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Celebatory Game

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Andes
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Total Game Time: 24 minutes
Player 1's Name: Humility
Player 2's Name: _LuckyReturner
Game Version: TAD
So I found out I was rusty, very rusty, and after a series of losses I decided to practice against the comp to get my time up and here is my first game since then.

This game was just a series of brain farts and mistakes on my part, but it was against a lieutenant colonel, so still worth posting.


Here is my first big mistake, look at that herd, looks like just one herd doesn't it? Well, actually that is two very small herds. I didn't register that, instead I just thought, "Okay, I have the second herd, that'll last me until I build a second TC." My inability to count will bite me in my ass soon.


As I moved along I was going to do an FF or more precisely a semi-FF, I chose to do a Semi-FF using the 3 SW card instead of a military card or a Crate card because I knew beynd a shadow of a doubt he was going to do an FF and I was completely safe from anything except raids.

But that shouldn't have been a problem, except I had a big minute long brain fart starting at 6 minutes and ending ad 6:50 in which I completely spaced out and just ran on auto-pilot. This ed to the scenario where I just watched my Ulahns and Explorer be wasted with the same fascination one has while watching ants fight, I completely failed to have one thought while I was so totally spaced out.

This brain fart lasted until about here,


It took him attacking my villagers to snap me out of it, so I ended up losing some. I lost a three villager equivalent and he lost four huskarls.


Thats the fourth huskarl getting shot.

Well I aged up, and now here is where the two tiny herds bit me in the ass, for the three minute period between the last two pics, I ran out of food and had to move everybody halfway across the map to to find more food. This somewhat really hurt my progress, even though in all honesty my game was shot back when the Uhlans were killed. But I at least wanted to put up more of a fight.


But while trying to make something of an army, he omes in with goons and 4 cuirs and attacks my SW and all I have are three dopples, of course this is enough to do some major harm and repel him, but not before I lose another SW.

As he runs away, I manage to send a 5 Dopple card and make 5 more dopples out f my barracks, then with this force of ten dopples and three Uhlans I give pursuit, right into a maws of a couple of cannons.


Actualy, I seem to be doing pretty good there, looks like Dopples high HP is more then enough for a handful of goons, cuirs and a couple of measly cannons. Oh wait, reinforcements coming from the bottom right! As you can see this is where it ends.


That looks positive, I seem to have that in the bag, but the jokes on me, you see I got so engrossed watching that fight guess what I forgot? Give up? I forgot to maintain villager and military production, he didn't, oopsies.

Also, almost all those dopples are critical HP, one more blast from the cannon and the battle ends up like


Yeah, he has three goons and a cannon left, plus reinforcements coming. I still haven't built any vills because I'm still too engrossed in the carnage.


So, he gets his reinforcements and makes a move on my turf, I get 9 Uhlans and a handful of Dops and scare him away and here is my force giving chase.

Still no villagers being produced, I want to slit my wrists for being so easily entertained.


Here is the chaos of the fight.


And here is his last two cuirs being chased away by my dops, I would have had them too if not for,


A damn pack of skirmishers. I retreat, snap out of my stupor only to realize my goose is cooked and the only goal left for me is to try to end this with a big fight. I figure he is going to go to Goon/skirm with a dash of Cuirs, My plan is to and break his next wave by making a bunch of skirms and Dops, Skirms would take the brunt while the Dops stay to the side and try to hit the French skirmishers from the rear massacring them. This would hopefully by myself enough time to collect the 1000 wood shipment and build myself two more TCs across the river, with a fort. Then I would make a ton of War Wagons and cannons and end the game with one great big glorious battle!


All it took to blow that plan was a little distracting and insignificant skirmish, once again I forgot everything to watch the fight.


Heh Heh! Watch them run!


What, this doesn't look good.


Ach! I'm being slaughtered! Its like my guys are going over the top in WW1!


Oh $%^&


As you can see by the minimap, I sorta failed to apply the military aspect of the strategy to end this in a bang and went straight for the bastion of defense hoping my old town would give me time, maybe three Town Centers and a Fort giving each other protection would hold them off until I get some troops, after all he isn't using artillery.


Maybe not the best location though.


Certainly a bad location.

Well thats all folks, I lost... obviously.
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