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Revan and the Dutch

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Game Version: TWC
This is my first Scenario I made on AOE3 (TWC)
I already did on aom.


The Dutch fort "Gulden geld" Thats in control of the Dutch Bank Company has been attacked by natives and lately the Spanish also showed up.
You "Revan" have to reinforce the fort that is still under control of the dutch but can fall in the Spanish and Native's hands easy.

» You can just play it in custom scenario, the difficulty level can be chosen in the game.
» About the difficulty level don't think that you are an expert because sandbox can be done but easy is getting harder and moderate is getting much harder.

Place the files
"The Dutch Bank Company.age3Xscn" and
"The Dutch Bank Company.bak" in your scenario folder.
You can find it in documents > My games > AOE 3

Have fun playing!
I whould like some reviews

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Teutonic Twit First,
Jelmer and other designers, PLEASE name your game files the same as your Scenario file. This one's file name is "Revan and the Dutch" but the upload is named "The Dutch Bank Company".
Please keep a correlation between the two!!!

Played your scenario twice, and I won't be reviewing it at this time because it has problems, but I will comment.

I DID enjoy your scenario, it was fun, don't get me wrong. BUT, it has problems ( that should be re-looked at) but it has great potential.

Both game plays I did, something (killed something, etc.) in mid-game that sent me back to the home page.

Scenario wasn't to bad (didn't finish, got to the second half (tree thing) and it went back to the home page.

Had a couple of problems with this scenario.

First, instructions were extremely weak, needs more clarification (where is the Spanish base?, couldn't locate hero in base with out clicking on everybody, etc., Also Some of the treasures couldn't be picked up). Just a bunch of little problems.

Second issue, you have the allies and the enemy sharing the same color (until you allied with them). Half the time you don't know who to attack or not. That should be changed.

I was finally able to get through the first part (guess I didn't do something out of sequence)as was able to get into the second part.

(FYI, You have fun stuff going on here, it just needs some work.

As it sits now (bugs,instructions, etc), maybe a low 2. Cleaned up and corrected maybe high 4's, maybe a 5.

Here's wishing you luck on you process (like your stuff).

File Author
Thank for your comment but when i tested it everything worked. And that of the spanish base just search or it is too easy, few bugs are possible but maybe I uploaded my older version. I mean that i worked out most problems i had myself.And you said after killing/destroying something you went back to the main menu???
Are you sure that some allies have the same colour as enemies? so yes wich colour.
Know that when a scenario is just on internet there is a 90 percent chance that it is not perfect but that there are a few problems.
By the way can anyone teach me a bit about cinematics it is my weakest thing

sorry for the (maybe) bad English i am Dutch

[Edited on 12/30/09 @ 06:04 AM]

File Author
Does someone else have something to say, or one of the same problems.
so yes dont keep it for yourself
Teutonic Twit Jelmer,

This input is intended to give you useful information re. your scenario and is not meant to be negative.

Regarding team colors, the player's units (Revan) are blue, while the enemy are red.
But the first group of troops you rescue from the stockade, the Gatling gun, the Renegado Horse riders and pikemen (which do attack the enemy)as well as the the civilians near the second stockade and all units inside the fort are also red until you make contact with the Dutch base(and all turn to blue). Not the best way.

The question about where is the Spanish base was caused because your "hidden base" was too close to the Dutch base and became visible very easily, and was mistaken for the Spanish base (until you played the game, you understand the differences). If you had included a statement that it was to the East, it would be more understandable.

I played your scenario again and it worked okay, (didn't send me back to the home page). Only problem I had related to the scenario design was that the hero (Calvin?), in the "tree" portion, was unplayable as he was landlocked in the rocks and couldn't get out.
I was still able to win the game.

As I said, it's a nice little scenario, fun to play...it just needs a little polish/changes to give it a good rating.

I'll wait a week or so before I rate, so if you desire, you can revise any/all the issues I mentioned.

Wishing you good luck on a very promising scenario.

[Edited on 01/04/10 @ 11:37 PM]

File Author
Well I dont know how but the units in the fort are red with you but with me they are blue.
And you never vree a gatling gun the first are 8 skirmisers who will move with you for a while.
Oh by the way; it will take some time before I fix (real) problems (the once I can see myself) because i am making another one and guess what......... with revan!
Question: when you destroy the spanish town center, do the musketeer attacks stop then?(i do not know if i already fixed it:P)

[Edited on 01/05/10 @ 10:33 AM]

Teutonic Twit Jelmer,

Maybe I wasn't clear enough, let me try again.

After rereading my post I understand your confusion. Yes, the first rescued/freed group are 8 skirmishers (and they do attack the enemy). I didn't intend to imply the first freed group was the Gatling Gun. I was trying to explain that the "first freed" group AND the Gatling Gun, as well as the other units mentioned (as a "group") remained "red" until you bring the deer back to the Dutch camp).

If you venture "Easterly" before you enter the Dutch camp and encounter the "Gatling Gun", Renegado Horse riders and pikemen, they will attack the enemy, but remain red again until the completion of the deer task.

Also, the second rescued group, the Swiss Pikes, and the two nearby villagers remain "red" until the deer is brought back.

Once you enter the Dutch camp and first make contact, "only" the two Jaegers turn blue (to complete the deer task. Once the deer is recovered and returned "ALL" allied units turn blue.

I think if all the allied units had been a different color,(say yellow)until the deer task has been completed, it would be a little better. (I have no clue "how to do" but if As_Saffah stops by she might explain how).

And to answer your question, YES, the musks keep spawning from the TC site, after the TC is destroyed.

PS: Glad to hear you're working the scenario into a series...

[Edited on 01/05/10 @ 07:44 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Really easy to move around. Only a couple of glitches.

Balance: 3
I like all the fighting but it can get to much. I do like the deer thing though.

Creativity: 4
Like, the idea of what's happening.

Map Design: 4
Very good design. Looks like a default map. (In some parts.)

Story/Instructions: 4
Nice stroy and instructions. Quite clear.

Additional Comments:
Could I make an edit? Just for fun. :)
File Author
QWW123 thanks for your review.
Did you have the same thing as the other one like the units in the fort red?
Official Reviewer


Your reviews are too short.

Please take the time to write longer reviews with more details about things you liked or didn’t like.

Each category should be at least 5 lines long.

Please take a look at other reviews to see how they were written.

Thank you,

AOE3H Moderator
QWW123 Lol,
Fort Red?

i foreget stuff a lot. lol stuff to do.
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