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Downloads Home » Modpacks » It's Nothing Personal... Just War (AoE 3 Version)

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It's Nothing Personal... Just War (AoE 3 Version)

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Game Version: AoE3
Hello there. This is Aaron90.

Sometime ago, I got bored of play another game (which I will refer only as EU3) and I decided to switch again to my old but precious Age of Empires III.

Since I've seen the huge success of my first mod -despite some bugs and one bad critic-, I've decided to do exactly the same thing but with the Age of Empires III. But with some slight differences:

- Since the Extreme Fortification of Lord_KiLLMS is designed for the 3 games (AoE 3, TWC & TAD), I decided to respect that and not include the ubber fort walls (Besides, I don't know THAT MUCH of modding).

- I've took away the UnlimitedSupply flag of all trees, but the mines still got that flag.

- In the "Ice" Campaign, the Russians have as an unique artillery unit a Huge Cannon that on later games we knew it as the Lil'Bombard. So, that's right boys and girls, this will be the new unique unit of the Russians.

- To save myself of troubles, the unique units of the modded civs cannot, I repeat, CANNOT create on the Fortress.

After I set things straight with this short description, I will say what's up with this mod for those beginners on the world of Age of Empires III.

This short mod is intended to make the game more historically accurate, giving them some new units (mostly mercenaries).

Also, in order to make your game experiences more intense and war-focused, I took away the pop count of the settlers (keeping the build limit however) and lowed a little bit the pop count of military units.

This is the list of changes:

- The Ottoman Empire will take full advantage of their subjects from Egypt, The Balkans and the Barbary Coast. So from now on they can create Mamelukes, Stradiots and Barbary Corsair. As a bonus, the can create on the Stable their powerful Spahi units, and on the Artillery Depot the deathly Great Bombard.

- The Germans are willing to resurrect the old glory of the Holy Roman Empire. So from now on they can summon from their HRE provinces: the Hessian Jaegers, the fierce Landsknechts, the loyal Swiss Pikemen and the cold blooded Black Riders.

- The Hapsburg Spanish are also ready to summon their most famous Wild Geese Cavalry at any time they want (Hackapells).

- The British Empire are ready to summon every single of their subjects to fight for glory. Among these subjects are their most famous scottish soldiers: The Highlanders.

- The Portuguese will ask the help of one of their most important religous orders: The Order of the Tower & the Sword (Black Riders).

Another bonuses I included in this mod are:

-All European Nations can summon from their Town Center... Fort Wagons! (25 forts only. ;D)

-All European Artillery Depots can create the Royal Cannons. The British will create their Rockets, the Ottomans can create the Great Bombard and the Russians, their Campaign Bombard.

FINAL NOTES: This mod is not ESO friendly. You might want to backup your proto.xml and techtree.xml before you proceed with the installation of this mod.

Thank you very much & Enjoy!
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Art and Sound5.0
Playability: 4
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Creativity: 5
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Art and Sound: 5
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Installation/Instructions: 5
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Story/Description: 5
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Additional Comments:
A pretty good mod een if i can't play it on ESO

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Art and Sound5.0
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