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Romanian civ modpack for Vanilla

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Game Version: AoE3
This mod is for AOE Vanilla and adds the romanians as a playable civilization, with some unique units (as dorobant, vanator, haiduc,...), modified techs, the "Romanian Principalities" flags and other features.
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darkus13 lol, i wanted to make a mod with romania too, and i must say... it's a bit off, i don't know what tartar archers are doing in our army... we had lancers and hussars

[Edited on 08/06/09 @ 03:23 AM]

File Author
First of all...tell me, are you Romanian ?? (daca da, putem vorbi in romana :P)...and second, you must know this:

1.Hussar was a HUNGARIAN unit, at the end of the Middle Ages, and during the modern era. It was often used in Transylvania, but against romanians, we never had such cavalry unit... in fact, in the 19th century, when proffesional cavalry units were implemented in the royal Romanian army, their name was "Rosiori", although they were similar to Hungarian hussars.

2.TARTAR and COSSACK mercenary units were very often used in the romanian space, especially in the Moldavian army of 15-17 centuries...many times, the "Don Cossacks" helped Moldavians against the turks (for example, in the rebellion of Ioan Voda-16th century) and the Tartars cavalry archers were used by both parts (Moldavians and Ottomans) in the avanguard of their armies.

3.Yes, I wanted, first, to create some units similar to lancers, but "Haiducs" were more picturesque and sounded more "Romanian"...and ruyters were perfect units for this...plus: some "reiters" were used by Mihai Viteazul, in his campaign against the turks.

4.I was documented and informed about other unique units... I made "fermier" because in Wallachia the free peasants were called "moshneni", in Moldavia - "razeshi" and in Transylvania...well, there were no romanian free peasants...:P .The "vanator" is a unit of "Vanatorii domnesti", moldavian soldiers armed with muskets (for details, see "Description Moldaviae" by D.Cantemir); the "dorobant"... well, I think that you know a lot about this unit, so I won't give details; and the "hatman" - he was an officer in the moldavian/ walachian army, the word "hatman" is a polish military title, adopted by moldavians and, later by the wallachians... :D

So, this was a short history of romanian armies during the late middle ages and modern era... :D :P

And, if all of you have any ideas, about upgrading my mod, adding other civilizations or units, please tell me!

[Edited on 12/15/09 @ 07:23 AM]

File Author
And, btw, pls RATE AND COMMENT! ;)

[Edited on 08/31/09 @ 03:20 PM]

pluks need icons and portraits at least
Art and Sound4.0
i cant get it go work do you no why im on a mac and i dont have the (Art Foder) ply help
arcalion So you can play in the AOEIII + TWC + TAD? ....... and does not change any existing civilization ?....... and if so, no other mod can do the same but without changing ?..... PS: I do not speak very good English, so use the google translator ..... thanks
kareemo can you fix the eastern europe modpack please and the romanion is pretty good
lancerlot99 why don't work? he say this:http://img547.imageshack.us/img547/3561/68483596.png aaaaa stai ca si tu esti roman:)) deci acolo e siteul de ce nu merge?

[Edited on 12/03/12 @ 10:16 AM]

lancerlot99 deci e acolo o imagine cu ce imi scrie ma poti ajuta? idu meu ca nu prea intru peaci:P (lancerlot99@Yahoo.com)

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Art and Sound4.0
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