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Downloads Home » Modpacks » Age of Empires III: Napoleonic Era v1.0.0

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Age of Empires III: Napoleonic Era v1.0.0

Author File Description
Kastor Overview:
Napoleonic Era is a revolutionary mod for Ensemble Studios’ latest RTS game, Age of Empires III. It is currently the most thorough and anticipated mod of Age of Empires III ever made.

The mod was originally created by game modder and Age of Empires gamer Alexander Flegler (Kastor), inspired by the idea of adding a Swiss civilization suggested by his friend, Jahn Hummel (Twister3). Napoleonic Era soon grew from this and was discussed frequently on the forums of Age of Empires III Heaven. After release v0.2, a very interested member of these forums, Fernando Barbosa (Walker), discussed many ideas to improve and balance the game, and was soon made balance lead. A while after the release of v0.8, Matthew Sher worked with modder Xentelian to complete the Unit Upgrades Modpack. Seeing Matthew’s texture work, Kastor successfully requested him to become Napoleonic Era’s graphics lead. David Rosehnal, having planned to make a campaign about the Napoleonic Era, has made and maintained this website, and interested forumers, like Peter Piepenburg (Tilanus Commodor) have made some valuable contributions to the game as well.

The Napoleonic Wars were chosen for the game’s general theme due to the fact that these were the most influential military events during the time period Age of Empires III, next to its current theme, the colonization of the Americas.

Napoleonic Era features a great deal of new gameplay elements, returning a few well-missed elements from Age of Empires II, like removing the limit of builders working on one building, improving the arsenal, and new abilities for Explorers. It includes five completely new civilizations, the Italians, Prussians, Austrians, Americans, and Swiss. It also redesigns the existing French and German civilizations. These civilizations are very different from each other, most receive a new AI personality, new technologies, new cards, and the new ones receive their own Homecity. All of the new civilizations and most of the existing ones get many new unique units, in addition to several new standard units. All these new units have had amazing care put into them to make them as distinctive, realistic, and interesting as possible. The game also incorporates usage of Matthew Sher’s Unit Upgrades Modpack, so that the units from the original game upgrade for every age. To fit the new theme of the wars occurring in Europe, Napoleonic Era includes many new random maps, from Europe, and some additional ones from the Americas, and even other places around the world, many of which have completely new native allies, like the Wurttembergers or the Japanese.
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JbMcfee I hope they release a version compatible with The Asian Dynasties soon...

[Edited on 06/03/08 @ 12:53 AM]

verminator23 hi, I get this error while I do a skirmish first my ally could not build anything. Now I cant build anything. please respond


These would be true to history and real-life.


- no penalties or bonuses


- Bonus to firepower (or firing speed), but penalty to defense vs. cavalry


- Bonus to defense vs. cavalry, but penalty to firepower (or firing speed).

[Edited on 06/24/08 @ 10:33 PM]

Markey54 Everything looks nice and good, but when I try to start a game a error appears: error 0003 or something, something with aoe3loader. This is not the biggest problem to me. But when I finished waiting on my game, with the Italians I even don't have villagers. With USA my villagers and explorer both dont have a build option. When I played with Washington, my teammate, Mr. Computer, (Napoleon) didn't do anything with his villagers..

Edit: Where can I download patch 1.9?

[Edited on 12/20/08 @ 10:14 AM]

max2h How can this mod work for mac? I didn't see a mac version on your site.
EmpiresAge I'm trying this out,I hope it doesn't crash.Should their be a AoE4?
moon22 hoping for a version compatible with tad, anyone know of any?
Airmaner GUYS!!! I FOUND OUT HOW TP UNINSTALL WITH ONLY 2 CLICKS!!! The un-install program is in all programs!!! All Programs>Age of empires III: Mapoleonic Era> Uninstall Napolenoic Era then wait and enjoy :D
Djrepsaj The only thing that happened was a more beatiful version of AOE 3 without any other new civs.
callo1812 big prob when i click nampoleonic era it goes to normal age of empires 3 game
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