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Custom Trilogy

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Game Version: TAD
C. Capture:

Capture the Flag! A flag bearer is located in the center of the map, Find it first with your units. After 2 minutes of having it, you will Capture it. When this happens the flag will EXPLODE! All units nearby will die and the flag will be reset. Also when this happens everyone who isn't on your team will lose 1 food (life).
-If a player loses all their food, they will lose the game.
-If a player loses all his men, he will lose the game.
-The player bases circle the map, but the buildings have too much HP to destroy.
-Kills count for coin, 1 kill = 5 coin.
-Wood is gained from EXP.
-There is also a coin trickle.
-All regular units cost coin.
-Super Mercenaries cost lots of coin.
-Super Native units cost Wood.
-Unit upgrades (available at respective buildings) cost both wood and coin.
-Difficulty sets number of lives, 1-5, the harder you set the difficulty, the more lives you have.

C. Defense:

Defend your base! Int this map you must defend your base while trying to Breech your ennemie's.
-Regular units cost coin
-Super Mercenaries cost lots of coin
-Natives are normal and cost lots of wood
Coin is gained from kills, Breeching and being Breeched:
- 1 kill = 10 coin
- 1 Breech = 20 coin
- 1 Breeching you = 5 coin
In FFA the players are placed circular, in Teams the teams are placed opposite each other.
-Unit upgrades (available at respective buildings) cost both coin and wood
Keep an eye on your Jaeger on the small banking island, he will lose 1 HP for every Breech, when he dies you lose. Difficulty sets the HP of your Jaeger:
Watch out! Not every unit may coint towards a breech if sent in large groups! Send them in 1 at a time to guarentee each unit counts as a Breech.

C. Strategy:

Devellop the ultimate Strategy to win! Balance economy and military while keeping your ennemy's strategy in mind! Everything costs one resource, which is seleced randomly. That includes buildings, repair, units, and upgrades available at the store. The store is located on a banking island.
-make a purchase by moving the unit to the flag
-only one unit can be near the flag at a time to make a purchase
-for a full list in-game of items and cost move Kanyenke to the flag
Here is a full list of items:
-Settler: 2 Settlers for 200
-Coureur: 2 Coureurs for 300
-Settler Wagon: 2 Settler Wagons for 400
-Nonahkee: increased gather rate 10% for 1250
-Kuechler: Infantry combat upgrade 15% for 500
-Alain: Cavalry combat upgrade 15% for 500
-Plains Chief: Native combat upgrade 25% for 1250
-Redoubt Cannon: Artillery combat 15% upgrade for 700
-Harbormaster: increase build speed 65% for 625
-Washington: increase villager HP 35% for 625
-Boneguard: increase building HP 40% for 625
-Pet Animals: sends some pet animals for 300, limit of 3 times
-Supply Wagon: 1.25 resource trickle for 500
You must have an HC spawn location (tower) in order to send units from store!
-Spend 10K at the store and you will recieve either Mango Groves, Cherry Orchards or a Bank wagon (depending on the resource)
-Super Natives are available at the Native Embassy
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BurningSushi460 I may not have downloaded it yet but judging from the screenshot it looks very boring. You might want to spice up the map with scenery and challenges in order to keep players interested. Say, some hills, differing terrain, or rocks, or grass, or something alive. If you do that, the map will be a lot more enjoyable and people will be more urged to play it.
File Author
Custom Trilogy Ladder is NOW UP!! Climb your way to the top by playing any of these three maps online against your friends! Then check out your ranking HERE:


[Edited on 12/31/09 @ 01:33 PM]

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