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The British Isles

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Game Version: AoE3
This is a single player map the includes most of the north eastern Atlantic. There are seven computers and it can easily be altered to accompany a group of any size. Frustrated that the game lacks the same real world maps that it's predecessor had, I attempted to recreate this one in particular. Although this is my first map I think it turned out quite well. Feel free to criticize it, as I have really haven't spent much time playing with races other than the English. Playable races include: English (British), Scots (British), Welsh (Germans), Irish (British), Normans (French), Dutch (Dutch), Vikings, (Russians), and Norse (Russians). I put a large emphasis on historical and geographical accuracy, as well as gameplay. I would really appreciate comments on how it plays from the perspective of other races besides the English. You may notice that their is not an abundant amount of land resources. This is intentional, as I intended this map to focus mostly on conquest. Keep in mind that his map is VERY large. Thanks.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Well, we're talking about a Supremacy-styled game here. I'm one who likes supremacy, so cheers to you. Basically, what I'm saying is, that since it's Supremacy, the playability was quite decent. If your cards were a little better chosen, you would have had a 5, but when I played as the British, I noticed, I was missing a few cards I'd like to have had, like The Virginia Company, as an example. Perhaps you could make multiple decks, one that focuses on military, one that focuses on economy, or just a general one, that mixes both, so that the player can choose a deck to his preference.
Another thing is, but I won't take rating away from it, is you need to make it so that when a person chooses to play the scenario, you play as Gaia. When I saw that I only had some pronghorns, fish, and elk, my facial expression was like "-.-," so I had to use a few extra seconds to go to Scenario, then go to Playtest Scenario, then choose a team to play as. A way you can fix this is, before you save the game, go to Place Objects, and choose a player, then save, that way the game will start up as that player.

Balance: 5
Another thing is, we're talking about just plain Age of Empires III, not TWC, nor TAD, so the balance of the civilizations are actually balanced, which is a good thing.

Creativity: 1
Well, you said yourself, that your idea was based off the Geographical maps of AoE2, and not to mention, there are several players that have made "World" maps, which, while not entirly geographically correct, they're okay. Not to mention, this IS just a supremacy. I've made a Supremacy map, and in all honesty, for creativity, I only expect a 1. Another thing that would perhaps raise your creativity to a 3, or a 4, would be to use triggers, and give certain civilizations perks. Example, perhaps, if you're player 1 (British), your longbowmen might be more powerful, or player 2 (British/Scots) the pikemen might be more powerful... just as an example. I say this because you have multiple players with the same civilizations.

Map Design: 4
Well, this was your first map, and, I can in all honestly say, you deserved the 4 you got. The eye candy was fairly good -- that's one thing good about the Age of Empires III editor... that terrain mixer. When making maps, that's my favorite friend. :P Kudos to you, you did great!

Story/Instructions: N/A
There was really no story, or instructions, and since this was Supremacy-styled, I feel that I should not rate this part.

The Breakdown
Overall, I'd give this map a rating of about 3.5, but since I HAD to rate the Story/Instructions, I actually gave it a "5" on the rating, but I obviously wish I didn't have to rate it. And, as I said previously, this map was very good for your first map, and without doubt, you have potential. Go get TWC and TAD, and make maps for us, we could use someone like you. ^^

[Edited on 11/12/09 @ 06:43 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Had to play using playtest scenerio. Beat it on expert.

Balance: 3
Balanced, except only human player had boats

Creativity: 4
No ending win/lose. AI was in defense mode most of the game. Need boats.

Map Design: 4
design was ok.Didnt get the mother nature base.

Story/Instructions: 4
You could make a newer version with boats.

Additional Comments:
Mother nature base necessary?

[Edited on 12/06/09 @ 04:25 PM]

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Map Design3.5
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