others through the game, but be prepared to be skunked. After you're second reload, which will probably be required, you should have a plan and from their you can develop a game winning strategy (won it on the second load). From that point on the enemy isn't hard charging but they do have a substantial force.
Good job AdamKinnell, not outstanding (very good though) but definitely not bad...the beginning requires some thinking "out-of-the-box" to resolve and defeat...I like to take on a challenge, this was a pretty good one.

Balance: 4
Balance is way in favor of the enemy in the beginning, you need a plan to turn it into your favor.
AdamKinnell, your hint to find another way to attack the enemy, was to obvious to me, but I've played too many AOE scenarios in my life, so I was able to figure that one quickly. The fixed guns create a challenge, but I got around that one, to some degree. What created a challenge was getting to the "targets" without getting slathered...

Creativity: 4
This is quite a good creativity scenario, no glaring problems, but there are still things that can be improved in this category. I liked it but felt somewhat "not" fulfilled/cheated, maybe because it was kinda short and sweet and because it hasn't quite reached the "near perfection" (and I what you to stretch to greater things because you pretty good) Additionally, I will said you have a very "interesting" and surprising conclusion. Good stuff.

Map Design: 4
This is not a random map, and according to the guidelines, any thing above a random map is a 4. But this map could use alot more "creativity", to move it up a couple of notches. More involvement with the "other" island, maybe a few more "other" islands" to lengthen game play, requiring some more exploration, to acquire some items, such as buildings (to obtain artillery units), upgrades, etc. Just an idea...

Story/Instructions: 4
Good solid story and instruction input. can't complain. Just wished there was a little more..my bad...still banging on you AdamKinnell.

Additional Comments:
I wanted to "knock" this scenario down in "any" category to drop it under a "4". Just couldn't justify it...

AdamKinnell,your stuff is good, I'm impressed. I'm a little hard on you but I want more out of you...I didn't see "2 slightly different paths you can take" but after playing it, I now think I could have won it a different way, would have involved Calvary...
"Good scenario"

[Edited on 07/28/09 @ 03:03 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Let's get something out in the open right now "Returning Home" by AdamKinnell is fun. You're never at a loss as to what to do and things to do. Objectives are not to hard find and not to tedious to complete.

The only trouble I had was that I didn't wait long enough for a trigger to... trigger.

Balance: 3
This scenario is not difficult. Sometimes dipping into to easy. This scenario is at it's best toward the beginning; when you have to scramble to build a town and defend it from timed waves of invaders.

Sadly this fun and challenging segment is short lived. After that the enemies stop attacking. Meaning you have as much or as little time as you want to complete the scenario. You could advance to the 5th age and have the best army possible before attacking the enemies.

Some simple fixes to this would have been: More enemies and more constricting upgrade limits.

Creativity: 4
This scenario didn't reinvent the wheel. But it was certainly complete.

The one problem with the scenario as a whole is that it expects you to play is as though it were one of the scenarios Blood Ice and Steel (which had many constraints to force you into a more on-your-toes play-style)

But the fact is that it doesn't have constraints. For example there is an objective that when completed grants you gold. By the time I completed it I was already in the 3rd age and had a plantation going. Thus I didn't even bother to collect it.

Not that laid back is bad. It just didn't serve this scenario very well.

Map Design: 4
This map was... unmythical? Not in a bad way. It just always looked somewhat generic. But if he was going for a "Old South" look, then he certainly nailed it

It was well put-together and the layout was great. It was just missing that "Sheen" that makes you stop just to look at it.

Story/Instructions: 5
He keeps it simple. Just the way I like it.

I've always thought that AOE3 was a lousy medium for telling a story.

Even if the story is well written, you only get to read it for a few seconds. And if you don't get the gist in those few seconds... you won't know what to do next.

Thankfully this wasn't the case. He kept it simple and had the objectives screen well laid out as well, just in case you didn't know what to do

Additional Comments:
This what the first contest entry I completed in one sitting. Albeit a long one as sittings go though

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Map Design4.0
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