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Gatling Wars 6.30

Author File Description
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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
Hi, musketeer925 here with his first major scenario, Gatling Wars! I've put together a multiplayer scenario where 4 players duel with mounted Gatling Guns and Colonial Militia, and a Kill Award System.

Please Rate!

-Over 300 Triggers
-Kill Award System
-Nukes, Airstrikes,& ScatterBombs
-High-HP Gatling Guns
-4 Players
-Any Team Set-Up works fine, FFA is my
-Difficulty Sets Amount of starting Men and Gatling Gun HP
-Capturable Center that gives bonus powers
-Balance triggers
-Somewhat-Nice-Looking Terrain
-Great Fun!

Download Instructions:
1. Click Download (Duh)
2. Download to Desktop
3. Extract from .zip File
4. Place in My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario

If you would like to request any older versions, send me an email at musketeer925@gmail.com

Please feel free to leave comments, criticism, or ideas.

Known Glitches:
-Fort only works once.

If you find any other glitches, please tell me!

Removed the 1000-kill nuke. Replaced Colonial Militia and Gatling HP at the first island. Replaced meteorite at the 250-kill island with an effect that boosts the center's power. Boosted the Center's strength and made the fire pit's name reflect a countdown to when its effects occur. Many balance changes.
Nerfed Voltiguers slightly; Put a HP limit on for the middle; Removed lighting effects; Removed some useless effects.
Nerfed Voltiguers slightly; Fixed the 'Damned Tree' (hopefully); Fixed P3's Regat; Nerfed Center some; Erased a stray island; deleted some useless effects; Fixed a spot where P2 spawned in P3's base.
Fixed AirStrike's Hotkey, Slightly Reduced Lag, Un-Nerfed Center, Fixed AirStrike so it couldn't be activated at the Award Islands
Added Lightsets, varied terrian, attempted to make AirStrike on a Hotkey
Fixed the center's conversion triggers.
A fail.
The Center Nuke for P2 now damages P1's units. The Center's conversion triggers have been updated to work almost instantly and it now displays a message telling when someone takes the Center.
Can no longer Delete Gatling and get a Survival Award. Fixed Major glitch killing a player without his Gatling. Fixed & Updated all Messages from Awards. Lag reduced significantly.
Improved balance and Fixed Glitches.
Reworked Mines, Changed 40 Cows to 40 Voltigeurs, Fixed Player 4's AirStrike, Changed Scatterbomb so it doesn't hurt who activates it, Bumped Up Alternate Gatling Awards.
Fixed Glitches, Moved Base Nuke to 500 kills, Added complete nuke at 1000, can now put multiple flagmen in the awards at 1st island.
Fixed Major Glitch with 2nd Island, Fixed some other Glitches.
Fixed Glitches, Added Nuke Island, Added Survival Island, Improved Instuctions.
Fixed Unworking Triggers (Forgot to test 4.1)
Fixed Precision Airstrike causing OOS
Added 3rd KillAward Island
Fixed some major glitches with the SuperKill Awards from 3.0
Added SuperKill Awards; Fixed minor Glitches
Fixed More Glitches, Changed Dynamic Terrian Trigger Set-up
Fixed Glitches
Added dynamic trees and chokepoints
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
As_Saffah It's a fun colosseum variant that doesn't lag, because you're not fielding hundreds of OP units.

What is the purpose of putting all the test versions together in the same download? They appear to be the same game, except the latest version has fewer errors and progressively more fun stuff.

I would just put 3.2 up for download and, as you refine the map further, you can edit or update the download to always have just the latest version.
File Author
I dunno, I thought maybe some people might like some of the different versions better, say the want plain old version 1, or maybe they don't like the awards at the second island. I'm just letting people choose their favorite ones. Maybe just version 1 and the latest (just because version 1 is soo much different).

And, btw, if you end up in a long stalemate game between two people that won't die, it DOES end up lagging because bothplayers end up with like 800 Hp and 400 attack and 300 men. :P

Oh, and btw, check out my newest scenario, Jungle Defenders. It's here in the Multiplayer scetion.

[Edited on 03/31/10 @ 10:37 AM]

jo2305 How do I install this map (scenario)?
And also, will this work if I only have aoe3 or do i need tad also?
Sorry, Im new here.
File Author
Read my original post next time:

Download Instructions:
1. Click Download (Duh)
2. Download to Desktop
3. Extract from .zip File
4. Place in My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario

And yes, you will need TAD to play.
jo2305 k thanks!
i've gotta get TAD then...it seems like most of the maps on this site require it.
File Author
Yep, for $30(US)(new) TAD isnt a bad deal, and probaly over 50% of players play on TAD, but also paired with TWC for the most part.
Mister SCP
lol we have the bundled pack with AOE3+TWC+TAD aviable for 30€.

Nice scenario by the way ;)
File Author
The complete edition is 50 USD here.(Btw, 30 Euro is Approx. $40.08.)
And thanks for the comment on the scenario :) Version 5.0 should be out by tomarrow night.
File Author
Thank you for the review! I am compelled to ask what you might add in the way of map design if it was your scenario, since you rated it as a 3. I agree that it is just functional, but IMO, that's all it really needs to be.

Just wondering if you would add anything...
Killinstinct Maybe some buildings like it's in an urban area. But I think the map design isnt the most important thing of this game.
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