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Downloads Home » Modpacks » Improvement Mod *OLD post, check out the new one!*

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Improvement Mod *OLD post, check out the new one!*

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
This is an old post of my Improvement Mod.
Check out the new link or look a few posts up!

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File Author
added fort walls, and fixed a little bug with the walls (:D:D) so please re-download!

[Edited on 09/06/10 @ 03:18 PM]

kangasrok123 does this workwith arkantoz update pak?
File Author
read the requirements, it only works on TAD 1.03 but you need TWC to...

[Edited on 09/07/10 @ 09:37 AM]

Lord_KiLLMS Its always warms my heart to see my mod being used by other people. People who use my mod without giving me due credit...

I'll have you know, i've been working on my mod over the last 3 years, so i'm not too impressed by this, and nor would the other people whose mods you have scabbed off.
File Author
what? listen man, i made the us civ my self, the buildings mod is my own work, i only took the university from napoleonic era, from then i learned how to make building animation on spc buildings and stuff, i didn't steal anything, i have arkantoz permission to use his auto-healing and capture abilities, so the only thing i have without permission is the draugur ai, but i credited Felix Hermansson

Edit: ooooh, the fort walls... well, sory about that... i really forgot... yes my friend, you have done a great job and you have all my credit!

[Edited on 09/25/10 @ 05:48 AM]

Lord_KiLLMS Oh and one other thing, the walls over the trade route thing was also made by me. Right. I'm glad thats settled then.
File Author
is anyone having to bug when you can build Artillery Depot and train Riflemen and Skirmishers from age 2...???
if yes, tell me to upload the fix...
i have it, but i am not sure if it something present to everyone, because its a weird and unexplained bug...
Art and Sound5.0
Playability: 4
I have very little to complain here, me and my friends use this mod for LAN and we think its a great enhancement for the game. However the building converting thing is not rly appealing since allies can snatch ur buildings,and there is no notification when enemies capture them. The new resource generating buildings are also abit cheap by generating resources at a rather fast pace(in terms of LAN). I think it would be better if u garrisoned villagers inside those buildings to enable resource production, or perhaps make them spawn crates and chests of resources for villagers to gather rather then making them act like one-purpose factories. I haven't rly tried the US civilization on LAN, but i won't pass judgement if there are errors. Otherwise awesome mod man!

Creativity: 5
Its great u added many decent buildings from the campaigns, civilizations (particularly the natives) feel much more complete and sophisticated. The US civilization at this point does feel more unique then any previous versions XD

Art and Sound: 5
The US unit responses and all the sound effects for all new buildings work fine and make the mod really shine.

Installation/Instructions: 5
No trouble here, pretty straight-forward like always.

Story/Description: 5

[Edited on 11/15/10 @ 07:35 PM]

File Author
thank you very much for your preview, and yes, you are right, i am also not very happy with the buildings conversion... also, you are right about the gathering speed of resource production buildings...
in fact, in the next version of the mod, i will make only mills, farms, rice paddies and plantations convertible, remove this ability from the rest of the buildings, i will tweak the US, minimize the auto-gathering speed and try to solve the "walls don't always auto-repaire" problem, although this is impossible...

Edit: new version uploaded, fixed rifleman bug... along with some other small things, and also, added a skin pack, details above!

[Edited on 09/29/10 @ 05:04 PM]

aGe Of BuSter Make all new buldings for all civilization
For example Lumber camp for all euroropean civ.
And add more buildings :)
I love this mod XD
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Art and Sound4.8
Favorites: [Who?]14
Size:263.00 Bytes