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Monster Truck Rally 1.2

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
Screenies of the Monster Truck Rally:

This is the beta version of the Monster Truck Rally racing game. If you find any major glitches, please let me know in this thread before you post a review. I will be happy to take another look and fix any outstanding bugs.

Each player starts with a Monster Truck and a Pit Crew. You can win by being the last surviving truck OR by being the first to complete 12 laps around the track.

Buy speed, HP, and attack upgrades for your rig in the Shop, as well as special effects for pulling ahead or sabotaging your opponents' rigs (Nitro, Backdraft, and Pimp My Ride).

You can also upgrade to an Ice Cream Monster Truck which is tougher, and lets you create Ice Cream Villagers by gold mines on the map.

Open the Offroad Area and plow through the mud towards a sunken Treasure Ship, but avoid the gators and panthers. Finally, churn through a winding canyon to set off a mother lode of dynamite before crossing the finish line and collecting 200 Gold each time.

Installation: Unzip and install the .age3Yscn into Drive:\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario.

Hosting: Civs don't matter. Host in FFA, or leave teams blank (?). Player 5 should be a computer AI.

A special thanks to BurningSushi460, for the inspiration from his original screenshot here; and to MosheLevi and SirHans for trigger help.

Update 24 July:

--Fixed early truck start cheat.
--Added instructions on Ice Cream Villagers and Treasure Ship.
--Removed Flamethrower Hot Dog cart from wonder spawn area.
--Last Survivor victory seems to function better now.
--Smaller file, faster download.

Update 20 Aug:

--Surgeons now stay put.
--Faster healing rate and Pit Crew upgrade gives bigger heal rate boost.
--Balanced costs of Speed boost and Nitro.
--Improved pathing through the Canyon of Doom; improved pyrotechnics.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
A very straightforward map in simplistic terms. You race around for 12 laps and try not to die. It is fun in context but gets repetitive rather quickly. I had hosted a game for it and within four minutes two guys already left. I could quickly realize that the pace of the game became mundane very fast and I'm afraid that for this Monster Truck Rally suffers.

Balance: 4
In this scenario, everyone has an equal chance of winning but often times only one guy can squeeze through the killzone before the hazards start aiming for the guys jammed up behind him. It was rather balanced but some factors could automatically lose you your chance of winning. Some examples would be: Trying to get past the war wagons, jaguar pathfinding, and using a pit crew. The pit crew was especially costly for me as I had lost two laps to the fourth player just to recover 10000 health which would be subsequently lost to a horde of War wagons.

Creativity: 4
Well, its a monster truck rally, you don't see those too often. To tell you the truth though Saffah, when I was playing the map, I felt as if I was playing a less colorful Mario Kart race. There should have been a lot more factors that would've made the 12 laps more engaging than they were. The shop was rather boring and didn't offer much depth as everybody planted their flag boy right on the speed increaser. If you included some offensive type items that were expensive but put negative effects on your opposition, that would be good. However, as it is, Monster Truck Rally is pretty decent.

Map Design: 3
Only 3-4 obstacle courses at most that were often painful and not that awe-and-shock kind of thing one would expect. It would've helped to black out the default terrain outside and add a lot more detail to the track. The layout was inconsistent in transition and not that inspiring.

Story/Instructions: 5
This category is always so irritating for reviewers depending on the scenario. When you have maps like this, there is not much specification. Either you explained it, you explained it vaguely, or you didn't explain it. You got the first one and that made sure I wasn't confused.

Additional Comments:
All in all this map has much potential to build upon and improve, but requires some polishing and maybe a faster way of healing your truck than the surgeons.

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Map Design3.0
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