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Zombie Cave Final

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TAD
# of Players: 4
4 human players aganist waves of enemy units, the longer you last the harder it gets. new features include;
top 4 is humans team 1, bottom 2 is comps team 2, civ don't matter, difficulty dont matter.

only 2 computer player attacking instead of 4, but it is just as hard.
gates that have a timer on them. as soon as you stand next to the flag spot the gate opens for only a certian time, some gates the person that opened it will not make it in time. the other players will have to find a way to open that gate later.
there is random tiggers like boss rounds and the comp attacking other players.
and there is miners to help get coin.
post how far you got. the recort is 30 mins so far.

VERSION 9 fixs- some important issues with the comp player.

VERSION 12 fixs- some gates not opening, balance things more. comp doesn't get stuck in one spot and gather an army up. and other things i can't think of right now.

Version 14 fixes,Miners spawn at the room where the tent is and not a the start.
host able to teleport players heros if they get stuck.
and more balance issues.

Version 16 fixes- miners hps are increased.
more units to buy, you can buy the miners sooner. (after you kill the tower that is in the indian village.)
gave some more upgrades to the players.
the boss rounds give you 900 coin now instead of 700.
Version 17 fixes- issues with gates. and made ajustments to rounds and enemy units.
Version 18 fixes- some things to make is more balanced. this might be the last version before the Final version. thanks for everyone that help me play this map online. this map never plays the same, the radom boss rounds and random attacks make sure it never get boring.
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File Author
the record now is 40 mins, and made it to outside at the indian village.
Samez7 The gate system is so hard to operate, it seems only some players can unlock some gates etc... NEEDS more instruction as it is such a good map otherwise! Maybe a readme would suffice :D
ArchSamurai How do i play this online?
tony20060601 to pay it only do this:
- go to host game
- where it has the drop button press it, go to the scenarios bit.
- now it should show al scenaros now you find this.

If your talking about how to get it into saved scearios do this:
-press my computer
-go to games
-go to age of empires 3 folder
-go to scenarios folder.
-put the scenario file into thescenario file and then u can play it.

Now my question:does the spawning system work the same way as the old versions?
File Author
answers to both. the gate does have a glicth where sometimes or all the time, player 2 can not buy any of the gates. i am looking into that trying to figure it out. but the gates i made so people have to try to find the spot (with the flags) to open them and they have to figure out where it opens i did a camara cut so it goes to the gate that opened. if anyone has a idea how to make it easier to figure out, help will be great.
2nd the spawning system of enemy units is one a looped trigger. like the Nazi zombie map, but the rounds are different the rounds go by the number of kill, example round 2 starts when a player reaches 40 kills. and then round 3 starts at 70 kills. so if you stay at the first room too long you guys are sure to get overpowered. the bosses are random, every 5 mins either a boss round or the comp just attacks a different player. i hope this helped everyone.
Samez7 Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I knew it was designed so that you had to try and workout which gates opened which areas, it was just frustrating when some players can open some gates while others can't. By the sounds of things you are trying to fix that anyway so no problem.

Just to give you a heads up, I think the cut scenes showing the gate opening works perfectly. I can't think of a better way too do that myself, can't fault it.

A possible idea may be that when you get past a certain part of the level, you can operate switches that keep earlier gates permanently open. For example in the 4th chamber there is a switch that destroys/keeps open the first gate you use. I don't think this would really help the player, except to move the miners around the map as they seem to die instantly when spawning later on in the game as they have no protection.

Anyway hope that helps with the ongoing development for you (:
File Author
the new version that i am working on fixes...
1- a way for the host to teleport a players hero back to the start if he gets stuck inside the mine walls.
2- fixed the miners. now when you kill a tent the miners spawn in the same room as the tent.
3- added more units to buy. and change the cost of the buyable miners from 750 to 400. 750 was way too much.
4- try to fix player 2 but it still might not be right. if someone can open my map in the editor and look under the group trigger player blockers, and try to makes sense out of it. i am going to post beta version 13 on later today.
the gates do get deleted later on in the map (after the 2 tower room) so you can move around to any unit to buy and the miners can move around to other mines.
Samez7 Didn't actually have a chance to play Beta 14, will get round to this one and let you know what I think!
File Author
we lasted 1 hour and 15 mins, made it to the end of map and continued playing. with the help of me, matterkiller, Lockon7, Yopapa, Tybalt. i am going to post a version 18 soon. if anyone has any ideas to make it better let me know.
EL_tres I want to rebalance the strelets to 40 coin and increase the gate timer to 60 seconds for the first 3 gates.

No one knows how to play this and they end up quitting, so we need to dumb this down a little.

Everytime I try to eidt the scenario I get an out of sync error when I play on ESO. Do you have some sort of code to prevent people from editing your game? And if so, how do I get around it? You obviously don't care about these scenarios anymore, since you never update them.

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