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French Revolution Revised

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
not a bad map, with a river in the middle dividing you and the huge fortress of the enemy. you start rallying a mass of troops through the objective, and when i use amass, i mean you would have ALOT of troops. then attack the main fortess across the river. however, that is impossible as the forces are just too many, so you've gotta like make a new wave and finish the enemy

there is an area at the bottom, containing lots of gold but with bears, so you might wanna use that.

use of most cannons and moniter ships as well as other ships are banned,

the entire scenerio begins with a fight, and the town center is guarded with musketeers.

the fortress is surrounded with two layers of wall with towers between them, so they'll be shotting at you while you try to breach the walls.
all that and some other amendments.
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File Author
could i have some feed back :)
Teutonic Twit kesh56,

I played both versions...the second version was better (think I beat it).

will replay the revised version and get back to you.

Teutonic Twit kesh56,
I replayed "French Revolution Revised". It is much better and more difficult then your original scenario. I beat it without to much effort, but it did require time.

I'm not belittling you, I couldn't do half of what you've done, I bow to you.

You've asked for input, I'm trying to give you constructive input. Please understand it that way. (Would like to see you make more)

It's basically a B&D, if you have the desire to spend 1-1/2 hour playing (not real challenging).

I could rate it if you desire, (maybe 2.8/3.0-asked me if you want).

It wasn't bad but I found several "lacking" situations in the game play.

-Troops/bears didn't attack unless they were attacked.
-A few artillery units destroyed most buildings/ without attack.
-Again, there was a back end way to win.
-Very little "eye candy", and just flat grass terrain.

Wasn't a bad scenario, it just needs some more work.


[Edited on 12/10/09 @ 11:11 PM]

File Author
haha, OK thanks i'll try to improve on it, if i ever make another one. i actually thought that 10 mins was long enough, hmm... but now you said it, i'll design harder longer ones...

oh, i thought i also banned monitor ships, and all cannons except the pretty useless culverin... oh well, may i should ban that too, also, i didn't ban all ships, as they can be destoryed easily by towers...

and u said destory the buildings rite... i actually nvr thought bout destorying the buildings ^_^' i just thought of rushing in troops and thats it...

i dun really know much bout eyecandy, but i'll check it out, and the bears... rite 'll fix that.

I really appreciate your input, feel free to add somemore, no matter how harsh :)

PS, wats a B&D ( sry i kinda dunno lots bout those stuff )

thanks again TT,

[Edited on 12/12/09 @ 11:26 PM]

Teutonic Twit kesh56,
I actually played it a couple times, and tried different things.

For a revision of your first scenario, you did very good. The changes you made greatly increased game play. I especially like your hero change (not to speak of his speed, still a little fast, but livable). You should consider adding some elevation, terrain landscape, it would help with eye-candy, appearance, etc. Keep designing.

B&D is "build and destroy", meaning build up your economy, build an army and attack the enemy. It's a style of scenario game playing (i.e PRG, Blood, fixed-force, death-match, etc.)

Regarding cannons, you may have forgot the ones you can get from HC shipments and your final age up. You can also still upgrade them at the Arsenal & Foundry. They were very helpful in taking out the towers and forts. The culverins were a nonissue except for use against the Great Bombards.

As far as the ships go, you can upgrade them also and gang attack the towers. Lost a couple, oh well.

Don't belittle yourself for what you did or didn't eliminate. The way you have it now works fine.

You had some interesting, creative quests in the beginning (on the player 1# side of the map)and I guess it set me up to expect some "fun" stuff on the other shore. The "bonus" troops almost max out pop. cap, causing the player to be very selective in troop additions (until you lose enough troops to add additional counters, etc.)

Since you were never under attack you could take you time to build-up econ and upgrade troops, etc. If you desire, with a good econ and the upgrades you can build up a massive army (and keep creating more as needed) and just keep attacking the enemy until they are destroyed, in a very short period of time.

I took my time, therefore 1.5 hr (my choice, not a problem with your scenario) to see how few troops I lost and entirely destroy the enemy base).

The main problem I saw was the lack of attack from the enemy troops (I also realize this is more of a AI issue). I was able to take out all the towers/forts and knock down the fence with very little resistance. Maybe a trigger or two to cause some troops to attack when you take out the fence, tower, etc. would have added a little more intense play.

Additionally, I suspect from your statements that you didn't think an attack from the North end of the enemy base would be so feasible/ simple. Coming from that direction you pretty much only had to deal with Bombards & Cuirassiers.

Now, I'm not telling you to revise your scenario, it plays okay as is, but it's your choice. I'm just hoping this gives you some insight with your future scenarios.

[Edited on 12/14/09 @ 09:05 PM]

QWW123 Can you make a WC version? This map sounds good.

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