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Africa and Italy Expansion TAD (Part 3)

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Game Version: TAD
AFRICA AND ITALY EXPANSION is now available for TAD. More features have been added after the TWC version, the Zulu civ is much better and random maps are completed. This expansion pack will lead you through the secrets and misteries of Africa, and on the other hand, it will fascinate you with the renaissance warfare. There are five new civs: Padanians, Papal State, Mali Empire, Ethiopians and Zulu, each one historically accurate. Moreover, you are provided of detailed Africa Random Maps and African natives, who provide rare resources to increase your wealth. Please download and enjoy this great mod, it really took me a lot to achieve it. Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated. (You must have TWC, TAD and their patches installed on your computer)

Padanians are the inhabitants of northern Italy, or rather Padania. Padania was historically divided in many lordships as the Duky of Milan, the County of Savoy, but above all, the Most Serene Republic of Venice. Padanians are a merchantilist civilization, they can build bank and build an heavy warship, the Galleass. Padanian Warriors and Venetian Infantry grant a strong infantry potential. The most powerful units are the artillery ones and the upgrade of venetian Infantry: the Greenshirts, they have many improvement available to become the most powerful skirmisher in the game, and use an African machete in hand-to-hand fighting. The Padanians gather faster from mills, plantations and fish, and start with a mill wagon.
The Mali Empire was a great and extremely wealthy West-African Empire. His King, called Mansa, was one of the richest men in the known world; the most known Mansa is Mansa Musa, who organized a memorable peregrinage to Mecca. There were three giant gold mines in the Mali Empire, whose gold was sold in Europe. The malinese army became a powerful war machine, and the Empire expanded itself up to become larger than the ancient Roman Empire. The Mali Empire can build the Temple, a special building which trains african mercenaries, healers and has special abilities. The Mali empire is probably the best civilization at gathering coin, since they can build mining camps which increase the nearby gatherers workrate. Villagers train faster.
The Papal State was the papal dominion located in central Italy. It hasn't a very strong army, it counts mostly on mercenaries, as Swiss Guards, terrible against cavalry. The Papal State cannot train grenadiers, but Hoop Throwers, which you can upgrade into Inquisitors, deadly against infantry. An Interesting new Papal State unit it the Bishop, who is stronger than the priest and can also convert guardians. Shipments arrive faster, and they start each game with a bishop. Best units: Swiss Guard, St John’s Knight
The history of Ethiopia goes back to the times of legendary King Solomon, whose son Menelik is told to have brought the Ark of Alliance to Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Empire was then believed by the Europeans to be the golden Kingdom of the legendary Priester John. This christian ortodox Kingdom had to fight many moslem invaders, protecting its ancient traditions.
Ingame, the Ethiopians reflect Menelik II’s kingdom: they are an advanced civilization which knows cannons and gunpowder well. Cavalry and infantry are balanced, Royal Guards and Oromo Horsemen can be terrible opponents. The Ethiopians have their own outposts, which become more powerful as you advance to the next age.
The Zulus created a huge Empire in Southern Africa during the XIX century, under the leadership of their most famous king Shaka. He revolutionated the south-african warfare by introducing the human-shaped shields and the ilkwa, a shorter spear for better hand-to-hand fighting. After Shaka's conquest, the Zululand covered a wide area, wich included the Shona territories to the north. In the game, the Zulus are very different from other civilizations. They don't advance in ages, but new technologies and units become available after researching special technologies at the Zulu War Hut. You can't train single units, but mixed armies, just like the chinese. Zulu villagers are faster and stronger than the other ones. You can build kraals instead of houses, which support more populations and have a small ranged attack. At the temple you can train Wichdoctors, healers and Sangomas, each one with special powers.


11* AKA
12* LUBA
1*Venetian Infantry - Skirmisher, strong vs cavarly in a melee
2*Padanian Warrior - Hand Infantry
3*Black Bands – Armored musketeer, slow but with more hitpoints.
4*Galleass - Heavy warship strong in naval combat which can train units
Papal State
5*Arquebusier - Weak but cheap ranged infantry
6*Swiss Guard - Hand Infantry, strong against cavarly and infantry
7*St John Knight - Heavy cavalry
8*Hoop Thrower - artillery unit that throws firing hoops to defeat infantry and destroy buildings
9*Bishop - Heals and converts guardians
Mali Empire
10*Sofa - hand infantry
11*Bowman - archer
12*Manden Rifle - ranged infantry
13*Mandekalu - Hand cavalry
14*Javelineer - Ranged cavalry
15*Kun-Tigui Spearman - Elite hand infantry
16*Mandinka Bowman - Elite archer
17*Kélé-Kun-Tigui - Elite cavalry
18*African Miner - miner
19*Netherworld Warrior - a resurrected warrior that can be spawned by the Temple
20*African Villager – unique African settler
21*T’or spearmen – pikeman
22*Royal Guard – Elite swordsman with eagle eye ability
23*Arbaena – Rifleman
24*Galla Horseman – strong against infantry
25*Oromo horseman – ranged cavalry strong against cavalry and artillery
26*Camel Corp – ranged camelry unit good at raiding villages and killing mercenaries
27*Monk – a healer that you can upgrade into a powerful warrior
28*Izimpholo – Nguni warrior armed with a spear, strong against infantry
29*Umpakati – Warrior armed with throwing javelins, strong against cavalry
30*Impi – Warrior armed with Ilkwa, terrible against infantry and good against buildings
31*Rifle Troop – Warrior armed with an English gun. Slow firing, but very accurate.
29*Healer – Heals units and increases nearby villages work rate
30*Witchdoctor– Decreases attack and hitpoints of nearby enemy units
31*Sangoma – Has the powers of divination and inspiration.

32*Red Guard – Modern Infantry available after Revolution
33*Gattamelata – A famous Venetian Condottiere
34*Julius II – A famous Pope
35*Cesare Borgia – Another famous Italian Condottiere
36*Bartolomeo D'alviano
37*Niccolò di Pitigliano
38*Rifleman - A WW1 Rifleman available at the Imperial Age, who builds entrenchments.


1*Temple - trains mercenaries, healers, african miners and has 2 abilities: Wake the dead and Spyglass
2*Mining Camp - increases the nerby gatherers' work rate
3*Monastery – Trains monks and mercenaries
4*Improvement Center – Researches unique Ethiopian technologies


1*IMPI - Zulu warrior from South Africa, strong against infantry and ranged cavalry
3*SAMMARINESE CROSSBOWMAN - Powerful crossbowman from the Republic of San Marino
5*Askari – An African unit trained by European powers in the colonies
6*Baggara Dervish – Hand cavalry mercenary from Darfur
7*Imbangala War Hatchet - Dangerous Imbangala mercenary from Kongo armed with a hatchet.
8*Imbangala War Bow - Imbangala mercenary archer from Kongo


2*Pale Fox
3*Golden Jackal
6*African Elephant
8*African Buffalo
14*Outlaw Dervish

An alliance with african natives will permit you to build a special building wich provide you with a rare resource to increase your wealth. Example: The Kongo kingdom fournishes rubber, therefore you can build a rubber extraction hut which spawns wood and coin crates over the time.
The Tuareg fournish Salt: Free Coin Crates and Sheeps
The Berbers fournish Furs: Free Food and Coin Crates
The Kanem-Bornu Empire fournishes Diamonds: Free Coin Crates and African Miners
The Nubians fournish Coffee: Free Food Crates and XP Points
The Somali fournish Cocoa: Free Food and Wood Crates
The Benin Empire fournishes Ivory: Free Coin Crates and XP points
The Fulani Empire fournishes Cotton: Free Wood Crates and XP points
The Kongo Kingdom fournishes Rubber: Free Wood and Coin Crates
The Luba Kingdom fournishes Gems: Free Coin Crates and African Miners
The Masai fournish Manioc: Free Food Crates and Native Villagers
The Mutapa Empire fournishes Gold: Free Coin Crates and African Miners
The Swazi fournish Cobalt: Free Coin Crates and XP Points
The Herero fournish Cattle: Free Food Crates and African Buffalos
The Merina Kingdom fournishes Vanilla: Free Food Crates and Pet Panthers

1*BOSSI: Grants 10 Duke's Warriors and stronger colonial Militia (Padanians, French)
2*GARIBALDI: Unlocks upgrades for colonial militia (Papal State, Germans)
3*LENIN: You can train Red Guards instead of Gatling Guns (Russians)
Barbary Coast, Sahara, Nubia, Manden, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Guinea, Rainforest, Kongo, Congo Basin, African Savanna, Rift Valley, Namib, Kalahari, South Africa, Madagascar, Padanian Plain. (Yukon with Inuit Natives)


1*Unzip all the zip files into a folder
2*Run Create_AfricaAndItalyTAD.exe
3*Open the new zip file (AfricaAndItalyTAD.zip)
4*Run the Setup.exe
5*copy the homecity files in the savegame folder and the Random Map files in the RM3 folder.
6*Run TAD and enjoy!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Myth Lord I'm having a problem installing this mod. I downloaded parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 and extracted files from parts 1, 2, 4 (using 7 zip). However, when I tried to extract files from part 3 a message saying that I could not open part 3 as an archive popped up on my computer. Could someone help me?

[Edited on 08/11/10 @ 10:49 PM]

Arnold the Cruel same here. after i download it and try to open the file to extract it, it says it's corrupt.
File Author
There must have been something wrong during the upload, I've just updated the file, so it should work correctly now. Remember that if you face difficulty downloading the mod this way you can download it in just one piece from the forum, here: http://aoe3.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=st&fn=14&tn=37355&st=recent&f=14,37355,0,10

[Edited on 08/12/10 @ 06:29 AM]

saurabhagrawal86 hi guys,

I downloaded the AfricaAndItalyTAD.zip (36.2 MB) file. Unzipped it and then ran Setup.exe. After installing that I copied the required files from savegame and RM3 to My Documents-> My Games -> Age of Empires 3.

When I start TAD or TWC I still can't see the Italian and African options under "Create a new city".

Please advice what needs to be done or am I doing something wrong.


File Author
You can't create a new city with a modded civ, no one ever did it, it is possible only if you replace a game civ with a modded one. There is a home city for each new civ, you don't have to create it. Just open the skirmish mod and select the home city. Remember to follow the instructions and copy che homecity files in My Documents, otherwise you won't find the new homecities in skirmish mod
File Author
File Author
INTRO VIDEO HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3oK4MBa3P8
Damien2 dude i cant find the homecity n random maps.after i downloaded all 3 parts,i put these 5 files in my created folder,and i follow your instructions.where are they supposed to be?

and where should I copy them to?

[Edited on 03/23/11 @ 09:23 AM]

dragongt I downloaded it for AOE3 TAD and thats required but somehow i don't see the african and italy civilizations..... I feel like if i got scammed :(

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