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El Cid, King of Valencia

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
Version 1.02 (08/26/09):
-Gate bug fixed (thanks to As_Saffah for finding it)
-Moderate version is now a bit easier
-Monitors and Frigates cannot be trained anymore

Version 1.01:
-Attackers bug fixed
-Uploaded the right intro video.

What kind of scenario is this?
This is a remake of an official scenario from Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors.
It uses a ranking system. After you won the scenario, you will be given a rank and a title depending on how good you played.

Genre: Defend the fort
First you need to find Valencia, you can do several secondary objectives on the way, or just go to Valencia immediately. If you skip all other objectives, the scenario will be more difficult (of course). You have 15 minutes to find Valencia.
After your arrival in Valencia, you have to defend the fort for 30 minutes.
Therefore the scenario is 35 to 45 minutes. It has a high replay value due to the ranking system.

The player controls El Cid who is Spanish. Since this is a remake which takes place in the middle age, only few gunpowder units appear. The player can only get 8 cannons in the whole game. You cannot build gunpowder units. Instead you can upgrade crossbowman to Besteiros at the church, train and upgrade hoopthrowers, cavalry archers, sowars and rams.
The enemy will only train few artillery units too.

Important gameplay hints, please read
  • Since many people will join El Cid when they see him (or believe they see him), you should go to the people and towns with him, and not only explore with other units.
  • It is more difficult if you skip or fail the secondary objectives and arrive in Valencia without an army. However, if you fail to save Denia, people will hear of The Cids bad luck and join him in Valencia (so it's still not to difficult even if you mess up a bit at the beginning).
  • You cannot attack Count Berenguers fortress, the walls are invulnerable. You need to defend Valencia to win. You lose if the fort is destroyed.
  • El Cid can mount his horse Bavieca. This is recommended. To mount the horse, go near it. If you want to dismount, you first need to wait 10 seconds, then go near the flag that appeared where the horse was. You can also move the horse and mount it somewhere else, but you cannot move the flag.

    Difficulty: Hard/Moderate, 2 opponents (one AI controlled, one trigger controlled)

    El Cid was a Castilian nobleman, a military leader and diplomat in the middle ages. He was extremely popular, even more than the Spanish king, and not only popular with Christians, but also with Muslims.
    This scenario is about his greatest accomplishment: He was banished by the Spanish king, but many people joined him until he was mighty enough to conquer and defend Valencia, a Spanish city.
    Please watch the movies (intro and ending) for the whole story.

    How to install:
    1. Extract the zip-archive to your desktop, a new folder or somewhere else you will find all the files and folders included.
    2. Copy "king_of_valencia_1-01.age3Yscn" and "KoV_INTRO.age3Yscn" to "My Documents/My Games/Age of Empires 3/Scenario"
    3. Copy all 4 folders (AI3, avi, Campaign and Sound) to "Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/". If Windows says something might be overwritten, don't worry. Just click yes. Nothing will be overwritten.
    4. Start TAD. (TWC needs to be installed, too)
    5. Click single player -> custom scenario. To watch the intro video, choose "KoV_INTRO.age3Yscn" and to play the scenario choose "king_of_valencia_1-01.age3Yscn"

    Known bugs: If you save a game and reload it, triggers will be deactivated: It is recommended to play this scenario without loading a savegame. This is an AoE3 bug and can only be fixed by Microsoft.

    Feel free to post any suggestions or to point out any mistakes and bugs (even spelling errors and grammatical mistakes).

    Hints (SPOILER!)
    If you like this scenario but can't win no matter how much you try, you can read the following hints.
    Please don't read them if you want to find out everything by yourself. If you really want to read the hints, highlight the text with your cursor to make it visible.

    Q: How am I supposed to gather enough resources to build an army before Denia (first town) is attacked?
    -The resources are already there, you just need to find and collect them with your villagers.
    -There are 2 coin crates, 2 food crates and 3 wood crates hidden in and near the village.
    -Eat the sheep.
    -Research the technology for faster sheep fattening at the farm. It's free.

    Q: What should I do after Denia (first town) is saved/destroyed and before I go to Valencia?
    -Make sure you save the (3) villagers from Denia, let them gather resources immediately.
    -If your Cuirassier survived, it's best to explore the area with him (because he looks like El Cid). Find the fishermen at the far east of the map and the priests to the north of the street (middle of map).
    -Explore the map and look for treasures.
    -If you defended Denia, you already have some heavy infantry. If not, you can soon send a HC card to get some. So start building crossbowmen. 10 would already be more then enough.
    -But don't take too much time before you go to Denia (2. town). Once you queued a few crossbowmen, go there.
    -In Denia, immediately set your HC gather point to the castle. Then send the rods and pikes from your HC.
    -Bring El Cid or the cuir near one of the villagers in Lerida, or south of the temple. The villagers will now also join you.
    -There are two crates hidden in Lerida. One between the trees and one between the berry bushes. Eat them.
    -It would also be useful to train sowars now (from the caravanserai in Lerida).
    -Very soon Lerida will be attacked. Position your heavy infantry between the castle and the outpost, so the attackers can't come in. Position your crossbowmen behind them. Position your cavalry near the left gate, so they can get out fast and attack from behind.
    -After the attack, if you still have time left before you have to arrive in Valencia, continue gathering treasures and exploring the map. To gather the treasures in time, it's best to split up your army. Cavalry can attack the light infantry guards and infantry can attack the cavalry/heavy infantry guards. Since El Cid cannot collect treasures, collect them with villagers but make sure not to let them standing around idle.

    Q: What is the best ranking I can get?

    Q: I can't get enough ranking points. How do I get them?
    -El Cid should not die. Not even once.
    -Save the cuirassier at the beginning. He doesn't have to survive through the whole scenario, though - just kill the attackers before he dies.
    -Save all three villagers from Denia (this is also a secondary objective).
    -Kill the army that attacks Denia and save the town before the church or barracks are destroyed (this is also a secondary objective).
    -Let the fishermen, the Spanish priests and both villagers in Lerida (2. town) join.
    -Either the caravanserai (stable) or the castle in Lerida (second town) must not be destroyed (this is also a secondary objective).
    -Destroy Berenguers town outside his city walls (this is also a secondary objective).
    -Play on hard difficulty.

    Q: Any hints how to defend the fort long enough?
    -Berenguer will start to attack Valencia when you arrive there. Not a minute earlier. This means you should not arrive at Valencia too early. Use your time (less then 15 minutes) to build up an army.
    -If you defend Denia and Lerida at the beginning, you can already train an army before you arrive at Valencia.
    -Collect the treasures.
    -Use the 4 culverines from your HC and the cannons from the age up politicians to your advantage.
    -In this scenario, sowars are cheaper than usually. They will also be upgraded when you send the Spanish cards to improve lancers. And you will always have a free mansabdar. Therefore they'll be your best melee cavalry.
    -Wood is easy to get. Use it to build fishing boats.
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design4.0
    Playability: 4
    Pretty linear map, just like the original AOC scenario. I like the overall buildup of the fighting and use of the water, but after a couple replays it has reached its shelf life. Different effects for completing various side objectives makes each go have a slightly different pace. "Hard" is definitely hard and you will have some issues if you don't multitask well throughout the game.
    Additionally, I noticed in some cases the comp attacked Denia 2 or even 3 times, and in others it left Denia alone after the first attack. I actually think this adds play value but it should be clear from the objectives that attacks will continue.

    Balance: 4
    Unit choices for a custom medieval Spanish civ are tough to balance, and I can see that you went to some effort to balance both sides. I like being able to get upgrades I normally wouldn't have access to. The freebies are helpful but they are not on the same level as the free Guard and Imperial upgrades the enemy gets, so you will struggle. The mixed armies of the triggered AI are solid and you need good micro to survive.

    Creativity: 4
    A neat and faithful adaptation of an existing AOE2 campaign scenario. It's cool that you imported the voices and ported the entire intro cinematic into AOE3 - I didn't know you could do that. It's not a new idea, nor is the flow of encounters and objectives novel. But if you liked playing the historical scenarios, this should bring back some memories.

    Map Design: 4
    This map has 3 discrete areas separated mostly by water. Resources are sparse, space can be tight, luckily you have some walls to build up in if you need them. Getting on the water is a snap, and helps you defend the fort well. The gates north of Valencia have been fixed now, so you can extend your eco outside the town as needed (beware attacks from that side later though).

    Story/Instructions: 4
    As above, very well done importing the entire intro and voice chats from the original game. I didn't have any issues figuring out what to do. I also looked at the readme and the download page for hints. These were helpful as well, and I figured if you take the time to review the objectives and read the readme before you start, you should be able to finish the scenario first time around. Not so - it's harder than it looks - but the instructions are a welcome trip down memory lane. Figuring out how to import them into an AOE3 scenario won you a lot of points.

    Additional Comments:
    I would also disable monitors, as I found defending the city quite easy with a few monitors taking out large numbers of infantry at a time.

    [Edited on 09/01/09 @ 09:34 AM]

    Mister SCP
    Map Design3.0
    Playability: 4
    The playability of this map was great. It brought you back to AOC times. AOC was famous for his good Campaigns, therefore it was a good idea to adapt one of them. Some cool things you could add could be the Recharge of HP with El Cid (he need not be a hero for this) and forbid Warships. Just two things were a bit stupid, the door bug + I Denia wasn't anymore attacked and I didn't complete it. btw If you want you can also hide completed objectiv after some time :). Additional I want to say that 30 mins are to long to defend a fort :P

    Balance: 5
    As As_Saffah said Unit Choice was good. Also the difficult was well choosen since it was NOT easy (if you played without warships, what i did).Also if people are not that good as others they can use your spoilers. Just one cool thing about sp you havent used that good. The Homecities - with a text editor you are able to implent cards of OTHER civs like Spahis from Ottoman and also very sweet is that you can set how often a player can use theese Cards and you can set the AGE where they appear.

    Creativity: 4
    You have tons of good ideas (even if you adapt some ;) ). But the point is that you invest time in little things like animation (which i even hadnt known), mounting a horse, the chats and your intro... which give your Scenario a boost. So it makes in general more fun.

    Map Design: 3
    I had the impression you build this map with a triangle and a pencil.I mean most areas where squares. But I give you a better mark as 2 since you had a good implementation of the medival stuff and your map was "alive" since you see everywhere people making sth
    Story/Instructions: 5
    You have very good used this AOC stuff. Timings where perfect when using chats. Your Objectives makes sense aswell the instructions did. Only thing i missed was AOC music^^ (without win and loose music).So beside of that good job

    Additional Comments:
    Nice Scenario, I see you make a big step forward.
    Cheers Consti :P
    PS: Next Time ->Defend the Fort but with a timer of 2 minutes :-)

    [Edited on 08/07/09 @ 11:33 AM]

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