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Update Pack 4.0

Author File Description
Arkantoz Jr
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
Version 4.0 of the Age of Empires III Update Pack.

This modpack makes many changes to the game.

Screen shots are available at:

Here are the features new to version 4!

-You can now capture your enemies buildings. This makes the game more realistic since an attacking country would not destroy everything, instead they would take what they could as their own. Non aggressive buildings (Livestock Pen, Mill, Market, Church, Monastery, Sacred Field, Farm, Plantation, Fire pits, Houses, Shrines, Saloons, Bank, Factories, and Wonders) can be stolen from your enemy. They convert to your team if you have more units by them than the opposing player in the same way that sheep do. Buildings such as Outposts, and Castles will prevent the enemy from converting your buildings. This makes them much more vital to defending your colony. If a building has special abilities, like wonders, you will be able to use those abilities after you have taken that building.
-There is a new technology called Piracy research-able at the Town Center for Europeans and Asians. It shows where all treasures are and allows Pirate Ships to be made at the dock.
-There is a new tech called Westernize. This tech gives the Asian access to the Entrepreneur, along with being able to build forts, factories and banks (available at the imperial age).
-AI researches Piracy tech.
-AI builds Pirate Ships.
-AI researches the Westernize tech.
-Walls regenerate very slowly. The repair button is still useful since it repairs your walls much much faster then the regeneration. This allows the AI to have their walls repaired since this is automatic.
-New Random Maps are Atlas Mountains, Madagascar, Sahara Desert and Saskatchewan (This maps is for my friends to the west.)
-You can build Pirate ships. They can train Smugglers, Pirates, Buccaneer Captains, Fugitives and Parrots.
-Europeans can make Gatling Guns at the Fortress Age.
-The Americans(revolt nation) can create General Washington.
-Europeans can make Drummers and Flag Bearers.
-Cows, Sheep, Llamas and Water Buffaloes can be trained from farms, mills and livestock pens.

For a complete list of changes please visit

Installation directions are available in the Read Me.

Update Pack 5 has been released. You can download it here.
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
kangasrok123 THANX! TRYING IT NOW
Wolflegend Thanks for yet another great update.
I will review once I fully used all the new stuff and will report any bug I encounter!
Arkantoz Jr
File Author
Thanks for the comments and reviews.

I have reuploaded the mod to include a few bug fixes, and allow gates to be locked. So if you've downloaded it before August 14, 2010, you will want to redownload it. :)
Wolflegend EDIT: Had nothing to do with your mod. Thanks for investigating my reply.
Keep up the good work!

[Edited on 08/15/10 @ 03:38 PM]

Arkantoz Jr
File Author
Thanks for the review. I'll take a look at your forum topic and reply there.
citizen erased I think you're doing a great job and I'm a fan of your patches. Maybe you could add some changes for the Native American Civs to make them more competitive to the European and Asian Civs? Towers for Aztecs would be nice (they had them in AOE2), or enabling these Civs to create their special units such as the Skull Knight in Noble's Huts? And Converting enemy units would be cool, it could give the players some new strategies...
Arkantoz Jr
File Author
citizen erased: Those are some good ideas. I might add some of those to the next version of the mod.
Tabaaha doesnt work. i get an "intialize failed" after the splash screen. same for the version 3.0. :(

[Edited on 08/17/10 @ 10:56 PM]

Arkantoz Jr
File Author
Tabaaha: You are using the Asian Dyanasties?? If so try redownloading it and installing it again. What program are you using to unzip the files?
diech7 I dont think the capturing building was necesary but i love your mod packs ♥
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