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Revan and the Dutch

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Game Version: TWC
This is my first Scenario I made on AOE3 (TWC)
I already did on aom.


The Dutch fort "Gulden geld" Thats in control of the Dutch Bank Company has been attacked by natives and lately the Spanish also showed up.
You "Revan" have to reinforce the fort that is still under control of the dutch but can fall in the Spanish and Native's hands easy.

» You can just play it in custom scenario, the difficulty level can be chosen in the game.
» About the difficulty level don't think that you are an expert because sandbox can be done but easy is getting harder and moderate is getting much harder.

Place the files
"The Dutch Bank Company.age3Xscn" and
"The Dutch Bank Company.bak" in your scenario folder.
You can find it in documents > My games > AOE 3

Have fun playing!
I whould like some reviews

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Teutonic Twit Thank you Moshe,
I figured this was going to happen. I didn't want to bang him, glad you said something. I'll try to educate the younin'

You need to read the "Review Guidelines" before you write a review, and then keep referring back to it as you review.

I'm going to write a review regarding this scenario, and I hope you take note. I'm not the best but I do alright. I would like you apply what you learn here to your "New Sweden" review. You can edit your reviews, hope you do.

Moshe, I don't know if it's appropriate but could you explain to Jelmer about color-coded allies?
If it's not appropriate, just let it ride.
PS: Also, please check "The Ottoman Attack", I think something got missed.

[Edited on 01/07/10 @ 02:10 AM]

QWW123 Sorry, (again) Anyway about The Ottoman Attack I haven't gotten around to change the file. (New computer finally up.) I'll do that now.
Teutonic Twit
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
This scenario has a lot of playability. Should score a little higher here, but I ran into several problems here, so I reduced it one point.

Twice, I did something and it quit the game, went back to the home site, (don't know what happened).

The team colors are weird and confusing. Until you complete the first task, all enemy/allies are red (they may start out yellow but they convert to red) You can attempt to attack "red" units but find out they are allies.

As you increase game difficulty level it does get harder (good point). Some triggers fire correctly, some times they don't, ambush etc.

Some treasures can't be picked up,

Balance: 4
Balance is a real plus here. If you just play this game without some planing/preparation, you will lose. It requires you to "be prepared". You can't build fences so you have to plan ahead. You can be "surprised" with superior forces. A very fun thing that might require a couple restarts.

Creativity: 4
A lot of creativity here, fun scenario...lot of surprises, be prepared. Interesting, side quests, which provided some bonuses, different areas to explore, required multiple counters... some old tricks used but they work very well here (no points off). Spamming of enemy troops keeps you on you toes...it stops at one point, but comes back when you lease expect it, too bad they didn't attack.(A partial point off for that)

Was disappointed with "hidden" camp location, could have been farther away from the base camp, was to easy to see. (more later).

The "final" task is very creative, but way to simple. The "hero" did get "trapped" in the rocks on one replay and was unplayable.That didn't take away from the ability to win, put it did speak to "detail".

Map Design: 3
Good map, many places to explore. Being a very "large" map, it lacked eye candy, but that was understandable. Nice placement of items put it just didn't feel complete, couldn't quite do the 4 level.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story was okay, but you never knew what to do.

"Attack the Spanish camp". If you're going to have the "hidden camp" so close to the base camp, you should have given a direction yo the Spanish camp (look east).

"Attack the Indian camp". If you attacked around the area, it came up to late.

Additional Comments:
Why so many resorts available near the end of the scenario? The gold/miners, etc. way too late. They were of little value at the end of the game. It should be something you obtain much earlier on (like in the Indian horse area). The "hidden" camp was too big and too close to the base camp. Reduce down the size of the camp and have more challenges. It's as if you ran out of "creativity" toward the end of the scenario.

A lot of little problems, but they are all resolvable, this could be a great scenario with some modifications. On the other hand you could leave it alone and just create some great scenarios with the input you've gotten.
Good Luck!

[Edited on 01/12/10 @ 04:50 AM]

QWW123 What you said before i will take this as an example.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
While the playabilty at first seemed like it would be ok, it was hurt badly by the fact that when I saved it while playing, and then came back to play I changed players from purple to blue. Revan became uncontrollable which completely through me off of what was happening.

Balance: 3
I didn't see any balance troubles per se. But I didn't play it all the way through.

Creativity: 3
The idea was creative enough, however I had to take away points due to the fact that there were really no instructions or rhyme or reason to the general gameplay. I will say though that because my game changed from the purple to the blue player, that the whole thing may have been off kilter making it hard to judge because the triggers and such may have been affected.

Map Design: 2
I was unable to get two of the treasures to the right...The ones guarded by wolves. I could not get either the Boneguard unit or the 30% HP increase after I killed the guardians. There may be other issues, but to be honest when I switched to player blue...Revan and my other units were no longer under my control so I didn't continue to play much longer. There wasn't much in the way of eye candy...and the elevations on most of the map were either low or high...it was better close to the center fort.

Story/Instructions: 1
There really is no instruction except get to the fort and reinforce it. The story line is also pretty lacking. The Indians have attacked and the Spanish too is pretty light as far as story lines go. Story is a section of scenarios that can be done pretty easily by merely adding some background info. For example...who is Revan? Why is he here? Was he sent by someone? Does he have a score to settle with the Indians or Spanish? Something along those lines would help a lot.

Additional Comments:
I may try to play it through...but I'm guessing that there may be trigger that I can not make happen because I no longer have control of Revan, so it may end up being pointless. Hope this helps. I haven't reviewed anything in a loooooong time so I'm just getting my feet wet again.
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Map Design3.0
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