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AoE 3: WW2 Operation Torch

Author File Description
SharpShooter99 The American's first attack in the European War side of World War 2. First attacked by the Big Red One in Operation Torch and later on was follwed by the rest of the American forces...


The first Scenario of SharpShooter's and Mercenary's long and intense campaign. AoE 3: WW2.

Coming soon... Operation Torch Part 2...(Inland battle)

Reply with rating or comment...

For more info... visit the scenario design section to see "World War 2(In revolutionary times!)Coming to soon to aoe..." thread to check out on the up coming missions and operations of WW2...
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GeneralBlack Looks Great! Nice Work!

[Edited on 02/12/06 @ 01:11 PM]

Cy Marlayne
Map Design5.0
I really liked this map and I am looking forward to the campaign. Please don't feel too bad about my rating since I'm not giving you a perfect score, I'll explain why.

Playability: 4
I experienced quite a bit of lag for the first few minutes of the scenario. It finally calmed down as my PC got used to the immense battle. Another reason why I gave you a 4 rating in this category is because the ships really didn't have a purpose. They make good eye candy and I think you should leave them, but there's no point in letting me control them if they can't be used.

Well... I did use them to garrison my musketeers so I could send them all at once at once part of the beach, which was very effective, but I'm not sure if you meant for this to happen.

One last thing was the floating pieces in the water can be controlled. They're called "Flotsam" during gameplay. They can be quite annoying when trying to select 50 troops at a time. Fortunately, however, you can delete them during gameplay. -- To solve this, why not put them under a different player?

Balance: 4
The scenario was mostly balanced, though the clumps of enemy artillery was quite ugly and odd to face. Also, one of the fixed guns kept changing sides from my side to the enemy's over and over as if a trigger was making it do this. I was finally able to destroy it, but I had to keep tasking men to hit it over and over.

Creativity: 5
Although the campaign will be based on WW2, the creativity behind this idea is still very broad. Keep up the good work!

Map Design: 5
The way you pieced scenario objects together was just beautiful. I really liked how you designed this map.

Story/Instructions: 5
I can't really judge you on the story or instructions since this is the first scenario to the campaign. The instructions for the scenario, however, were enough for me to know what to do and how to play, so that's a plus.

[Edited on 02/12/06 @ 05:47 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
i experienced no lag problems of any sort with this game, so thats cool. as what marlayne said, those sail-less fishing ships show no beneficical vaule to the gameplay, incorporating them could help. how about having a timer for them to spawn, and they contain the musketeers, so u have to get them to land before u can fight?

Balance: 3
vet/guard muskets vs imperial cassadores/skirms/highlanders? makes sense, but maybe over time ur people get better, or u have mini objectives to make better units?

Creativity: 4
quite a nice new idea, story, gameplay and map design alike. cool

Map Design: 4
yep, i liked the map. craters, lying corpes and walls all worked.

Story/Instructions: 2
pedantic i know, but ur objectives werent split up. i went straight through and detroyed his hq, then realised i had to go destroy then inca outposts and capitol. sure, i knew what to do, but that was the main thing that annoyed me in the long run.

Additional Comments:

so yeah like i said, maybe u could incorporate the fishing boats or some form of transport boats to send ur people automatically. therefore u dont need to as a player ungarrison, and it makes it more real, and has the possibility of the germans bombing early.

maybe minor mini objectives...destroy the radio tower to halt the reinforcements (instead of 8 inca outposts)...but hey, good map, i still liked it

[Edited on 02/12/06 @ 06:07 AM]

File Author
The flotsam can easily be avoided, cant u just double click on ur troops? Thats what i do...

And u can put troops in dinghy?
The fixed gun switching sides is a trigger to keep u from having it, the objective says u must destroy the fixed guns not capture so i put that trigger...

and nacaz... try spliting up ur troops, the right go right, the left go left, and the center go into interior...

[Edited on 02/12/06 @ 12:17 PM]

File Author
Any suggestions on how i should make Operation torch part 2?


[Edited on 02/12/06 @ 03:00 PM]

Liberator Awesome scenario

[Edited on 02/13/06 @ 02:12 PM]

blade5 It was a good scenario. You could improve some things though. But me i'm making a world war 3 map not WW2 but WW3 interesting to know somebody else is making a WW type map as for mine is a miny campaign also. Anyways goodjob though.
File Author
Mine is not mini, it has 20 scenarios (i know its crazy... =P but its the reall WW2...)
mercenary11 everyone download it =)

hope u enjoy

regards from

SS and Merc11
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
just hade a bit of lag but i guess it couse of mi pc

Balance: 4
i thought it was a bit easy

Creativity: 5
excellente batle

Map Design: 5
great design

Story/Instructions: 5
i knew what i neded

Additional Comments:

Great scenario my friend i hade a good time plying it, i dont donsider my self to be an excellent player and i finished it at the first try so my sugestion is that you make it a bit more dificult so you can make players swet (thast what i like about a strategy game) troops kep coming and coming so you sudenly have 500 men so you dont worry that much about loosing them you just have to worry about sending them to the right place and geting them out of the beach. but for the rest of it i think you did a very good job. congrats nice work.

for some reason i remembered the begining of "privet Ryan" .

[Edited on 03/03/06 @ 10:31 AM]

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