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It's Nothing Personal... Just War (1.10)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
It's Nothing Personal... Just War.

Hello there folks, it's Aaron90 once more.

I've seen the huge success this mod has experienced among the AoE3 Heaven community. It's been a while since I've been here, but I'm back to bring you a new version of this mod.

Once more, the Extreme Fortification 3.0 (PC) mod of Lord_KiLLMS, was the base work of this new stuff.

Now for the list of changes:

- The saloon units were restored to their original state. But some of the civs can create more mercenaries on the saloon than others. (Turks, Dutch, Spanish, British, Germans and Portuguese)

- The population limit was expanded from 200 to 250.

- (New feature for the "Extreme" difficult players): In order to make a more fair game between human and AI players, settlers and military units train times were reduced to none. So from now on, you can create instantly any unit you want.

- The training times of artillery units were reduced to half. Ex. the Royal Cannon used to have like 100.0000 train points, so it was reduced to only 50.0000.

- Some civs will enable certain units by researching the unique technology that summons it. But you need to have in your Home City deck the Royal Decree card. Ex. The British can now enable their Rogers Rangers after they research the same technology.

(This will apply to the Portuguese, the Spanish, the British and the Dutch)

After this short preview of recent changes, I will explain the original features (for those who are about to download this mod for the first time):

This mod it's aimed to turn AoE3 and its expansions into a war-aimed game. Also, it will try to give the game some historical accuracy. These are the mayor highlights...

- The Ottoman Empire will take full advantage of their vast dominions and it will send to battle their egyptian, balkan and barbary subjects. So from now on, the Ottomans can create (from the saloon) Mameluke and Stradiot cavalry, and Barbary Corsair infantry. Also, they can now create from their stables their powerful Spahi cavalry.

- The Germans are ready to resurrect the old glorious days of the Holy Roman Empire. As for this, they can now summon from their HRE provinces: the Hessian Jaegers, the loyal Swiss Pikemen, the brave Landsknechts and the cold-blooded Black Riders.

- The Hapsburg Spanish are ready to defend their newfounded power by summoning their most famous Wild Geese cavalry (Hackapells)*. Also, they will take advantage of their italian holdings by sending to battle the powerful Elmeti.

- The British Empire will not fall behind either. They are ready to fight for glory and riches by sending their famous scottish soldiers: the Highlanders, and their frontier soldiers: the Roger Rangers*.

- The Republic of the Seven United Netherlands (Dutch), will defend their riches 'till the last man if necessary. Even if they contract the services of the Swedish Fusiliers if they are needed, or by summoning their Stadholders (Musketeers)* or their Waardgelders (Stradiots)*.

Only for European Nations: the capability of create from the Town Center, Fort Wagons (You can only build 25 forts).

- As a bonus, the Sioux can now create from the Corral their Dog Soldiers; as for the Aztec Empire, they can create from the Nobles Hut their deathly Skull Knights. No more dancing for them.

Note: This mod is not ESO friendly. If you want to play online, made a backup of the protoy, techtreey and stringtabley.

*Royal Decree card needed.

Instructions: Just pick and drop all files into the data folder of Age of Empires III
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kesh56 this looks superb, i'm dying to try it out, and i'll get back to you fast, the idea of taking merc and train the is great !!!!!! just hope there are no limits to train spahis, and i think adding a super expensive boneguard units might be good too :)
kesh56 i would love this even more if you can combine it with this http://aoe3.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=1643
please try, :-) then email me at kesh_56@yahoo.com.sg thanks

[Edited on 12/10/09 @ 10:45 AM]

Lord_KiLLMS Would it hurt to ask? Remember that i did spend months perfecting my mod...

Nice to see my mod has some users though, i thought all my hard work was all for nothing due to poor amount of feedback.

Anyway i wish your mod all the best and because my 2 months vacation just started i have all the time in the world, so if you ever need any help you may be in luck.
maxter1999 Playability: 1
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Creativity: 1
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Art and Sound: 1
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Installation/Instructions: 1
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Story/Description: 1
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Additional Comments:

[Edited on 12/17/09 @ 10:44 PM]

Official Reviewer

Your Reviewes in AOE3 Heaven Were Deleted because they don't follow the guidelines.

You can see the guidelines for reviewes here:

In general you cannot give a review of "1" just because you don't like the scenario/mod.

Please do NOT post reviews like that any more.

I have sent you several emails about that.

If you continue to post reviews that don't follow the guidelines then I will have to BAN you.

Thank you,

Moshe Levi
AOE3 Heaven Games Moderator

[Edited on 12/17/09 @ 10:47 PM]

rob7724 o you know how i can use the patrol or guard feature on military units on another mod that uses your fortification modpack theme created by Lord_KiLLMS. Your pack is awesome but is missing Every military unit (including ships) can now patrol an area or guard another unit from the modpack that Lord_KiLLMS created.
camo90 Since I am Padanian, and I am proud of that, please don't say anymore that the elmeti are neapolitan, because they're milanese, the game itself explain it in the history section.... and there are also other historical errors... fusiliers are swedish, and hackapells finnish, so what's the link between them and the Holy Roman Empire? -_-
joelkad Hi, thanks for this mod! it's great.
one thing i found is that when playing as ottos, the imans don't heal at all. just stand around. should i fix it from the protoy?
joelkad And how do i turn natural resources to normal (not infinite)?
File Author
Hello there this is Aaron90,

This is a big surprise for me! I didn't imagine that this mod would be a success.

It's been a long since I played AoE III, because I switched to another game. But it's nice to see that your job it's appreciated.

camo90: My apologies for saying that the Elmeti were Neapolitans. By the way, in this new game I'm playing (Let's just name it EU3), the Hapsburg Spanish had some presence on Lombardia. So... I think that the Elmeti will be at the service of the Spanish after all.

As for the Swedish Fusiliers and the Finnish Hackapells on the HRE... Well let's face it... The Germans don't have the best cavalry and infantry of the game (In my opinion). So I decided to added as a bonus. Think of it as a Alternate History.

joelkad: This is new for me. But you read the post before. Feel free to correct it if you can. As while as you let me know how the hell did you manage to did it.

Again, thanks for all the support.

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