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Africa and Italy Fun Pack

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Game Version: TAD
This is a fun pack which fixes some bugs and adds new beautiful features to Africa and Italy expansion:

Lenin revolution now works, Red guards can be trained from the Town Center
Wrong population count of some units fixed
Riflemen don't have a native house in their train row no more
Padanian Royal Decree now works
Padanian Advanced Arsenal allows to train L'il Bombards as regular units
Guard Warriors upgrade costs regularly 600 Wood and 600 gold
Namib Map is now much more playable
Now Ethiopian and Mali houses attract animals and make them fatten faster

Completely New African UI, for single player, homecity and deck building.

Completely new design for Swiss guards, Tuareg Prowlers and Kanury cavalry; new design for upgraded padanian warriors

If you ally with Merina Natives, now you can train their Musket Warriors too

Your explorer becomes a slave trader: When you ally with a native african tribe (exception made for Aka), Your explorer can buy a block of African Slaves (5, 10 or 20) since the cost of a single slave is 150 gold, the greater is the block you purchase, the greater will be the discount on it. African slaves have more hitpoints than settlers and gather faster in mines and plantations, moreover, they cost 0 population, so you can allow mor space for your army.

Your explorer becomes the leader of your colony, since he can build the Courthouse. From the Courthouse you can choose the government type from your colony. At the beginning you can choose between despotism and republic, but remember that once you have choosen an autoritary or a democratic way, you can't go back. Republic evolves into democracy and capitalism; despotism evolves into monarchy and dictature. Let's see the effects of these choices:

Despotism: Military upgrades and barracks units cost reduced by 25%
Monarchy: Cavalry cost is reduced by 25%, and cavalry and artillery get a small attack bonus
Dictature: The cost of artillery and war ships is decreased by 20% + 1 Heavy Cannon

Republic: Town Centers, outposts and walls attack and hitpoints greatly increased
Democracy: The cost of all non-military techs is decreased by 20%
Capitalism: Your Mills and plantations produce 25% faster, and the line of sight of Town Centers and outpost is greatly increased. + 500 coin

1* Remember that you MUST install Africa and Italy Expansion for TAD before installing this update pack
2* Run Setup.exe
3* Copy Namib map files in C:\My documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM3

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File Author
INTRO VIDEO HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3oK4MBa3P8
Dragons245 HELP! it won't uninstall
burlacu good job with the pack....but tell me who to advance in age whith zulu civ...i don t find it anywhere...pls respond
Art and Sound5.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Art and Sound: 5
(Insert Art and Sound analysis here)

Installation/Instructions: 5
(Insert Installation/Instructions analysis here)

Story/Description: 5
(Insert Story/Description analysis here)

Additional Comments:
aqualord123 hi camo, i installed everything and put all folders where you said they should be but when i go into the game and look to create a african civ, the african civs do not show. Please be aware i am still looking :/


i extracted my files to the age of empires 3 folder and now it does not work >:(


Ok now first of all i must appraise the Zulu civ you made. I could make as many troops as i wanted and was able to have a 200man strong army washing over the AI island in the carribean :"). But the problem is I am looking for a civ like the Zulu that will work online. Any help please? :")

[Edited on 12/13/10 @ 06:17 PM]

ZephyrArsland Hi there, I'm currently testing a bit of this and would like to share some insights:

Ah, before I forget, the Guinea map contains very, very few trees. Too few, really. Unless it's something on my side, but it made it nearly unplayable (Unless I'm diverting 50% of my production to buying wood ._.)

I'd like to say that I approve, and even like this mod. But I think it needs a lot of balancing to be really enjoyable... just a quick tryouts with the new african civilizations (nice picks, by the way) show that they have too much of an advantage (free spawning, no-population cost villagers? those african miners costing 125 food and doing 60 (!) siege damage?). Maybe you could make the Mali plantation, for example, just a food-producing structure, and some kind of mine for the gold needs...? I don't know, it's just that new civs feel overpowered.

I'll offer more sound and detailed observations when I get to play more. But keep working at it, it's really, really beatiful and promising!

(Also and just because I'm a perfectionist: there are a lot of outdated tooltips - example: Kongo spearmen detailed as "inca spearmen" or something.

aqualord123 I'm a perfectionists in some things and it can really get annoying to think that you suck at something when everyone tells you its good :/!

I agree that some civs were overpowered. I had an army of 200 Zulus on Caribbean on the AI and I just swept through the island like a wave when only using 40 villagers!!!. I had high Zulu upgrades also and yet had about 20k food, and 14k wood at only 40 villagers! VERY VERY OVERPOWERED. Otherwise this mod was incredibly well done and i would really encourage you to make more civs in this mod and possibly a roman legion civ! :D

Lovely work!
chris17 making so many parts is confusing IMO.. why dont you try to put 'em all together?
reereepee Just something I'd like to check: Does this work with the original AoE III? (If I don't have Asian Dynasties, will it still work?)

Edit: nevermind. Sorry about that, I'm a noob to this forum and just figured out how to tell. Sorry for posting before I figured everything out.

[Edited on 01/29/11 @ 11:08 PM]

redcoatdude I think camo did put a version all put together on megaupload.

Also, in case I want to uninstall this mod, how do I do that?
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Art and Sound4.7
Favorites: [Who?]3
Size:4.96 MB