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M925 Trigger Set 1.25

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3
Just a trigger set for those of you who love making scenarios. If you get this, I also recommend the getting the other trigger sets here at HeavenGames; there's a bunch of trigger sets here. I wrote and take credit for all these triggers unless otherwise stated.

These triggers work with any game version.

Remember to read the readme!

Special thanks to Mister SCP for teaching me how to make triggers.

New Triggers:

-QV:Player Units in Area
-QV:Player Player Resigned"
-Player Is Computer
-QV Check OR QV Check
-Quest Var Check 2
-Player is Team
-Units Owned by Ally/Enemy
-Units in Area - Ally/Enemy
-QV Diplomacy Check
-Distance to Unit - Formula *TL*
-QV Resource Count 2
-Units in Area Near Army
-Unit not at Full HP

-Army ID: Deploy
-Army Deploy Everywhere in Area
-QV:Player Set Tech Status
-QV:Player Unit Create Multi
-QV:Player QV Civfinder
-QV:Player Convert
-QV:Player Modify Protounit
-QV:Player Send Chat To Player:Font AND Color
-QV:Player Set Player Defeated
-QV:Player Set Player Won
-QV:Player Flare Minimap
-Set Costs for All Units
-Fire Event QV
-Set Computers Defeated
-Send Chat with Player Name:Font AND Color
-Send Chat To Player with Player Name:Font AND Color
-QV Get Number of Computers
-QV Get Teams
-Unit Set Tactic: Factory
-Unit Set Tactic: Treasure Ship
-Unit Set Tactic: Artillery
-Unit Set Tactic
-Damage Enemy/Allied Units in Area
-Army Deploy in Random Location
-Converter Tool V2 *TL*
-QV Set Unit Owner
-QV Set Difficulty
-QV Round
-Set Costs for Unit (M925)
-Unit Queue at Building
-Unit Work Units in Area
-Echo Unit ID
-Unit Create Multi at Nearest Unit of Type
-Unit Create Multi at Nearest Unit of Type 2
-Inflation: Save Base Costs
-Inflation: Inflate by Base Percent

Array: Conditions
-Array: Player Unit Count

Array: Effects
-Array: Set String to Player Name
-Array: Overlay Text
-Array: Overlay Text 2
-Array: Send Chat
-Array: Send Chat 2
-Array: Modify String
-Array: Modify String by String
-Array: Modify Numbers
-Array: Unit Create Multi
-Array: Unit Create Multi Random
-Array: Fire Event
-Array: Fire Event Random
-Array: Fire EVent Multi
-Array: Set String Value Random
-Array: Set String Value QV Random
-Array: Army Deploy
-Array: Army Deploy at Unit (May or may not work - Please Test and Inform me :P)
-Array: QV Army Deploy at Unit (May or may not work - Please Test and Inform me :P)
-Array: QV Army Deploy
-Array: Unit Create Multi Random at Unit
-Array: Change Unit Type
-Array: Change Unit Type Random
-Array: Change Unit Type QV

Shop: Conditions
-Shop Condition: Units in Area (M925)
-Shop Condition: Distance to Unit (M925)
-Shop Condition: Player Resource Count
-Shop Condition: Quest Var Check
-Shop Condition: Player Unit Count

Shop: Effects
-Shop Effect: Unit Create Multi (M925)
-Shop Effect: Set Tech Status (M925)
-Shop Effect: Grant Resources (M925)
-Shop Effect: Grant Resources (M925)
-Shop Effect: Modify ProtoUnit (M925)
-Shop Effect: Forbid and Disable Unit (M925)
-Shop Effect: Send Chat To Player (M925)
-Shop Effect: Set Age (M925)
-Shop Effect: Send Chat With Player Name (M925)
-Shop Effect: Damage Units in Area (M925)
-Shop Effect: Move To Point
-Shop Effect: Quest Var Modify
-Shop Effect: Convert

Good luck to you in your scenario designing!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4
I really like the verity of triggers and options that I can use. They all are very good and have many triggers that most trigger sets don't have. I have to say this is the best trigger pack out there at this time. I really hope you update this and add more..... even make another ;) Also the Array triggers can be EXTREMELY useful. I hope you update and or make a new one.

Additional Comments:
I gave it a 4 because of some of the glitches.

P.S. I'm a hard judge.
good work musketeer a great trigger set hope you can make more triggers sets :P
Lord of Spiel
Rating: 5

This trigger set is in my opinion the 2rd best trigger pack here at haeaven games, with random22's, after Mr. SCPs one.Because this trigger pack contains many timeseave and quite usefull triggers like Units in Area:Enemy/Ally ,Units is not at full HP or damage units in area ally/enemies or your civfinder and many others...
But there are also few triggers wich personaly for me a bit useless...
But these array triggers are really really useful when you fingured out how they work ;D and these triggers are on a very high scripting leve. Therefore i'll give you a 5 instead of a 4.5 except few triggers a bit lesser "useless".
And i know that in every trigger set are always few triggers wich are a bit special,so that not everyone need them ;D

In the end i just can say pls ignoremy grammar mistakes and injoy these awesome triggers :P

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