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War Of the Five Indias Tourney (Edited)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5
This Post has been updated Friday, August 6th. This Scenario has now been updated Thursday, July 30. It is completed. If you have downloaded it, re-download and use this version, Version 9. It fixes numerous bugs in the gameplay and corrects the historicity of the scenario. New features are in bold.


Greetings all! In addition to the amatuer scenario design contest, I would like to present a scenario I have been working on. I am going to make it also a competition. The prize: the scenario is dedicated to the winners of the tournament. In other words,

"War of the Five Indias, created by murdilator"

"Dedicated to: Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, and Player 4, scenario contest winners"

This means that wherever this scenario goes, your name goes with it. Also, I hope to inspire even some of the experts into looking into non-lame multiplayer scenario design. Or, I hope to show some ideas to the community through my scenario. I endevor to tell you this: if you join the tourney, you not only have a chance to playtest it, but, it may inspire a new point of view in your mind on balance, uniqueness, and versatility. This scenario will be played on RE so that people more people might be able to come.

Scenario Presentation:

War of the Five Indias - created by murdilator


The Persians are famed for their archers, the Turks for their horsemen, and India for its armies. - Arab proverb

Greetings. This is a scenario, played like a regular supremacy game, in which there are five types of India. Each civ has their own bonuses and sometimes drawbacks. Before I get into the new 'modded' civs though, I ought to briefly show the changes done.


- The first player who ships Sepoy Rebellion, available only to the Rajputs, gets Trade Monopoly music followed by Revolution music.

Civ Changes:

- Tamil civ replaced by more historically accurate Maratha Confederacy, which are similar, but the Tamil civ bonuses make much more sense for the Marathas.

- Nepal gets artillery (culverins and horse guns), plus cannons +25% damage.

- Marathas gets artillery (culverins and horse guns)

General Balance:

- Rajput cost standardized to 80 food, 40 wood; hitpoints increased to 185 (up from 150).

- All Mansabders only cost 1 population, BUT, you can only have one Infantry mansabder at a time, one Camel Mansabder at a time, and one Elephant Mansabder at a time, for a total of three Mansabders at a time. Also, the Urumi Mansabder has been enabled for the Mughal Empire.

- Unique or special units for each civ are slightly boosted; their Mansabders are massively boosted in armor.

- Flail elephants have doubled attack from upgrades.

- Wall limit set to 120; this is about four walls around your base.

- Extensive Fortifications card now increases wall build limit from 120 to 160.

Special Changes:

- Indian Consulate replaces Portuguese Consulate

- Russian Consulate replaces Ottoman Consulate

- All Indian civs can upgrade Armored Elephants (Terror Charge from Monastery), which, instead of training faster, are slower, but have more HP and armor.

Bug Fixes for Version 9:

- Nepal no longer gets Rajput bonuses in addition to their own

- Indian Mercenary Company increased from 22 population to 25 population, to mimic the real population of the consulate army.

- Sikhs now can only ally with the British consulate.

- Indian Mercenary Army which shipped 8 Jat Lancers is now fixed for Imperial Age. Beforehand, this bug would give you infinite Jat Lancers because the Mercenary unit didn't die. This has been completely fixed I hope.

- Rajput unit now are correctly affected by British consulate and Infantry breastplate.

- Regular and Nepalese Flail Elephants now are properly affected by Armored Elephants.

- Nepalese Siege Elephants now are properly affected by Armored Elephants.

- Indian Jat Army now only costs 5 population for the Rajputs, to mimic the real population of the consulate army.

Specific Balance

- Sowars and Rajput combo improved for the Rajputs: Rajput HP increased from 215 to 235, and Sowars -1 pop.

- Rajput ranged units now have +10% cost and train points instead of +15% cost and train points.

- Rajput Flail Elephants now affected by civ bonus of -15% hand unit cost and train points

- Nepalese Siege Elephants have 0.50% Range Resist; this is now upgrades to 0.65% with Armored Elephants.

- Mughal Urumi armor reduced from 0.40 to 0.20 to make them more fair; Urumi Mansabder armor reduced from 0.65 to 0.50.

- Marathas Jat Lancers now cost 3 pop, have 385 HP with 0.20 Range Resist, and cost 105 food, 165 coin. Also, they train faster, and are boosted in Industrial and Imperial Ages, plus Jats cost only 2 pop in Imperial. Monastary build limit set to 5 for the Marathas.

- Marathan Sowars population count increased from 1 to 2.


Highlighted Feature: Indian Consulate


So, now, you ask me, what is new with this? The Indian consulate by standard gives buildings +50% HP. I have added special techs as well and made the armies homecity shipments.

Indian Jat Army (1st army): Now changed to 4 Sowars + 1 villager (9 pop). Costs 400 Export.

Dacoit Army (2nd army): Now changed to 7 Urumi + 1 villager (15 pop). Costs 800 Export.

Indian Mercenary Army (3rd army): Now changed to 12 Sepoy + 1 villager and 2 Horse Artillery (25 pop). Costs 1600 Export. This change was done to give India some artillery and balance this consulate ally.


- Military Rickshaw now ships Flatland castle + 1 villager, which delivers 1 castle, increases castle HP and damage by 10%, and increases build limit by 1. Costs 100 export.

- Dutch Church Wagon now ships Mysticle Syllable + 1 villager, and increases Sacred Field build limit by 1 and Sacred Cow limit by 10. In addition, Sacred cows -25 food cost. Costs 150 Export.

- Coin Trickle added from German consulate. Costs 250 Export.

- German Brigade now changed to Indian Brigade. This Brigade ships 23 Chakrams (1 pop each) and 4 Horse Artillery, for a total of 47 population. Costs 2400 Export.


Highlighted Feature: Russian Consulate

Historically, the Russians and the British fought over Afghanistan and Pakistan, which was Northwestern India. I thought it would be more historically correct to place the Russians instead of the Ottomans as a consulate ally. Also, Nepal was in dire need of an economic bonus, so I switched them from Ottoman to Russian consulate. The Russian consulate is still the same as it was; there are no changes to it.

Now, on to the Civs:

Mughal Empire:

Civ Description: Urumi replace Gurkha, cheaper & less pop elephants, improved defensive structures.

To become the Mughals, ally with Indian Consulate for the first three minutes of the game.


Branched into the heart of India, this legendary culture formed the greatest Indian empire ever since King Asoka's reign, a king who lived in the time of Alexander the Great. The Mughals reached their greatest extent under Emperor Akbar, in which they not only held most of northern India, but down into the southern Deccan Plateau, down to the territory of Tamil. In the War of Independence, the Mughal Emperor attempted to retake the throne from the British East India Company. However, apart from their military accomplishments, the Mughals are reknowned for their brilliant architecture, a practice which boasts of competing with the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. From this, the ingame Mughals are meant to reflect the glory of Akbar's empire, revealing effective elephants with powerful Urumi Swordsman, not to mention exceedingly improved defensive structures.


The Mughal civilization is extremely interesting and versatile. If any of the types of India should be picked to replace India, this is it. Effective elephants with the ability to train Urumi grants this team an above and beyond place in the hallmarks of Age of Empires. The only drawback is only having access to the Indian consulate, due to disliked Mughal Imperialism.

Kingdom of Nepal:

Civ Description: Strong Gurkha, cheap Sepoy, best cannons, faster gold gathering, improved Sacred Fields, best Castle Units.

To become Nepal, ally with RUSSIAN consulate for the first three minutes of the game.


The Gurkha of Nepal, reknowned for their bravery as fighters, claimed their lineage from the Rajputs, and placed themselves as the lords of India. The nation of Nepal conquered some of the neighboring territory, but it never became as great as the Mughal Empire. Nevertheless, the Gurkha soldiers found their way into the British military as mercenaries, with a Mansabder captain over each Gurkha division. Also, historically, India had some of the best artillery regiments, so I decided to give this to Nepal.


Nepal has a problem in that they can be overwhelmed early on quickly. To fix this, I added -20% cost for Sepoys (Now 72 food, 24 coin for Nepal). However, if a sizable army of Gurkha is fielded early, say of twenty, laugh at any rush that comes your way! Starting with Disciplined Gurkha in Colonial and +1.00x bonus to Heavy Infantry, these soldiers pack a punch against other infantry. In addition, they receive disciplined Gurkha in Fortress as well, and can order another +1.00x bonus to Heavy Infantry, coupling to 4.00x bonus. What makes them a drawback is their higher cost and slow train speed. Yet, despite the Gurkha, Nepal has access to extremely fast Siege Elephants and Flail Elephants, which will surprise and level any town quickly with a chance to survive themselves. The ability to train good artillery pieces enables a crushing force with the Nepalese military. Nepal has access to British, Russian, French, and Indian consulates.

Marathas Confederacy:

Civ Description: Cheap, fast training camels, Jat Lancers, artillery, cheap villagers, +2 Sepoy every shipment, improved farming.

To become Marathas, ally with FRENCH consulate for the first three minutes of the game.


The Maratha Confederacy appeared with the arrival of General Shivaji, a brilliant general who lead a successful guerilla war against the Mughal Empire, carving his own kingdom, the Maratha Confederacy, in the Southern Deccan plateau. His armies consisted of light infantry with spears and fast, light cavalry which would perform the kazzaki, a starvation tactic, in hopes to make the enemy surrender. The infantry and artillery of the opposing side would often offer their services to the victors. The Marathas would recruit these troops and use them effectively in combat. Unlike other Indian nations, they paid the infantry and artillery on time, to make sure of loyalty and no thought of desertion. To this, the cavalry were never paid on time, but got the loot in the camps. During the War of Independence, the last Marathas monarch attempted to fight to British with what he had, but ultimately was defeated. At other times, the Marathas were allies of the British and other European powers. Interestingly enough, they even fought off the Portuguese from the field. Even with the Mughals they were often allies and enemies -- at the same time, being allied in one region, and being enemies in another. This confusion in diplomacy most likely allowed the Maratha Confederacy to ultimately lose power and dominance over the once-invincible Mughals.


For the Marathas, a fast industrial, rather than rush, is a smart idea. Why? -- because it is not only unexpected, but cheap, fast training, Honored Camels backed with artillery and sepoy will out-do any military out fast. You also have powerful, spammable Jat lancers at your disposal. Not only this, but having inexpensive villagers allows for great versatility early and lategame. If you are rushed, you can spam out quick Camels and defend with Sepoy received from shipments. Or, you can rush and raid incessantly -- but it is not good to make too many enemies in an FFA, or else you will lose. When playing as the Marathas, you must realize that it is a necessity that you take advantage of what the other players are doing - use their conflicts to your advantage to overwhelm and win. To top all of this, a +30% milling bonus will give a decent start from huntables. The Maratha Confederacy has access to French, Indian, British, and Portuguese consulates.

Kingdom of the Sikhs:

Civ Description: Strong, costly, auto-upgrading military, + British auxiliary support. Chakram +4 range every age. Dual villager economy.

To become Sikh, ally with British consulate for the first three minutes of the game.


The Sikhs have always been different. Their first [religious] leader, Guru Nanak Dev, broke off from the Hindus to make a 'reconcilliation' between Islam and Hinduism. This split them off from the rest of India. Another later leader, Guru Gobind Singh, broke off completely from the caste system and gave men the name the last name of "Singh" (which means "lion"), and women the last name "Maharani" (which means "princess"), so that they were all equal in status. This again split them off from the rest of India. He also created the Sikh Military Brotherhood, which became one of the best fighting forces in the world. Located in the Northwest Punjab, the Sikhs developed their own architecture and were more cooperative with foreign powers, notably the British. In the War of Independence of 1857, The British East India Trading Company's army consisted of ninety percent native Indians. About eighty of the ninety per cent were Sikhs, while the others were Gurkha soldiers from Nepal. The Sikh Military Brotherhood was the greatest British weapon.

Map of Sikh Empire under Ranjit Singh:


Having access to the most powerful military in the game, which auto-upgrades to disciplined status, the Sikhs are nothing to mess with. Indeed, a defensive boom combined with the durability of their military will give strength to every commander who uses them. Even a delayed Sepoy + Chakram rush can be effective. The heavy cost of their military, though, can prove to be their downfall, even though military units do not train slower. In this case a Sikh player can fight against an opponent who is an age above him/her, but he must be weary not to fight a two-front war or a continued Industrial vs. Imperial battle. Chakrams can be especially lucrative, boasting of 22 range (24 on FP) in Imperial. The Sikhs have access to only the British Consulate.

Kingdom of the Rajputs:

Civ Description: Cheap hand units, costly range units. Best Rajput & Sowar, infinite mango groves (consulate.) Faster infantry & wood gathering.

To become Rajput, DO NOT ally with any consulate until three minutes.


The Rajputs were the ancient lords of India, who were reknowned for their bravery and skill with hand-to-hand blades. On many accounts, the Rajput military consisted of fast light cavalry. Historically, however, during the War of Independence, the Rajputs fought against the British. They suffered heavy casualties from the lack of firearms; many still used their ancenstoral blades, just like the Samurai. As a result, Hand Units are cheaper ingame for the Rajputs, while Ranged units are more expensive. Also, the Rajputs cannot ally with the British, but rather with Portugal.


Although the most difficult to master, the Rajputs have a very nice--and very bad--edge on certain units. They have a powerful rush that will take out cavalry, and have good cavalry units (including trainable Tiger Claws) to support them. However, the Rajputs have a harder time dealing with musketeers, so an army of Gurkha will be necessary in every part of the battlefield. The Rajput versatility is in their faster infantry and strong cavalry. Also, players must not worry about running out of wood, since the Rajputs can ship infinite mango groves via the consulate. In addition to that, a +35% wood gathering boost will clench the victory for a smart Rajput player. The Rajputs have access to Portuguese, Russian, French, and Indian consulates.



How do I get Chakrams for Sikhs and Tiger claws for Rajputs? European settlers, trainable for both these civs, can build Native Embassies which train these units, but in order to train them, you MUST have a native socket on an Udasi or Rajput (Bhakti) settlement. This is solved by receiving a free trading post rickshaw in the beginning if Sikhs or Rajput is chosen. In order to build Native Embassies, click on a settler, and press "j," and a Native Embassy should pop up. It is much easier to do in Imperial, where the Wonders thing goes away and you can manually find Native Embassies to build.

What civ am I? Once you choose your civ, a chat message should come 7-10 seconds later telling you what civ you are and what are your best units. This may be harder to see if the civ description messages are still going, but it is quite obvious if you look for it. This is only revealed to you and not to any other player until he/she sees you on the battlefield.

I hope these tips helped some.


This War Of The Five Indias will be hosted tournament style. The deadline to sign up is in two weeks, on Thursday, August 5th. The Tournament will be played on Friday, August 6th and Saturday August 7th. Players will meet in the General Chat 4.

I will still have to schedule the times of day; perhaps 10:00 AM-1:00 PM Eastern Time would work. EDIT: Here are the time schedules:


[size=7]Friday August 6th:[/size]

First Round: 9:30 AM - 11:15 AM Eastern Time (For Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna time, or GTM+01:00, this will be at 3:30-5:15 PM). Come at 9:00 AM (3:00 PM for timezone GTM+01:00). This will be one game long.

(1 Hour break for lunch and whatnot; 1 hour break for dinner for others)

Second Round: 12:30 AM - 2:15 PM Eastern Time (For GTM+01:00, which is Amsterdam, Berlin, etc., this will be from 6:30-8:15 PM). This will be one game long.


[size=7]Saturday August 7th:[/size] (Practically the same times)

Third Round: 9:45 AM - 11:30 AM Eastern Time (For Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna time, or GTM+01:00, this will be at 3:45-5:30 PM). Come at 9:15 AM (3:15 PM for timezone GTM+01:00). This will be one game long.

(1 Hour break for lunch and whatnot; 1 hour break for dinner for others)

Fourth Round (FINALS): 12:45 AM - 2:30 PM Eastern Time (For GTM+01:00, which is Amsterdam, Berlin, etc., this will be from 6:45-8:30 PM). This will be one game long; it is the FINALS round.


I hope to plan this for convenience, giving a maximum of 1 hour and 45 minutes to finish a round. I know that a stalemate game can go for long. Should the times be longer? I think the time should be sufficient. EDIT: The rounds are all unrated until the final round, where the winner of the game is the tournament. This means that the first three rounds are trial rounds, and nobody will be eliminated, due to the lack of players. When there is only one player left in a suite, then that player is the winner of that tire. If their is not enough players in one branch there can be a wildcard player who will join in. In fact I might join in on an unrated round. The following are the PR levels for the competition:

PR35+ (Colonel plus)

PR26-34 (Captain through Lieutenant Colonel)

PR19-25 (Master Sergent through First Lieutenant)

PR1-18 (Conscript through Master Sergent)

If we do not have enough players we will have to bunch it up. I hope by releasing this that some players might be excited about nonlame scenarios. I personally do not like scenarios like Colosseum as much because they become boring in a little bit. This scenario I present has randomizations, treasures, and fun, unique techs as I will call them.

Post here on this thread if you would like to join this tournament. Everyone is welcome. Just state your PR and your ESO name and I'll add you to the list. Note that I will be going to post a link to this at Heavengames and Agecommunity for people to join. I hope you enjoy the game and I hope it is balanced as I've playtested it to be!

I have uploaded this scenario to the end of this post. I will also upload this scenario on HG. Place it in:


Then you will be able to host and play it. It is only playable on LAN and Multiplayer, and Computer players DO work, but you can only have one India computer in at a time. Both Humans and Computers work in all slots, and remember to make it "FFA."

Current List of Players:

PR35+ (Colonel plus) (3 more needed at least)

(GAME TITLE: FFA Tourney PR35 up; password ninja1)

- Zuta, PR 38
- deadflower, PR 35
- (Empty slot) (possibly murdilator, PR 23)
- (Empty slot)
- (Empty slot)

PR26-34 (Captain through Lieutenant Colonel) (1 more needed at least)

(GAME TITLE: FFA Tourney PR26 to 34; password ninja2)

- Sporting_Lisbon, PR 32
- _RdC_, PR 30
- Bart331, PR 28
- Panix_, PR28
- Tavo8, PR 26

PR19-25 (Master Sergent through First Lieutenant) (1 more needed at least)

(GAME TITLE: FFA Tourney PR19 to 25; password ninja3)

- Moose_, PR 24
- vancebla, PR 25
- plague_oO, PR 23
- etrips888, PR 25
- (Empty slot) (possibly murdilator, PR 23)

PR1-18 (Conscript through Master Sergent) (Two more needed at least)

(GAME TITLE: FFA Tourney PR1 to 18; password ninja4)

- Blitzkrieg_mario, PR 18
- musketeer925, PR 13
- Zorc17, PR 15-16
- (Empty slot)
- (Empty slot)

Edit: I will try to update this list once a day. Thank you for your forbearance!



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Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
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Balance: 5
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Creativity: 5
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Map Design: 5
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Story/Instructions: 5
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Additional Comments:
Has lots of depth, I like it, I have some indian friends I will let them try it.

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