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War of the Pansies

Author File Description

For many years, there was peace and tranquility in the land of Singland as the sale of carriages and coaches was controlled by the Hogg family dealership in the City of Pork.
However, an unhappy dealer in Land Caster was none too pleased with this arrangement. His name was Henry and was going broke.

For months, Henry plotted and connived to overthrow the leader and finally, he came up with a plan to build smaller two door carriage body which he proclaimed would produce less wear and tear on the horses (which provided more horsepower) and at the same time, get more miles to the bale of hay. He called the Hogg family carriage, the “Road Hogg”, a wasteful and inefficient contraption that was environmentally unsound.

Well, the people bought Henry’s contrived story and soon were purchasing his carriage instead of those made by Richard Hogg. Not only was Richard devastated… he was overthrown as King of Singland.

Naturally, this incensed the Hogg family from Pork and they challenged Henry’s right to his claim of King; saying that Henry had usurped the crown through devious and underhanded means.

Thus, the war began.

The Hogg family was supported the Schweins; relatives from the City of Bacon. They agreed with the Hogg family in their contention that the business had been ruined by Henry’s slanderous and unfounded claims against Richard.

In this scenario, as we enter the final scene of a feud of now over 30 years in length, the picture is clouded by the smoke from one Earl Candlewick a small-time designer of luxury coaches and carriages. He has come to be known as “The Coach Maker.” Such is his prowess that the city in which he lives has recently changed its name to Coach Maker.

The biggest problem for Earl, however, is that he can never seem to make up his mind as to whose side he follows and he has switched sides so frequently that as this scenario unfolds, he finds himself attacked by both sides.

Your role is that of Henry Twodoor and your task is to rid yourself of ALL competition; thereby putting yourself into a virtual monopoly of the coach and carriage business in Singland.

Historical note: Why pansies you ask? Well, for one, the employees at each respective carriage foundry wore an emblem of pansies on their work overalls… red pansies at the foundry in Land Caster and white pansies for those who worked in Pork. It is rumored, as well, that the name came from the fact that the stupid AI does not always attack or otherwise act in any sort of assertive manner whatsoever. Also, the scenario begins with three small skirmishes and the frick-a-fracking AI usually runs away from the fight. Their opponents would derisively call them, “… a bunch of yellow pansies (which, by the way, is what Earl’s workers wore)!”

The actual phrase… “The War of the Pansies” doesn’t appear for over 100 years until such time as poet and playwright, Bill Rattlespeare makes use of the term in a couple of his avant garde plays.

Best of luck to you and may you, once again, bring peace and tranquility to the coach and carriage business of Singland.

Load files into the scenario folder within: my documents/my games/aoe3/
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File Author
At the end of the game, there will be a slight pause and the screen kind of freezes for 2 to 5 seconds... Do not despair, I had no idea in which order you might wish to eliminate your competition and there is a quote in chat that appears with each city you destroy except it gets hung up on the last one so there is some hesitation. I tried to rid the game of all more "modern" weapons (grenadiers, musketeers, etc.) in the custom-made HCs but haven't figured it out completely yet. It seems to just happen with the age advancements.
johnty AI does nothing.

No attacks, no training, no building, no gathering.
File Author
Perhaps, you loaded the files improperly. I downloaded the game from this site... not my own files... and had no such problems.
ScaryLarry OMG, Johnny you either have this confused with another game or your files were corrupted some way. I've had to reload once and I'm doing better my second time but I haven't finished.
At 40 minute mark I just caught up with the white team and the yellow team and we are all at Age level 4.
miltary stats so far: I've killed 552 of the enemy which is a lot if players just stand there. heehee! White has killed 143 and lost 279. Yellow has killed 54 and lost 209. Green player has been destroyed but they had just made in to level 2 at the 12 minute mark and were starting to send units out of the HC.
No collecting by settlers?
White has collected:
Food-15,746 Wood- 16,906 Coin- 6,593 and has 4 trading posts built.
Yellow has collected:
Food-16,940 Wood-14,958 Coin- 3,811 and has 2 trading posts built.
White has spent 21,440 on units and yellow has spent 17,180
Thia isn't what I would call an inactive AI. make sure you are talking about the correct game. 8-)
good luck

[Edited on 02/05/06 @ 08:06 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Good game play. I had to reload because I was overwhelmed by both enemies at the same time and just wasn't prepared for it. Second time they spent time fighting each other and not just me so it was easier.

Balance: 4
Balance is there, it just seems to be determined on whether the computer players spend any time attacking each other or only go for you.

Creativity: 3
Spoofing the War of the Roses was creative. I'd have liked more swordsmen.

Map Design: 4
Quite detailed both in terrain and nature. Also liked the treasures hidden about

Story/Instructions: 5
Quite humurous and the puns were hilarious.

Additional Comments:A good bit of fun and you know your Shakespeare as well. A combination not normally found at this sight. 8-)
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
Too many reloads to be fun

Balance: 1
again reloads kill this game

Creativity: 2
it wasn't bad just nothing great

Map Design: 2
typical stuff, needs a bit more effort

Story/Instructions: 3
high spot, more detail would have helped

Additional Comments:
File Author
Perhaps, you need to lower the level to easy or sandbox to lessen your reloads.
Also, please check the guidelines for reviews before letting your youth show. Thanks for your comments. 8-)
omarin Playability: 2
computer didnt do nothig

Balance: 2
i wasent atack except for the begining, during the game didnt lose men except for the towers, enemy just didnt work was boring a a peace of cake to win ( dont know if something was wrong with the AI)

Creativity: 3

Map Design: 3
normal map i think

Story/Instructions: 4
i knew what i had to do so i guess a 3 is ok elemental

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 03/03/06 @ 11:44 AM]

File Author

Just out of curiousity; How could a game which one person is saying is "too difficult" and requires, "too many reloads"... do nothing when YOU play it???

Don't you find that a little odd? Are you two guys playing the same game?

At what level are you playing?? If you are playing "easy" or "sandbox", you need to get the courage to up it a notch or two. Same as I told the other guy... if it is too difficult, lower it to your level of ability.

I'm sorry but I don't control the AI on these games... you need to write to Ensemble Studios, the people that made the game, to complain about what the AI does or doesn't do.

Again, I am baffled that one person says it's too hard and you say it doesn't do anything. Is it possible for a game to behave so differently from one download to another? Don't really know what else to tell you.

[Edited on 02/28/06 @ 06:25 AM]

omarin hi mrrags1 i saw your post and i was curius about what i posted so i downloade the game again today and played it in expert and moderate dificulty to see if that was the problem but no,was practicly the same, except for the towers - they shot faster but (computer setlers just didnt move ) so at the end i went to the game stats and computer didnt gather anything i guess thats why i was never atacked, sorry for the rating my friend (is there anyway i can delete it? dont want to afect you ) ....dont know what is wrong with the AI, and as you say dont know if it is possible for a game to behave in such diferent ways from one download to another.
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