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Smashing the Rebels

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Game Version: AoE3+TAD

I have been studying triggers like no other and have comprised my first "REAL" scenario.

This scenario follows a made up story line (That i made up)and I have tried to make this scenario "VERY" difficult.

Your Explorer (Yaltem) must be near the blank units for them to convert to your team. I'd cry if you went up to a bunch of Janissaries that were going to join your team but because you explorer wasn't with you they attacked you.
so haver you explorer with you at all times!

The Story:
You are the Ottoman General Yaltem (Thats ME!) and you have been sent by your Sultan to put down a local Rebellion. On your way you became seperated with your main party and are left with a rather pitiful force of infantry. You can either search for the group you became seperated from or charge in guns blazing into the enemy encampment.

The Enemies:
Their are three enemies that must be defeated.

1. Ottoman Rebels
This is the group of Rebels are your main priority and are frankly the most powerful.

2. Ivan's Troublemakers
A passing party of Russians have decided to ally with the Rebels. They are the same color and stand between you and your main target for the beginning of the game. Not much of a threat but they are annoying. Do not worry if you go through the game and wonder why Ivan's Troublemakers are not defeated. They are linked to the Ottoman Rebels and will be defeated when you defeat them.

3. Rebellion Allies
Somehow (I don't even now how it happened)
a large force of Japanese have seized the opportunity for Alliance and are now the Ottoman Rebels Ally. They are much stronger then Ivan's Troublemakers but you won't meet them until towards the final stages of the scenario. Not much in the way of economy the Japanese will hit you hard with the troops they build out of their four dojo's.

1.Follow the Objective Details to the letter plz.
This will make things much easier in accomplishing your objectives.

2.Collect treasures! You will see why it's so important as you progress through the game.

3.Explore! Just because the objective says that the enemy base is down the west path dosen't mean you can't take a hike down the EAST PATH! (hint, hint)

4.Hitpoints. Don't freak out when you start battling crossbowmen with 400 hitpoints. I've designed the scenario so that the more units YOU KILL the more hitpoints your enemies units get. Your Janissaries will get some bonus Hitpoints as well. (Just not as much as your enemies)

5.Your first base isn't important. When you get your first base and you yell whoopee two barracks, an artillary foundry and a ton of settlers. Be warned as this is not a permanent base and is only there *temporarily.

6.Your Second base you must defend with your life! After you take that hop, skip, and a jump across the ocean and get your Second base with town center and everything! Your enemy will spot you and try it's hardest to demoslish all your precious buildings. So when you recieve this base you want to build up your forces very quickly and protect your settlers.

7.Find the Old Guy. There's an old indian cheif with mystical powers and he'll reveal the location of your enemies and provide you with the last two objectives you need to win.
Whoa, double jeopardy!

8.Be careful when fighting the Ottoman Rebels they like to make lots of Janissaries and cannon, and these arn't normal Janissaries. Their SUPER JANISSARIES! Youll have to play the game to find out why their super.

If the AI dosen't work please add an AI loader Standard to the Ottoman Rebels and the Rebellion Allies. (Ivan's Troublemakers don't have AI) I dearly hope it works though :)

I want this reviewed and commented harshly so that I can improve and update this scenario to make it better.

If you people like this scenario I'll spend more of my time in making a multiplayer version of this scenario.

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File Author
Yea I can see what your getting at with the bugs. I'll run through it a few times myself to catch what might be causing the errors.

But all in all thanks for the review. I really appreciate any form of feedback.

micdy Really fun game, thank you :)

My first try, when i first get the boat, i have explore the map a little and my boat was killed, no way to get another one? if so, at this point i had no way to get to the next island, maybe you can add a condition to make player lose when it happen?

For the town center bug you were talking, i don't know if it's the same thing, but at first i just bring my hero and some army and at this moment i was not able to use the TC, but after that, i have bring some villager and everything was OK.

Really nice use of trigger there, i just begin at making scenario, i will use this one as a model , thank :)

micdy Oh, maybe you can answer a question?
I have notice that you use multiple Start Ai Object for the same player, what effect it have?

File Author
Thanks for the comments. For the multiple AI thing. It has no effect for all I know.

I'll look into the TC bug.

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